RodeoH Classic Panty

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Our community asked us for a strap-on panty that would be comfortable to wear all day, and exceptional in performance when the time was right. We heard you loud and clear - introducing the Panty+ series! These harnesses feature strong double-lock stitching, an extra layer of our heavy weight cotton fabric blend, and reinforced patterning so your harness will be ready when you are. You didn’t want to give up style for comfort, so we delivered both! The Panty+ is available in a wide variety of looks with multiple color and fabric combos.  These fashionable panties will become your new go-to strap-on for comfortable and versatile play.

Looking for a heavier duty harness? Check out our newest 2.5" SmartBand Series! This wide 2.5" waistband, coupled with our enhanced panty+ patterning, has been specifically designed for long sessions and/or use with heavier equipment. This series will optimize your thrusting potential by giving you superior support and control. Multiple stylings and O-ring options are now available. Keep those requests coming! 


To enjoy, slip the shaft of your favorite wide-based harness compatible dildo through the O-ring interior out to the front. Use the internal cotton pouch to cover the base so there is soft cotton against the most sensitive areas of your body. Once your dildo is in place, you’re all set! Simply slip the RodeoH on like your favorite pair of underwear and have fun.


Just like a traditional strap-on, your RodeoH harness should fit uber snug in order to stabilize and control the dildo. Watch our sizing video below.


RodeoH harnesses should be paired with a harness compatible dildo specifically designed for use with an O-ring. Harness compatible dildos come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and diameters and typically come in one of two styles: with a wide flared base to act as a stopper against an O-ring or double-ended (the wearer inserts one end internally and the other shaft end is pulled through the O-ring).

Our Pantyharnesses can be used with both flat based toys or double-ended toys.  To use with double-ended toys, simply pull down the fabric in the interior pocket, slip the shaft through the o-ring, and carefully insert the passive end inside you before pulling up the brief. Or consider checking out our Duo Series harnesses which are specially designed for double-ended toys. The Duo series offers 2 O-rings (one above the other), allowing for a variety of positions and use with multiple toys. 


BULLET VIBE BLISS: Tuck a bullet vibe (a small vibrator about the size of a battery) behind the base of the dildo, but under the soft cotton flaps to add a little extra oomph right where you want it. This sensation is enjoyed by the wearer, but it also sends a very pleasurable vibe down the dildo so your partner can enjoy the buzz as well. Not feeling dildo-y? Don your harness with just the bullet vibe behind the flap, horizontally or vertically (a Neoprene Stabilizer is useful here, too). The design allows for all sorts of exciting positions and your bullet stays put.

HAVE A TOY WITH A SMALLER BASE OR DIAMETER? We’ve got you covered! To use a harness with a smaller diameter dildo or a dildo with a very small base, just add a Neoprene Stabilizer  for extra stability and control! But, the Neoprene Stabilizer is not just for smaller toys, it will aide in keeping the toy firmly against the body, extending the life of your harness!

ADD SOME CUSHION TO THE PUSHIN': For extra cushion between you and the dildo base, slip in a Neoprene Stabilizer (they have multiple uses!) between the base of the dildo and the internal pocket or try a specially designed stimulator base like the Sili Saddle or Bumpher.

DON'T FORGET THE LUBE: When it comes to sex, the wetter the better! Having a good lube on hand can enhance your experience. There is a lube for all your needs - choose from fruity flavored, unflavored, organic, stimulating, desensitizing and special anal formulas. 

IN THE SHOWER ANTICS: RodeoH products are easily washable and made from cotton and spandex, making them suitable for use in fresh, untreated water, so grab your favorite waterproof dildo and have fun in the tub or shower!




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The very best harness experience we’ve ever had. I had more control than I ever felt with a leather harness, it was fantastic. My husband and I are experienced peggers, but your panty took that to a whole new level of comfort and control.


We bought this item to go with a dong for some strap-on fun. The Mrs says the pants fit well and holds the dong in place very well. We had tried various other strapon ‘kits’ but they never really worked, felt comfortable for the wife or made her feel sexy. So the rodeoh is the way to go!


