RodeoH Brief+ Harness

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Our community asked us for a strap-on brief that would be comfortable to wear all day, and exceptional in performance when the time was right. We heard you loud and clear - introducing the Brief+ series! These harnesses feature strong double-lock stitching, an extra layer of our heavy weight cotton fabric blend, and reinforced patterning so your harness will be ready when you are. You didn’t want to give up style for comfort, so we delivered both! The Brief+ is available in a wide variety of looks with multiple color and fabric combos.  These fashionable briefs will become your new go-to strap-on for comfortable and versatile play.

Looking for a heavier duty harness? Check out our newest 2.5" SmartBand Series! This wide 2.5" waistband, coupled with our enhanced brief+ patterning, has been specifically designed for long sessions and/or use with heavier equipment. This series will optimize your thrusting potential by giving you superior support and control. Multiple stylings and O-ring options are now available. Keep those requests coming! 


To enjoy, slip the shaft of your favorite wide-based harness compatible dildo through the O-ring interior out to the front. Use the internal cotton pouch to cover the base so there is soft cotton against the most sensitive areas of your body. Once your dildo is in place, you’re all set! Simply slip the RodeoH on like your favorite pair of underwear and have fun.


Just like a traditional strap-on, your RodeoH harness should fit uber snug in order to stabilize and control the dildo. Watch our sizing video below.


RodeoH harnesses should be paired with a harness compatible dildo specifically designed for use with an O-ring. Harness compatible dildos come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and diameters and typically come in one of two styles: with a wide flared base to act as a stopper against an O-ring or double-ended (the wearer inserts one end internally and the other shaft end is pulled through the O-ring).

Our Brief+ harnesses can be used with both flat based toys or double-ended toys.  To use with double-ended toys, simply pull down the fabric in the interior pocket, slip the shaft through the o-ring, and carefully insert the passive end inside you before pulling up the brief. Or consider checking out our Duo Series harnesses which are specially designed for double-ended toys. The Duo series offers 2 O-rings (one above the other), allowing for a variety of positions and use with multiple toys. 


BULLET VIBE BLISS: Tuck a bullet vibe (a small vibrator about the size of a battery) behind the base of the dildo, but under the soft cotton flaps to add a little extra oomph right where you want it. This sensation is enjoyed by the wearer, but it also sends a very pleasurable vibe down the dildo so your partner can enjoy the buzz as well. Not feeling dildo-y? Don your harness with just the bullet vibe behind the flap, horizontally or vertically (a Neoprene Stabilizer is useful here, too). The design allows for all sorts of exciting positions and your bullet stays put.

HAVE A TOY WITH A SMALLER BASE OR DIAMETER? We’ve got you covered! To use a harness with a smaller diameter dildo or a dildo with a very small base, just add a Neoprene Stabilizer  for extra stability and control! But, the Neoprene Stabilizer is not just for smaller toys, it will aide in keeping the toy firmly against the body, extending the life of your harness!

ADD SOME CUSHION TO THE PUSHIN': For extra cushion between you and the dildo base, slip in a Neoprene Stabilizer (they have multiple uses!) between the base of the dildo and the internal pocket or try a specially designed stimulator base like the Sili Saddle or Bumpher.

DON'T FORGET THE LUBE: When it comes to sex, the wetter the better! Having a good lube on hand can enhance your experience. There is a lube for all your needs - choose from fruity flavored, unflavored, organic, stimulating, desensitizing and special anal formulas. 

IN THE SHOWER ANTICS: RodeoH products are easily washable and made from cotton and spandex, making them suitable for use in fresh, untreated water, so grab your favorite waterproof dildo and have fun in the tub or shower!




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Just to say in a side note thank you for doing what you do. I purchased one of your original harnesses/underwear back , well must have been nearly a decade ago now and it was a game changer as a younger gay girl ! All that was avail at the time was the old fashioned bondage type contraptions which were awful to look at !! There was a group of us all in our 20s post university days , still hitting the pubs and clubs and your product was very much talked about and recommended! It’s great to see your company is still going and expanding with high quality products.


OMG! My GF and I have tried a few options prior to RodeoH and have always been slightly disappointed with the lack of control. RodeoH offers that control and it has been a blast!


Not only is this the most comfortable pair of briefs I own, but it holds sooo nicely. Also I’ve never felt such an immense euphoria as I felt when I tried these with my fiancée.


I really want to commend you on the briefs. I went to a show and bragged endlessly about how much they were to have and how easy they made the event for me in terms of being able to go right into spontaneous play and f*cking. This is the first time I’ve been able to go directly from socializing to the play rooms or a sporadic tryst without having to slow my stride and drop by a restroom. The brief changed my experience so drastically that I’m at a loss of being able to further describe it other than “perfect”. 

I was further able to enjoy the convenience of the briefs in Atlanta and New Jersey events and did my absolute best to continue my bragging streak in an effort to promote your fine products.


Hello! My wife and I LOVE your items and we are building quite the collection. My wife is a size queen, and i’m a curvy girl. What I would LOVE is to see a 2.5" o-ring in a plus size. I’m not even picky, it could be panties, briefs, or boxers (I would likely get one of each anyway!). So, that’s my request. A plus size with a 2.5" O ring…pretty please!!!! Thanks for all you do and keep up the great job!


I’m absolutely in love with my new rodeohs. Thank you for making such an amazing product and making me feel so good about myself!


My girlfriend received her rodeohs today and absolutely love them. They look really good on her and she continued to praise your company about how soft they felt on her body. I will definitely order more things from your store and let all my friends and sister know about your company. Thank you for the AWESOME merchandise.


During day time wear- it doesn’t stretch out much like you’d think the cotton material would. Which is good. It’s very durable and pliable. It hasn’t worn or stretched out during washing.

The RodeoH brand is a hard one to beat! My partner and I decided I needed our first strap on a few months ago. After some researching and asking around we came across the RodeoH. And I must say they are WONDERFUL. I use them for sex, and for packing during the day. 

 I’m more than pleased with my harness. And I look forward to buying my next pair soon!


My wife and I just started incorporating toys into our sex life almost a year ago. We used the regular strap on, that you had to tie on and make sure the little belts stayed in place. That was too much to keep track of, as well as too much to take off and put on. But we absolutely love the rodeoH. It gives us the opportunity to get so much closer than we could with the old harness we used. I definitely recommend this to any ladies that are looking for something with good support.


As first time users, we wanted a harness that was straight forward to use, secure, and comfortable. The rodeoh looked to fit the bill perfectly. Also, I think my partner may have initially been a little nervous at the thought of using a strap-on for the first time so I wanted something that was not too intimidating for her to wear. First impression is that this is a quality, well-made item. Second they are actually quite sexy with the lace panels on show! In use, they are excellent, very secure and our chosen dildo was not moving anywhere other than where my partner chose to put it! In fact my partners first ‘performance’ wearing the briefs actually blew me away and I’m sure the fit and security of the briefs added to her confidence…would highly recommend, especially for beginners.

Mad Jom

My girlfriend and I both love to use strap-ons, but with one adjustable harness between us we barely ever used it, just for the hassle of swapping, as we are vastly different sizes – her being a 12 and me being an 18. I decided to get her something different, and dropped the cash on this guy for our anniversary. The harness came packed in a nice drawstring bag, they perfectly fit our gender play in the bedroom, and the O-ring’s position and mechanism meant we could swap toys easily in the middle of play if we needed. This guy makes strap-on use so easy and has become a part of our regular rotation of toys, more so than I can say of any other strap-on harness. This guy is very discreet so if we really wanted she could wear it out and about under clothes, unlike most harnesses. Easy to wash and no pesky metal bits that need special attention… can’t recommend enough!


This was mine and my girlfriend’s first strap-on and we love it. It’s easy to use. Just put them on like underwear. We were a bit nervous being our first one, so we bought a 5-inch dildo to go with it but soon upgraded to a 7 inch because of how much we enjoyed using the harness. In addition we have bought another pair, this time the boxer style, so we can alternate whilst one pair is in the wash. As someone also exploring my gender they are great to fill with a packer for those days I am feeling more FTM. All in all a fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone.


I started using RodeoH harnesses a couple of years ago – having previously used more “traditional” strap-on harnesses – and I haven’t looked back since!
They are so simply designed, easy to use, and attractive looking to boot – gone are the days of fiddling around with a million straps and fastenings which can really take the excitement and passion out of intimate encounters. These are an absolute godsend. I bought these for a tomboyish female lover and I to use, with her favoring a simple, no-frills design. I have since bought other RodeoH harnesses from their vast collection of styles. They all come in lovely packaging, with a soft, washable pouch for storing. Using the harness itself is very straightforward, you simply pop a dildo (with flared base/O-ring compatible) of your choice through the O-ring, put them on like underwear, and you are good to go! I have used RodeoH harnesses with an array of dildos over my time as a customer, and I have always found them to be excellent. As previous reviewers have pointed out, the sizing does come up a little small, so you may want to consider sizing up slightly, although a tight fit with a product such as this is advisable, as you want things to be firm and secure.
I know rodeoh harnesses are also great for people who like packing, and as much as I do not use them for this, I can tell they would be excellent for those who do.


The rodeoh harness comes in a reusable, small cloth drawstring bag. This makes them easy to store in your underwear drawer, but keeps them from getting confused with your everyday undies. 

As a disclaimer, we have never used anything other than a cheap starter strap-on harness from our local sex shop. We had been looking for something that would make pegging more comfortable for both of us, and I liked the fact that these looked more like underwear and had no straps. The fit was true to size, and they were very comfortable! The harness is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

 The dildo, which does not come with the harness, is inserted through the ring in the front of the harness. The material behind where the base of the dildo goes adds comfort for the wearer.

 We used 2 different dildos in this harness. One was a small one with no balls attached. The other was a moderate sized one with a full set of balls. Both were held extremely well, with no movement or shifting. I was able to penetrate him from multiple angles (behind, on his side, and him on top) with no adjustments necessary. 

Clean up is easy. Wash with your normal undies and line dry. You are set. The comfort was amazing, it felt just like wearing a nice pair of boy shorts. It made penetrating my husband so much easier. I was able to use my hands on my husbands body, without having to hold the harness and dildo in place.

 Thanks again! The rodeoh is a keeper for sure!


I find this product to be extremely versatile and comfortable. These are a great product for packing as well as playing. I like the dildo to be against my body and find that this is easy to accomplish since there is a flap of material behind the O ring. I love that this product takes away from awkward moments of having to fumble around putting a harness on or have to wear an uncomfortable harness under my clothing.


The Brief does it all. The RodeoH is cute, comfy, secure, sturdy, easy to wash, and all the awesomeness you are looking for. We bought it for pegging, but I’m sure it would work just as well for other strap-on play. There’s been no problem whatsoever and the dildo doesn’t slip at all. The O-ring is in a great place to get clitoral stimulation from your dildo, and the vibe pocket gives you even more options. Size-wise, I’m more than a little bit curvy (5’4", ~190lb, ~60% ass), and the large fits perfectly. Stop reading now and add this to your cart. You will not regret it.

A. Brown

I’m practically in tears I’m so happy! I hope you come out with some other styles in the 2.0, because we will DEFINITELY be ordering those! AHHHH! Can’t say enough about this product!!! :) :) :) And PLEASE make more in the 2.0!!!! Also, the stabilizer is AMAZING for using a soft-pack with, and for helping larger toys not hurt while thrusting. Truly innovative over at your company! Just wish I had gone to Rodeoh FIRST before spending on other products!!!


I bought my rodeoh brief last year. It’s my second pair. The best thing that’s happened to sex!


I hated the whole harness straps and look when we started playing this game. Nothing about them felt right. Then RodeoH! It was seamless play, no buckles and straps and ugly harnesses! I’ve tried other harnesses and they are greatly lacking! Hole too high or low, no pocket for bullet, not durable enough to hold attachments in place. Always went back to RodeoH. You got it right. I can feel sexy and play all with one garment.


This is why I love RodeoH Not only do they have an amazing product (seriously I own 3 of their amazing harnesses already) but they’re constantly redesigning and making what is already an epic product even better!! I love the variety of styles they have, I have the Black and Purple Panty, the Crotchless black panty and the Black and Red Brief (for those more masculine feeling days). Tonight I was browsing their webpage to see what’s new and I was sooo very excited to see that they read my mind!!! After this mornings hot session I was mentioning that I wish their harnesses came in a high waisted style. I love their harnesses soo much but if I were able to change one thing-that would be it. Most curvy ladies like myself need a bit of a higher waist to flatter our not-so-flat tummies. I could have squealed when I saw their newest release the High Rise Black Panty and I absolutely can’t wait to order it. #nextpurchase thanks rodeoh-panties My wife looks amazing in her rodeoh panties. It’s a night and day difference compared to the beginner strapon kit, nylon strap harnesses you see everywhere, you know the ones. The ones that have like 50ft of extra strap hanging from her, clearly showing she’s never used the damned thing before. Seriously hands down rodeoh panties are the best strapon harnesses on the market.


Finally got my first pair of rodeohs and I don’t know why I waited so long. They’re the absolute comfiest!


I was a little wary of buying this item as it wasn’t the typical harness I buy. My biggest worry was that it would have too much elasticity and wouldn’t be good for people who…uh…well get a little fast and hard :O. Let me tell ya!!! this not only hugs your body, it’s comfortable material and doesn’t chafe or bruise your sensitive spots. And it makes my ass look fine which my lady loves. 

Totally recommend this to my fellow boi’s and any femme that wants to have control.


While I’ve only tried the RodeoH on a time or two, my girlfriend is obsessed with them. Our dildo stays put, there are no straps (and I will never go back to a harness that has them), and they play well when wet. They are also very affordable, and another pair may be coming to our underwear drawer soon.

Mistress Meow

This is the most comfortable harness I have ever tried. I love the RodeoH Harness and I will probably be buying all of the other types that they offer. This is easy to use, comfortable and easy to clean. Honestly, from a harness, this is awesome. I may or may not have worn it all day and then used it on the wife when we got home from work, and then again, I may not have. You’ll never know!


OMG! finally a comfortable harness that is ready when we are. Back in the day, we’d mess with a combo of mens briefs, jock straps, button fly jeans…anything to hold the cock in place without having to deal with annoying buckles, leather straps, etc. 
I can wear it all day like underwear and not have to worry about that awkward moment when having to strap on. I bought one pair to try them out. And my girl was sad to see them in the laundry…she begged me to buy another. she couldn’t wait for them to be cleaned. hand washing them and waiting for them to air dry takes FOREVER! ok it just seemed like forever. so now I have two pair. while one is line drying. the other is…well…occupied. whatever you do, do not put these in the dryer, even on a cool or delicate setting. THEY WILL SHRINK! I did once, and they did shrink. still wearable but a tad snug and a reminder that I must lay off the cheeseburgers.…


This is by far the best harness I’ve ever had!! It’s super comfortable. It’s sturdy. No more fussing around with the confusing and uncomfortable straps. I wish I could afford more one. Definitely worth the money. Matter of fact I would say that it’s worth more than what it costs.


Don’t even waste your time looking for another harness. This is the one you’re looking for. I’ve tried other harnesses before, and this one is the best. It fits so well if you get past the semi-confusing sizing chart. It holds the dildo perfectly in place and my girlfriend loves it. Thank you so much.


This harness changed my life. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it is, but I’ll try. My girlfriend and I had tried a couple harnesses, but they all had buckles that loosened or wouldn’t tighten, butt floss that made things unpleasant, or sharp edges/rivets where you don’t want sharp edges. We also struggled with finding something that allowed flexibility at the base for different positions. Well, all problems solved! These (this?) slip right on, you get flexibility at the base, no hard edges, no butt floss, all happiness. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


They are very snug little undies (we call them ‘fundies’) and they need to be snug. They sit low, not low as bikini, but hipster style. He thinks they are cute and I think they are comfy. Useage? Tops in my book – no shifting or bunching – beats straps and buckles and sits nicely. I’ll be back for more.


Rodeohs are what I never knew I always wanted in a harness. Nothing else I’ve used even compares to the comfort and closeness this provides for my partners and I. Getting strapped in is no longer awkward and time consuming with all the buckles and velcro and I feel so hot in these. I highly recommend!


I’m writing this review, because I didn’t discover it the way most people did. I went out with my girl for our regularly scheduled dinner date night. Yea, that happens when you are together for more then 10 years. You’ll see. Anyway, we went up to a quite little spot (too embarrassed to say where) and you’ll never believe what I discovered. Lets just say, green light in 3 seconds or less, with no buckles to deal with. Rodeoh adds spice. And lots of it!


Wow. This is the most comfortable strap on device I’ve ever worn. Hands down. I’ve had issues with harness buckles digging into inner thighs, not a problem here. I hate the clean up afterward. Also not a problem here, just throw them in the wash. Also great for holding a vibrator on the wearer…which is always a perk. My advice would be buy your true size cuz they do shrink a little in the wash, but you want a tight fit for more control. Overall, I would say this is one of my favorite sex toys I own. I would like more colors, maybe a new one for each day of the week cuz its that good


I have tried all kinds of harnesses but I love the simplicity and super hero status this one affords. It does double duty as underwear and a harness. You can wear it under your clothes and be ready to strap one on at any time. Comfy cotton you can just throw in the wash too!


