RodeoH Panty Harness (Crotchless)

( Model wears: Size 30-32 SMALL. Photo submission by Mariya - Oakland, California)

RodeoH Crotchless Series

(Black) (Black & Purple) (Royal Blue & Purple)  Crotchless - 1.75 in diameter O-ring, cotton with lace, mid-rise fit.

Low Rise Black Lace Panty  Crotchless - 1.5 in diameter O-ring, sexy low rise fit.

2.0 Black Lace Panty  Crotchless - 2 in diameter O-ring, wide supportive waistband, mid-rise fit.

2.0 Black Brief+  Crotchless - 2 in diameter O-ring, wide supportive waistband, mid-rise fit.

Black Brief+ Crotchless - 1.75 in diameter O-ring, cotton with satin band (no lace), mid-rise fit.

From sexy lace detailing to all cotton brief stylings, we've got you covered. Our Crotchless Harnesses are designed with a flair, combining the soft, delicate patterning of our signature “O” lace to multi-layered fabric fabrics with a more classic look, our crotchless styles provide unparalleled support and control. The wide, satin, elasticated waistband ensures comfortable and supportive wear – no rolling or pinching. The open, crotchless design allows access to every part of the wearer’s body without having to hastily remove the harness during play. All styles are unisex.


To enjoy this little number, slip the shaft of your favorite wide-based harness compatible dildo through the O-ring interior out to the front. Use the internal cotton pouch to cover the base so there is soft cotton against the most sensitive areas of your body. Once your dildo is in place, you’re all set! Simply slip the RodeoH on like your favorite pair of underwear and have fun.


Just like a traditional strap-on, your RodeoH harness should fit uber snug in order to stabilize and control the dildo. Watch our sizing video below.


RodeoH harnesses should be paired with a harness compatible dildo specifically designed for use with an O-ring. Harness compatible dildos come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and diameters and typically come in one of two styles: with a wide base to act as a stopper against an O-ring or double-ended (for the wearer to use internally as well as externally).

The Crotchless Harness can be used with both single ended and double ended toys. We offer a wide range of single ended dildos and double-ended dildos (like the Realdoes, Feeldoes) to pair with this harness. It’s crotchless design provides light support for double ended toys. For full support, check out our Duo Series which are specially designed for double ended toys or if you are just looking for a little lift, check out our O-Jock for double ended toys.


BULLET VIBE BLISS: Tuck a bullet vibe (a small vibrator about the size of a battery) behind the base of the dildo, but under the soft cotton flaps to add a little extra oomph right where you want it. This sensation can be enjoyed by the wearer, but it also sends a very pleasurable vibe down the dildo so your partner can enjoy the buzz as well. Not feeling dildo-y? Don your harness with just the bullet vibe behind the flap, horizontally or vertically (a Neoprene Stabilizer is useful here, too). The crotchless design allows for all sorts of exciting positions and your bullet stays put.

HAVE A TOY WITH A SMALLER BASE OR DIAMETER? We’ve got you covered! To use this harness with a smaller diameter dildo, just add a Neoprene Stabilizer  for extra stability and control! But, the Neoprene Stabilizer is not just for smaller toys, it will aide in keeping the toy firmly against the body, extending the life of your harness!

ADD SOME CUSHION TO THE PUSHIN': For extra cushion between you and the dildo base, slip in a Neoprene Stabilizer (they have multiple uses!) between the base of the dildo and the internal pocket or try a specially designed stimulator base like the Sili Saddle or Bumpher.

DON'T FORGET THE LUBE: When it comes to sex, the wetter the better! Having a good lube on hand can enhance your experience. There is a lube for all your needs - choose from fruity flavored, unflavored, organic, stimulating, desensitizing and special anal formulas. 

IN THE SHOWER ANTICS: RodeoH products are easily washable and made from cotton and spandex, making them suitable for use in fresh, untreated water, so grab your favorite waterproof dildo and have fun in the tub or shower!

QUITE A FANCY C-RING: For those with a penis, the crotchless panty can also be used as a sexy, ultra-feminine cockring.

