How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys and Harnesses!

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How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys and Harnesses

Your adult products are important to you, and we know that! But what is the best way to care for these products to ensure they go the distance with you and last as long as you desire? 

From cleaning to storage, we have your ultimate guide to caring for your sex toys and harnesses! 

Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Before and after you play with your products, it's important to ensure they are clean and do not hold onto any bacteria. Even if you cleaned right after your last play session, toys can collect hairs and other fibers that you don't want inside you or inside your partner! 

Different Ways to Clean Your Toys

1. Use your favorite toy cleaner and warm water! These will ensure no bacteria and germs remain on your toy before and after use. If you don't have a toy cleaner, you can rinse the toy with warm water and a mild or unscented soap. Do keep in mind that fragrant soaps can cause irritation if they are not washed off the toy well enough. Toy cleaners are best! 

2. If your toy is made of silicone you can clean them using the sanitize setting on your dishwasher! If the silicone toy is motorized, ensure it's IPX7 waterproof before cleaning it this way. 

3. Silicone toys (non motorized) can also be cleaned by placing them in boiling water on the stovetop for several minutes to properly clean bacteria. 

4. If you want to go the extra mile, there are also UV Sterilizer Pouches that can be used to properly clean your sex toys before and after use.

Cleaning Your Harness

The beautiful RodeoH harnesses are meant to be treasured for a long time and  are incredibly easy to clean! If you get lubrication or bodily fluids on the material, simply follow these instructions: 

1. Remove any attachments such as Neoprene Stabilizers from the harness. 

2. Wash on cold/delicate in your washing machine. Neoprene stabilizers can be washed on this setting as well! Consider using a fabric bag so the fabric or lace does not catch on other clothing.

3. Tumble dry the harness on low or hang/lay flat to dry. Lay the stabilizer out flat to air dry (they dry fast)! 

4. Play some more! 

Storing Your Harnesses and Sex Toys

Now that your toys and harnesses are clean and do not harness bacteria or bodily fluids, it's time to store them! It's important to remember the following when storing sex toys: 

Silicone toys can be stored against each other without danger of melting or discoloring. TPE/TPR toys cannot. 

With that in mind, it's key to store your beloved sex toys in a toy storage bag! These will ensure hair and fibers won't cling onto your toy. If they are simply thrown into a box together or drawer they can collect dust and other fibers you don't want inside you or your partner. Storage bags are also a fantastic way to keep your products discreet and are travel friendly.  

Harnesses can be kept with your normal underwear, or can also be folded and stored in the above bags alongside their attachments! 

Ready to Play! 

Taking care of our harnesses and sex toys ensures they will last as long as we desire them to! It also keeps us safe from bacteria and buildup that can easily occur on the materials after we have enjoyed them. 

Now that your favorites are squeaky clean the most important part can begin: