Anal Play 101 - A Guide to Safely Enjoying Anal Play

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Anal Play 101 - A Guide to Safely Enjoying Anal Play

If you’re excited to add anal exploration to your solo or partnered play, navigating it safely and in a comfortable setting is a MUST! Butt play can be thoroughly enjoyed by all when you follow a few easy rules of thumb. 

It’s normal to be wary over sexplorations that may be entirely new to you or your relationships, but with the trust of your partner and yourself, anal play might be your new favorite way to play.

What Is Anal Play?

You may think that anal play begins and ends with anal penetration, but that’s only a small part of it! Although penis-in-anus is anal sex, there’s a great many ways to indulge in anal pleasure. You can delight in a rimjob (tongue play with the anus), fingering, prostate massaging toys, pegging with toys, and solo play with a variety of different pleasurable butt plugs! Whatever your pleasure, there’s a sensation to assist.

Lube, Lube, Lube! 

Before you go for gold, it’s important to remember this key: Lube! The anus does not self-lubricate and can easily be torn or cause you pain if ample lubrication is not applied before and during your play. Water-based lubrication is best to use if you are utilizing condoms or toys during anal exploration. There is no such thing as too much lube! Listen to your body and apply as necessary to ensure that you are preventing the potential of discomfort. 


The anus has a muscle that must relax in order for you to experience pleasure. Never skip the warm up! If you need a warm shower or bath to help ease your muscles and mind before you start your adventure, that’s just fine! Perhaps light a few candles or ensure you are playing in an area that is comfortable to you. Whatever you need to calm your body and feel safe will assist. Deep breathe, stretch, perhaps warm up with some of your favorite toys on your genitals before starting. 

Start Small 

Be sure to start off small! You want to train yourself and ease into larger toys or a penis before jumping straight to them. Try using fingers with lubrication first and then move to a smaller sized plug. Once you have become accustomed to these sensations and do not experience discomfort you can move up to larger sizes and train yourself for the sizes of your choosing. Starting big can not only cause pain or discomfort, but potentially scare you away from future anal play. 

Keeping it Clean

Bacteria in and around the anus can easily be spread to other parts of the body (eyes, genitals, mouth…) Thankfully, there are a great many ways to keep yourself nice and clean during your anal exploration.

If you are using toys, make sure to clean before and after use and never use the toy in your mouth or over your genitals after it has penetrated the anus.

If you are using a condom, make sure you change it before switching to vaginal sex or oral.

Some people choose to use an enema before they start anal play. This is entirely up to your preference but still follow the above guidelines to ensure you remain safe. 

Take it easy and have fun! 

Anal play can be incredibly pleasurable for all those involved, just make sure to educate yourself, use lots of lube, keep it clean, and start small! We are so excited for this new adventure in your bedroom and wish you the best experience possible.