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OMG! My GF and I have tried a few options prior to RodeoH and have always been slightly disappointed with the lack of control. RodeoH offers that control and it has been a blast!


My wife and I have been enjoying your products for a few years now. We love every pair of harness panties we’ve had. My wife has always been kind of awkward and squeamish about wearing traditional harnesses and finds them to be awkward and mood killing to have to struggle with the straps and buckles, and says she doesn’t feel sexy with with how awkward it is to put one on and then often have excess straps dangling. I have always been very turned on by pegging and being penetrated, which successfully happened literally once prior to discovering your panties after several false starts. Now that she is more comfortable she’s become much more into it and more confident we’ve begun to expand and explore our play … your panties are both sexy and well made!


During a bout of sexual frustration with myself, I glanced over at my husband one evening and said, “I think I’m going to order a strap-on.”

We had never discussed pegging in the past, but his reply was simply, “I have no plan to stop you from doing so.” Way to be both coy and unexpectedly open-minded, dear husband.

So with glee, I bought traditional harnesses from online mega giants – leather and strappy ones with cute lace-up bits like a corset or washable vinyl straps with an adjustable waist.

What I received were knotted tangles of pinchy D rings and uncomfortable straps. Some adjusted like a belt, relying on holes that were too tight or too loose. Some chaffed me raw – ugly straps everywhere, tapping thighs and scratching delicate skin, coming undone after being tied up. And the dildos recommended or attached to them were too small, too hard, didn’t fit … Some slid around painfully or were impossible to remove with ease. They placed too much pressure on weird spots because I couldn’t get them to stay snug to me. To top it all off, they took forever to get on – especially drunk which is my preferred post-5pm state. I ended up looking like a trussed, rum-soaked ham on its way to a BDSM club. I hated the look and feel of all those easy-to-acquire harnesses. It wasn’t intimate and fun, it was industrial and (stupidly) a lot of work.

Our pile of unused and unfulfilling equipment gathered dust. He was sad and going unpegged. I was sad and not getting to peg. Then I went searching for a better option and stumbled upon a blog touting the wonders of a rodeoH panty harness and a matching purple dildo. OF COURSE I would settle on a company owned and operated by women. I can’t imagine any of my previous strap-ons being anything but the ill-designed products of men in glass towers – naturally, my husband agreed with me there.

So I asked my husband if the investment into a rodeoH harness could be considered his Christmas present. He said it was what the baby Jesus would have wanted, so I bought it and, at this point, should probably start my product review.

It is AMAZING with a capital AHHH.

No thick pinching straps cutting into my skin, only soft fabric that lays nicely across my hips, waist, and ass. No impossible to clean leather, just natural cotton that’s washable and doesn’t retain odors. No ill-fitting metal bits that make me feel like a consentless sex robot, just a cute lacey design which is as easy to put on as my favorite pair of underwear.

Speaking of underwear, about sizing: I’m currently 5 ft 6 in tall and weigh 160 lbs. I wear size 8-10 jeans (which is totally arbitrary, I know), and medium clothes otherwise. My underwear is all typically sized medium or large. When I measured them, I fell between a medium and large panty according to their measurements. I hemmed and hawed for a while, but opted for large and am glad I did. They fit perfectly, despite my pudge, placing the O ring at a comfortable level (and not on my pubic bone) and hugging my post-baby belly without rolling down, bunching, or pinching in any way.

Even while wearing them, I don’t understand how a crotchless panty stays on the human body. Honestly, I’m actually still a little confused by it, but they are, in fact, crotchless. They give full access to both my vagina and ass, like a mystical archway to another realm where you don’t understand how it works, but you refuse to question it lest it magically disappear due to your insolence.

As I keep saying, it’s soft – very soft – very sexy – very comfortable. And yet it is flexible! So I can stop, mid-session, and decide to slide the dildo out of the harness and have a go at my partner with just the toy rather than my hips. I CAN DO THAT WITH THIS HARNESS. In fact, I have! And when I am finished – no longer winded or cackling over the incredible nature of this harness – I can slip the dildo back in the O ring with no effort at all, and the panties never have to leave my body! Finally, we can switch positions easily, and if my husband doesn’t want a big purple nob slapping him in the belly, I can remove it (but not the harness if I don’t want to) for use later! Oh the possibilities are endless!

One of those possibilities, since I haven’t seen anyone bring it up yet, is the possible use of this harness with a bullet vibe. Oh boy. Oh girl. Oh everyone! It’s unbeatable. It’s marvelous! It’s downright game-changing. I own a silicone-covered 3.75-inch bullet vibe and a 6.5 inch Tantus Curve dildo (iridescent purple to match). With the dildo slipped in this harness and the bullet tucked inside the pocket it is esentially manna from heaven. A bullet sends vibes down the dildo which he enjoys immensely, and I get direct vibes (or indirect, depending on how I move) exactly where I want them. No slipping, no uncomfortable chaffing, just good ol’ fashioned fun. Plus I can use the bullet pouch + the sexy harness without a dildo during plain old regular sex and everyone has access to everything, and it ups the pleasure ten-fold.

More news: the lace around the edges is not itchy like 90% of lace bras or underwear. It’s not even noticeable – just pretty!

The price is unquestionably reasonable considering what I have paid for other (monumentally sub-par) harnesses that can only be trashed at this point. The shipping was fast. The packaging discreet.

I hand wash mine, but it is apparently machine washable, and since I asked the team if it could be used in a bathtub, they suggested I go for it since there’s no reason it can’t get wet (unlike those leather harness or the vinyl straps that slip when wet).

I want to mention the carrying bag it comes in because, for some reason, I have an obsession with sex toy storage and travel. The wine-colored drawstring bag it comes tucked inside is 6×8 inches with the care instructions printed directly on it. I have found that I can fit everything I would ever want in it, so it is essentially its own little bag of tricks. So that you can imagine the usefulness, I currently store in it (when we travel):

– the crotchless panty harness
– a curved dildo (measuring 7.5 inches in total length, 3.5-in base)
– a 3.75-in bullet vibe in a carrying bag
– a 4.2 oz bottle of Sliquid lube
– 2 x (3 ft by 4 inch) satin wrist restraints (or blindfolds)
– 4 individually wrapped body/toy wipes

I only mention all that because it travels really well as a nice self-contained, inconspicuous kit, and I was shocked to know that I can store the dildo, vibe, and the harness so nicely together. The rest of that gear was just an added bonus.

My only “complaint,” and it’s not even a complaint, is that I plan to finally lose my last annoying 15 lbs of baby weight this year and it will probably drop me a harness size to medium. If that’s the case, I’m stuck with a huge dilemma: do I buy a second crotchless panty in a smaller size or try a different style!? I am racked with indecision but will cross that bridge when I get there. Until then, we will be happily enjoying the one I already have.

Needless to say, this is the best damn harness available, hands down, and it has dramatically changed more than just my and my husband’s sex lives.


There are several things I love about this special underwear. Firstly, unlike strap-ons that require multiple straps to clip into place, the panties are easily put on and the dildo slipped through the O-ring. This means it is easier to maintain the mood as there is no waiting around. It really is as easy as pulling on a pair of underwear. Secondly, I think they look very sexy on my girlfriend and the crotchless aspect is a big plus. This means I can still play with her without having to remove any straps or such things, and I really like the crotchless look of these panties. Thirdly, I love the stability they provide. With our less expensive strap on kit, the dildo would sometimes spin around and my girlfriend would have to stop to adjust the toy. With these panties, it holds the dildo firmly in place and she can thrust in every position we want. Summed up, this high-quality product combines easy use with strong, long-lasting material that is designed to give you and you partner all the pleasure and fun you want! It is more than a panty, it is a RodeoH panty!


Well, how wonderful are these! They arrived in a lovely soft fabric bag as packaging that can be used to store them too. Do note that the bag has a description and care instructions printed on it. Of course the first thing I did was try them on! They’re incredibly comfortable and very sexy. The open back provides a perfect frame for your buns and the elegant lace panels on a shape similar to panties/girlboxers is so much more appealing than the usual slightly-off-putting-at-best, darn-intimidating-at-worst network of straps and buckles. They’re so pretty they could be worn to a sexy party with stockings and a suspender belt, as you’re still easily accessible for play and it takes seconds to add a toy.

The attachment mechanism is simple, understated and very secure. It’s an O-ring sewn into the front in the perfect place for anatomical representation and full control of movement with the hips (I hope that makes sense!), in front of two overlapping fabric flaps that protect your skin from rubbing or catching, while still allowing the option of passing a double-ended toy right through. It’s so easy to fit a toy into, be it a standard flared/suction cup base dildo or double ended, simply feed it through to sit between the O-ring and the fabric flaps behind it (or pass through both if using a double). Quick tip – if you want to use something that’s a little too small for the O-ring, leave the fabric flaps between the O-ring and the base of the toy, and they’ll keep it in place.

The material is very soft with no pinching or rubbing as straps quite often tend to. The care instructions read machine or hand washable (30 degrees), and hang to dry. The sizing is slightly small. I got the size XL/12-14 and it’s a good fit, but I wouldn’t want them any smaller, and I usually have a little room in a size 12. They need to be tight in order to be secure of course, but do bear it in mind when ordering. That so far is the closest thing I can find to a negative point. If you have any interest in strap-on play, you need a pair of these. Worth every penny and more, best option on the market.


We have several other RodeoH products that we have been using for a couple of years on a regular basis. So we were not worried about making another considered purchase. These have turned out to be our new favorite an instant hit. The same fantastic fit and quality as all our other Rodeoh products, combined with the bonus of access while wearing them. We have used them with all our dildos up to the 12-inch monster, and they passed all tests with flying colors. The wash well and with a little care will last for years. Will be buying another pair soon for wash days! We have tried a cheaper brand of strap-on, but nothing compares to Rodeoh, we love them.


My partner and I were interested in trying a strap-on, and when browsing different harnesses this was the one I instantly liked due to its design. I love that unlike many other harnesses, this is both a harness and sexy underwear in one. The material is really good quality and feels durable. It’s really easy to wash, either by hand or in a washing machine, and easy to store in the drawstring bag. It’s really comfortable and fits me very well. The O-ring is great and very secure, and I haven’t had any problems with the dildo staying in place. I recommend this harness to anyone who interested in strap on play but finds themselves put off by some of the harness designs, which can be quite intimidating. When I received the harness I couldn’t wait to try it on. The lace and the open crotch design makes the harness look incredibly sexy, especially if worn with a corset and stockings. The harness is really sexy, easy to use, and definitely worth the price.


Me and the husband have always wanted to give pegging a try but didn’t really like the traditional style strap-ons. We wanted something sexy that was easy to slip on. As you can imagine, our eyes lit up when we came across the RodeoH range. We picked this particular style as it looks very sexy and with the crotchless design pleasure can be given as well as received. The pants come with a lovely storage bag, which is a nice touch as you can chuck them in your underwear drawer and find them with ease when wanted.

During use the dildo is held firmly in place and the pant is more than strong enough to hold the larger toys (we worried they may pull down at the front with to much weight). There is a material ‘pouch’ you can lift up to use a double-ended dildo or leave down and it gives a nice padded layer between the toy and the thruster. A nice bonus touch is the dildo sits in a much more realistic place using these panties, as some strap-ons we have seen sit the dildo on the public bone – with it being lower down there is much more hip thrust/control and it looks a lot sexier the way it dangles! I have washed these many times now and they have held up as well as any other item of clothing, defiantly good quality material. Our only minor criticism is the O-ring is not changeable, not a massive issue, but can restrict your toy choice and it would be nice to have a variety of colors.