Amazing! So soft and comfortable. One try and my strap-on went right into the garbage. Good riddens! Why has it taken so long for someone to think of this? Really it makes the strap-on feel downright medieval. One of those things you joke with your friends about in ten years “remember when we used to use to wear strap-ons.” (ensuing laughter) I wear my regular underwear fitted so my x-small fit perfect. I can see if it was too loose it wouldn’t work as well. It really did give the dildo plenty of support and I had good control. I love that it is washable – need a spare for when it is in the wash though!


I’ll have to admit it, I was completely skeptical when I first ordered this little brief. But, I was quickly converted…not only is it ideal for packing (downsizing my tightie whitie collection) it really drives the point home. My girlfriend thanks you – again, and again, and again. (Ps: be sure to dry on low, it shrank quite a bit, which is nice if it loosens up)


All my hopes and dreams have been fulfilled by this comfy pair of briefs with a genius o-ring and some folds and well placed spandex. Some things to know -if you put them in the dryer, they do shrink. Now that I got that point out of the way…this is the easiest to out on most comfortable harness I have ever worn. I recommend putting on the underwear before inserting the dildo into the o-ring-just makes for a better fit. These are great for wearing under clothing. I wore mine camping and even slept in them without being uncomfortable. I can’t believe it has taken this long for such a intuitive design.


The RodeoH has become my go to harness – the best you can get! Especially for a harness that costs less than fifty dollars! You really can’t beat the value of the RodeoH and its ease of use. If you want a comfortable harness that’s machine washable, minimal, and inexpensive, you won’t be disappointed.


The RodeoH is definitely worth more than the price, its a comfortable, attractive, easy to use harness for all types of people; new to strap-on sex or just looking for something fun to add to your collection.


There’s always a compromise when it comes to harnesses. Is sturdiness more important, or is a feeling of intimacy? I think RodeoH has struck a nice balance here with their sexy, comfy underwear harness and it’s definitely something everyone who has frequent strap-on sex needs to have in their collection of harnesses for quick action.


Rodeoh cuts out the awkwardness of strap-on sex. This is a very exciting harness, devoid of straps and buckles but still quite functional. Looks, feels, and wears like underwear, and so it is no big deal to wear it under clothes. This means it significantly decreases the awkwardness of fumbling to quickly pull on a harness for sex or the discomfort of wearing something bulky under clothes in hopes of getting some.


The rodeoh is a comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear harness shaped like a pair of briefs. You can wear it under your clothes, with or without a packing dildo, or pull it on spur of the moment when you decide you want to be wearing a dick. It’s something new in the field of dildo-wearing-devices, and it performs beautifully. I’m (41" 3XL) and loving my rodeoh.


If you love the way a dildo feels between your legs, buy the RodeoH. It is so empowering to look down and not see a bulky harness. The RodeoH fits against you, and becomes a part of you. This is an especially great investment for FTMS and lesbians, but anyone who likes gender play will benefit from the RodeoH. Get yourself one. I promise it’s worth the money. I use mine almost every time and now I can’t imagine ever not having something so comfortable.


If you’ve ever tried wearing a strap-on harness under clothes, you know what a big deal these are. RodeoHs combine the comfort of underwear with the functionality of a harness. Never get caught unprepared again! They are ready to go at a moment’s notice and ready for the laundry pile when you’re done ~ the game has definitely changed


I love the idea of wearing the RodeoH all day and being ready for anything, with no one the wiser. I love that I can wear it as comfy choonies and a very effective harness. I love that there are no straps to adjust, tie off or push out of the way. I love the ease of use and I love that I just tossed it into my laundry basket this morning. This is my new favorite harness!


This is the 1st time i’ve been motivated to write a thank u for an intimate apparatus. @rodeohs created a masterpiece.


I am a big fan! The rodeoH is a strap-on that you can wear comfortably. There are no straps to adjust, just slip it on and slide your dildo of choice through the hole. It has a flap inside that a dildo can slide into, transforming these comfortable briefs into a strap-on. It’s sexy, comfortable, and functional! Rodeoh is the best strap-on I have ever used. There is no waiting for strap adjustments and no chaffing from nylon or leather, just cotton comfort ~ ready when ever you are, just slide it on and slide the dildo in!

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