We bought these to use with the ‘Fun Factory Sharevibe’ and they are perfect for it. Although a little on the spendy side we chose this harness for a number of reasons. We wanted an underwear style harness because its easier to get on in the heat of the moment (fumbling with buckles and clasps just seemed like too much of a faff) and it seemed like it’d be more comfortable than a traditional style harness (as well as the fact that most harnesses do not seem to accommodate so called ‘strapless strap-ons’ which is what we needed). It definitely fullfils all these basic criteria. Looking at other cheaper harnesses – they did not seem to have the same strength of material, which is evident as soon as we pulled the RodeoHs from their bag. The elastic is really strong but it’s still very comfortable to wear. The panels at the front are strong enough to hold the toy in the perfect place, even with vigorous movements and the panels at the back are thinner and breathable which is an excellent design choice for a product like this as it helps keep the wearer cool! Finally, the aesthetics of this harness. The lace design is very sexy and the colors it comes in are all pretty. We chose the purple to match the purple Sharevibe we got them for and they look lovely together!

Bell S.

These panties are brilliant, sturdy and my wife said they’re very comfy, and gave her lots of control. Initially, we ordered the same size as her regular undies, but these turned out to be a bit small, a bit too tight on her thighs. Thankfully, the next size up fit perfectly. Another note, though, the band sits quite low on her belly, which isn’t a bad thing, but worth mentioning on the low rise. It was great for me knowing she had more control than our previous strap, and she was able to go hands-free, meaning she could do extra things we’ve never been able to do. Would highly recommend, but would suggest getting a size bigger than you expect.


We got these because my girlfriend wanted to look pretty and cute, rather than wear an awkward, strappy harness. They come in a nice little drawstring bag that we still use to store them. On first impressions, you can tell they’re good quality. The material is soft but strong, and the thick waistband screams ‘secure’. We’ve used these quite a bit, and they haven’t gone out of shape or shown any signs of wear. There’s a little pocket opening inside at the front, where you can put in a flared-base dildo. All of the dildos we tried fit just fine, but the O-ring is quite small, at 1.5 inches. Check that your intended toy isn’t wider than that before buying!

The pants were very comfy, even for extended wear. They’re quick and easy to put on, which is nice. They hold well, and give you very good control of your dildo. My girlfriend and I both loved how the pants looked! The low-rise shape flattered her, and the lace panels on the side are very alluring. The pants are pretty and feminine, which I think made us both a little less self-conscious about what we were doing. (Not that there is anything to be ashamed of!)


As first time users, we wanted a harness that was straight forward to use, secure, and comfortable. The RodeoH Low Rise Briefs looked to fit the bill perfectly. Also, I think my partner may have initially been a little nervous at the thought of using a strap-on for the first time so I wanted something that was not too intimidating for her to wear.

First impression is that this is a quality, well-made item. Second they are actually quite sexy with the lace panels on show! In use, they are excellent, very secure and our chosen dildo was not moving anywhere other than where my partner chose to put it! In fact my partners first ‘performance’ wearing the briefs actually blew me away and I’m sure the fit and security of the briefs added to her confidence. Small negatives are the sizing is a touch small, they may have shrunk slightly in the wash so I’d suggest going with the bigger size if undecided between two. Overall, we are very happy with the product and would highly recommend, especially for beginners.


We had wanted to try anal play for some time but the traditional strap on harnesses seemed clunky, intimidating and most importantly uncomfortable. My wife spotted these and was instantly smitten. They look great on and hold a harness dildo snugly and securely. I was a little put off by the price tag but after seeing the item in the flesh and seeing the effect on my other half’s confidence I’m totally sold. These are the comfiest strap on harness you’ll ever own.


I struggled using the traditional style strap-ons, I felt as if I was fumbling and it made me awkward and often ruined the moment. As soon as I found these online I was intrigued, thought I would give it a shot. It certainly paid off! Putting these on I felt super sexy and knew wearing it for my partner would be a game changer, and I was right! It’s so easy to slip the dildo into position and off you go. No messing around or silly things to adjust! They fitted perfectly but the second pair I got my partner (she wouldn’t ever wear the lace!) were slightly too big and didn’t give enough control. So I would say to make sure you get your size correct or even on the smaller side! The lace is durable – there have been times of lust where I’ve got distracted and thought please don’t rip my pants! But they never have!