These are our second pair of RodeoHs, the first being the low-rise lace with 1.5" O-ring. So successful were the first pair that I soon wanted to invest in another with a slightly larger ring to accommodate a thicker dildo. Between the two pairs, most dildos that have any chance of fitting in my bum are covered! What can I say about these that I haven’t already covered in my review of the low-risers? Well, for starters, these are crotchless whereas the others are not. This actually bore no weight in the decision to buy. We needed a pair with a 1.75" O-ring and these were the sexiest. I can’t say whether these offer more or less support than other RodeoHs, but my partner wasn’t too taken by the boxer short style pairs. One thing that the whole range has going for them is that you can whip them on really easily. There’s no fiddling around with finding the leg holes in a harness and then having to tighten the straps.

O-ring aside then, how do they compare to our low-rise pair? Crucially, despite being crotchless and more open at the back, they offer more support. The reason being that the weight of the dildo actually pulls more at the fabric of the hips than it does at the bum. With these having a cotton under-layer to reinforce the lace sides, they do a much better job of keeping a larger dildo firmly in place. Not that the low-rise 1.5" pair were in any way unsupportive, but it seems the designers at RodeoH have thought things through and understand that larger O-ring = thicker dildo that’s going to need more support. Obvious really!

All in all, these are brilliantly supportive, which means when your partner decides to dish out a really good seeing to, no wardrobe malfunctions are going to interrupt her! As with the entire RodeoH range, the biggest drawback is the fact that the built-in ring only accommodates one size of dildo. But wait! We’ve found that you can actually get away with smaller dildos in these pants too – as long as the base is flared enough. For example, we bought this to sport the Vixskin Johnny, but it also takes the Vixen Mustang, the large 7"… but toys like the Colours 6" which have a small base are a bit looser fitting. So if you’re savvy about your choices of dildo to partner these pants with, you can get away with owning one pair. Plus points for that!

The added bonus of being able to chuck these in the machine with the rest of your washing is great. We use a drawstring delicates bag to avoid any snagging on rogue zips and buttons. I’d advise drying them indoors though rather than on the garden line in view of wide-eyed neighbors. Brilliant overall! If you’re looking for a comfortable, feminine way to indulge in pegging, look no further. 10/10.


Since we discovered that my SO loves strap-on sex as much as I do, we’ve only used RodeoH Harnesses. The ease of use and control is perfect for us (she is much taller than me, so getting something that worked well was important). My only criticism to date was that, as she gets so horny pegging me, there’s a delay having to remove the panties before she could be properly pleasured. These seemed like the ideal solution to that: open crotch… just keep ’em on!

The attention to detail with RodeoH is also impressive. The detail in the lace work is wonderful, the drawstring packaging is great, and the dog tag makes me feel “owned”! The one and only problem with these was we got the wrong size first time around. Did we return the small ones? Nope. I wear them! They are super-comfy and the quality of fabric feels amazing. I also push my cock out through the O-ring so my SO has access to my ass AND my cock without having to take them off! Everyone is happy… And she also now has a bigger pair!


I wanted my girlfriend to peg me and tried a latex strap-on. She didn’t feel comfortable or feel girly wearing the strap-on and needless to say didn’t take to the act as much as i’d hoped. But then I found this strap-on panty harness. She is much more comfortable with pegging now she has this to make her feel girly and is beginning to get into dominating more, which is beginning to get really interesting for me. The sizing is pretty spot on, the dildo sits in it perfectly, never comes out and she says it is very comfortable! The crotchless back makes for great face-sitting fun. Absolute result finding this bad boy, the little bag it comes with also adds a little luxury to the purchase, which I really like and makes for great storage. Overall, an awesome purchase – worth every penny for anyone thinking about exploring their kinky side!


Bought these on a bit of a whim after watching some strap-on porn online. Thought it looked like fun! Teamed up with 7", my other half looked sexy as hell! Being our first time, we were both a bit nervous: “will it hurt”, “will there be a mess”, “will the dildo fall out the harness” etc etc. We need not have worried! The RodeoH harness is fab, with soft material, is crotchless, and held the dildo just fine. Turns out I absolutely love being pegged, and my Mrs loves to peg! So much so that after making me cum like a fountain and allowing 5 mins for a quick glass of vino, she had me back up on my hands and knees for another 30 mins of bum fun! Can’t rate these items highly enough.


