Black & Red Classic Brief+ Harness


Black & Red Classic Brief+ Harness

We enhanced our Classic Brief Harness by adding a second layer of cotton and reinforced design to create the Brief+! The second layer of fabric gives the Brief+ Harness amazing support while still being super comfortable. 


  • - Unisex.
    - 1.5" waistband.
    - 1.5" diameter O-ring.
    - 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
    - Vibe Pockets.
    - Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
    - Pair with a dildo that has a 1.5" diameter or less.

    For extra stability, control, or to use this harness with smaller diameter dildo, add a Neoprene Stabilizer. This Stabilizer expands the base of your favorite small toy making it compatible with larger O-ring harnesses. To use, simply slide in the stabilizer behind the O-ring and insert toy through the stabilizer and O-ring.