These pants are super cute. They look totally non-threatening compared to some of the harness-type strap-ons, which was a massive bonus for us as a couple. They sit low, and the mesh lace sections are hot! These pants are pretty small. I would suggest buying a size larger than you would normally. We found that a dildo sits nice and low, which gives a great angle and lots of control. Lots of different dildos can slip through the O-ring, and my girlfriend finds that it rubs on her clit while she thrusts (great!). We would both totally recommend this product and intend on buying more in different colors. Good value for money, well made and very functional


These were bought for my partner as an alternative to a harness for anal play. These arrived in a very nice little rodeoh bag. The product is made of a nice heavy material, which gives it a solid feel and gives the impression of quality. The waistband is elasticated. The briefs have a sexy lace panel either side of the main area, which gives them a sexy look. The main area of the briefs is made up of two layers of material with a solid ring. The material has an opening at the front for the attached device to protrude. Insertion of a dildo is done via the inside of the briefs. These looked great on my partner and she enjoyed using them. She was able to thrust into me and out again without having to worry about them coming off.

Christine N

These are a great way to get into the pegging scene, comfy, well made and attractive to boot! They feel so much better on than a traditional strapped harness, and they hold the dildo very securely, which surprised me, as I had imagined that the material would ‘give’ too much and wouldn’t really do the job, but was I wrong! Being low rise briefs, they also don’t have that ‘butch look’ (know what I mean?) that seems to be there with both strappy harnesses and others on the market. They make me feel both feminine and in control, and they feel great on too.

Definitely a good purchase. Both my hubby and I are very happy with these briefs. They will be getting a good workout which, judging by the quality of manufacture, I’m sure they will stand up to with no problems. If you’re getting into pegging or you’re already into the scene, you can’t really go wrong with these briefs. Don’t be tempted to go for a smaller size than you actually are, though, as these are a snug fitting brief.

River S.

I’m so very glad I discovered RodeoH, I’d never found any harness comfortable before, they were always, pinching here or chafing there, totally ruining the mood. So when I discovered these, I was hopefully, and they didn’t disappoint! First thing I will say, they are tight, but if they weren’t, you wouldn’t have as much control, which I love! One thing I always hated about other harnesses was the lack of control due to them never properly fitting. It had nothing to do with not making financial investments. I’ve bought expensive harnesses before and they just didn’t cut it for me.

This one fits like a pair of pants, but has good grip all round and supports the dildo well in the O-ring, giving you complete hands-free control. My other harness sat with the dildo unnaturally high on the body, making some positions very difficult, as you had minimal control from the hips. These panties, however, keep it in an anatomically correct position, giving you complete control from the hips.

Another thing with these is that this is the first time I’ve actually felt sexy in a harness instead of self-conscious, which makes a huge different to my confidence wearing it. Now instead of it feeling like an awkward sprint across the room to avoid being seen by my other half or seeing myself in the mirror, it’s become a sexy, seductive walk across the room. I also love that there are actually a lot of options for dildos to go in them, because the O-ring is such a generic method you are less restricted like with some harnesses. I will be adding to my collection with the crotchless RodeoH harness in the near future! They are comfy, easy to wash and dry, give you great control and they look nice and make me feel great! I can’t ever see myself going back to anything else! Love, love, love them – couldn’t go back to anything else.


Me and my wife are brand new to sex toys! To be honest, just the thought made both of us blush. My wife has always been, well, a humper, and often said she felt something was missing, or wanted to give me more. I finally plucked up the courage and we had the talk, both of us so embarrassed we couldn’t even say the word strap-on! When we first started looking we were so put off by the harnesses and buckles and belts, we just thought it wasn’t possible! And the realistic looking dildos? But that’s another review. So anyway, we thought that was it. But I knew we were both excited at the thought and a bit gutted. So I kept looking, and when I saw these I just fell in love! I thought ‘this is it!’. They’re perfect! My wife looked and agreed they looked comfortable and sexy too.

We ordered them, alongside the 7 inch purple silicone dildo. We were so excited, nervous and embarrassed, but excited! I’d read some reviews saying they could be tight so I’d ordered the next size up. When they came my wife tried them on, I could tell she felt a lot more self-confident in herself than if I had got a harness. They were a bit tight unfortunately, and she felt a bit uncomfortable, but we thought we would give it a try. She said they were brilliant, they felt snug and didn’t move about or fall down, not that we’ve used harnesses but we’ve heard they can move around, she was hands-free the whole time to do what she pleased! With the added bonus that they looked good too. She said the material was soft and I agree.

The dildo once in place didn’t budge at all which being a first timer I was a bit scared about, but it all felt very natural and easy, which put us at ease a lot .I thank God we found these pants! Super easy and natural and made our first experience with sex toys possible and extremely enjoyable! Thank you! Can’t wait for new toys! I can now say we are no longer shy or embarrassed to say words associated with sex toys anymore!