Brillant. Anyone who is new to the whole idea of strap on play should seriously look at these panties!
The quality is excellent and the ease of use is self-explanatory. Pop them on, insert preferred dildo, lube and away you go! We purchased these with a 7" dildo and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. Obviously they are crotchless, so there is the fun option of starting off with your partner, before she returns the favour. They can also be worn as a kinky set of briefs with easy access for a quicky. ;)

C. Fill

I love my crotchless Rodeohs! My boyfriend bought these for me and I love them! I was in-between sizes and my friend recommended that I size up (against popular opinion). I did and I’m so glad that I did. I have a size 12-18 waist and can’t stand tight underwear. I ordered the 2x and they fit great!!! I had complete control of my piece and it wasn’t loose at all. My Rodeoh’s are my first harness and I would highly recommend them!


After much deliberation, I finally decided to purchase my first pair of Rodeohs. Although I was slightly concerned that there wouldn’t be sufficient support for thrusting, I went with the crotchless black panty. They arrived much faster than I thought they would, which is super amazing, especially considering that its nearly Christmas. The minimalistic packaging is a nice touch.

As for the product itself, they are made of super soft, high quality fabric. I slipped them on and they were even more comfortable than I imagined. I’m a little chubby and I don’t normally wear underwear, so I was really worried that these would feel restricting, but they’re very forgiving. The crotchless design and open back is very attractive and doesn’t seem like it will take away from their functionality. The panty covers a majority of my vulva due to the low placement of the O-ring, leaving just enough room for access to my vagina. Size-wise, I measured my true waist at 37 inches, so I purchased the Large (36-38). They are a perfect fit for comfort, but if I purchase another pair in the future, I may consider getting the next smaller size for added stability.

The harness is amazing, shipping is speedy and the customer service is fabulous (Thanks J!)

I will definitely buy from Rodeoh again, and recommend them to everyone!


We love the “Crotchless”!

Me and the husband have always wanted to give pegging a try but didn’t really like the traditional style strap-ons. We wanted something sexy that was easy to slip on. As you can imagine, our eyes lit up when we came across the RodeoH range. We picked this particular style as it looks very sexy and with the crotchless design pleasure can be given as well as received.

We ordered the XL and they fit perfectly (I’m a 12/14). They are tight fitting but they need to be to keep the dildo in place. The pants come with a lovely storage bag, which is a nice touch as you can chuck them in your underwear drawer and find them with ease when wanted. During use the dildo is held firmly in place and the pant is more than strong enough to hold the larger toys. There is a material ‘pouch’ you can lift up to use a double-ended dildo or leave down and it gives a nice padded layer between the toy and the thruster.

A nice bonus touch is the dildo sits in a much more realistic place using these panties, as some strap-ons we have seen sit the dildo on the public bone – with it being lower down there is much more hip thrust/control and it looks a lot sexier the way it dangles! I have washed these many times now and they have held up as well as any other item of clothing, definitely good quality material.


This is why I love RodeoH Not only do they have an amazing product (seriously I own 3 of their amazing harnesses already) but they’re constantly redesigning and making what is already an epic product even better!!

I love the variety of styles they have, I have the Black and Purple Panty , the Crotchless black panty and the Black and Red Brief (for those more masculine feeling days)

Tonight I was browsing their webpage to see what’s new and I was sooo very excited to see that they read my mind!!! After this mornings hot session I was mentioning to my slave that I wish their harnesses came in a high waisted style. I love their harnesses soo much but if I were able to change one thing-that would be it. Most curvy ladies like myself need a bit of a higher waist to flatter our not-so-flat tummies.

I could have squealed when I saw their newest release the High Rise Black Panty and I absolutely can’t wait to order it. #nextpurchase thanks @rodeoh-panties

My wife looks amazing in her rodeoh panties. It’s a night and day difference compared to the beginner strapon kit, nylon strap harnesses you see everywhere, you know the ones. The ones that have like 50ft of extra strap hanging from her, clearly showing she’s never used the damned thing before. Seriously hands down rodeoh panties are the best strapon harnesses on the market. @rodeoh-panties

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