Our first time. Not sure quite how my OH would react to pegging me, I decided to buy a harness that was attractive and sexy. I handed her the little bag that they came in and she opened it and took the harness out. She is fussy when it comes to lingerie, but looking at these she remarked how sexy they looked. I then handed her the 5" dildo. She questioned me at first, know that I love anal play, but was unsure about using it. Then she put the panties on and said they were really comfortable, before slipping easily the dildo into the harness. She even wore the dog tag that came with it saying that it added to the excitement for her.

Soon I was well lubed up and she positioned herself behind me. She was slightly nervous about hurting me so I bought my hand round and helped her slip it inside me. What can I say, it was so different from trying to do it myself (I had tried it out beforehand and although the sensation was of being filled was amazing, it was nothing like this). To be pegged is about the most exciting thing I have experienced and so wish I’d had the courage to do it years ago.

Anyone who is unsure about pegging should let themselves go and do it. We have found a totally new dimension in our love play and my OH now enjoys the new pleasure she can now give me, and as others have said before me, I even think she enjoys the power over me. The feeling was out of this world. The dildo itself was perhaps a tad too small, so will be ordering a bigger one soon.

Sha M.

Perfect! I loved the look of the red ones I bought! They fit just like underwear, which was awesome! I was afraid my butt would be hanging out with the “low rise”, but it covered me completely. Not sweaty, and didn’t chafe around the groin/thighs like I was worried it would. The S was still very snug, but I figure that you’d want it to be snug and not fall off! Had no issue with having to stop and re-position anything, and changing out toys was super easy. The base of the toy rests real low, so it’s closer to your own happy spots instead of halfway up your stomach like other harnesses, which I liked personally.


My girlfriend and I decided we wanted to get a strap-on. For myself the thing that initially would put me off of using a strap-on is the look of the classic harness – for me it’s a turn off! So I went on a mission to find something else. These strap-on panties are absolutely amazing. I love the way they feel and look. Luckily my girlfriend and I are around the same size and we both fit into them perfectly! The elastic around the top is tight enough to give you the support you would expect from a good quality strap-on, no slipping, but is also not too tight that it cuts in and gives you little love handles, so again… perfect! I have nothing bad to say about this product, it makes my girlfriend and I very, happy ladies!

Going Steady

I was so excited to receive these through the post and all the excitement began when opening the discreet packet. Inside the packet was a little RodeoH bag with a string tie and inside were the neat underwear and a RodeoH dog tag (you can use this for your imagination). I tried the underwear straight on and loved the lace pattern on the sides as it makes them so girly. The underwear were lovely and soft and the soft elasticated band at the top made them very comfortable – they could be worn for everyday purposes, they were that comfortable!

Once on we slipped in one of the dildo’s through the discreet ring on the front – on previous similar products it sometimes takes some time to prepare them and place dildo in but these briefs were so easy and convenient to do that. Once in place we couldn’t wait to try them out and the fun continued during sex. The briefs are great because there isn’t much movement between the brief and skin so the dildo can glide smoothly without there being any sudden movements which can happen with one of the similar products like the harnesses, so this one was great to be in control! Me and my partner both thoroughly enjoyed the use of these because the feel great and there is lots of fun to be made!

Jack S

This is why I love RodeoH Not only do they have an amazing product (seriously I own 3 of their amazing harnesses already) but they’re constantly redesigning and making what is already an epic product even better!!

I love the variety of styles they have, I have the Black and Purple Panty , the Crotchless black panty and the Black and Red Brief (for those more masculine feeling days)

Tonight I was browsing their webpage to see what’s new and I was sooo very excited to see that they read my mind!!! After this mornings hot session I was mentioning to my slave that I wish their harnesses came in a high waisted style. I love their harnesses soo much but if I were able to change one thing-that would be it. Most curvy ladies like myself need a bit of a higher waist to flatter our not-so-flat tummies.

I could have squealed when I saw their newest release the High Rise Black Panty and I absolutely can’t wait to order it. #nextpurchase thanks @rodeoh-panties

My wife looks amazing in her rodeoh panties. It’s a night and day difference compared to the beginner strapon kit, nylon strap harnesses you see everywhere, you know the ones. The ones that have like 50ft of extra strap hanging from her, clearly showing she’s never used the damned thing before. Seriously hands down rodeoh panties are the best strapon harnesses on the market. @rodeoh-panties


We’re a MF bi-couple and have tried pegging before but it was always so cumbersome and disconnected with straps and basic toys. Enter the Rodeoh low rise panties to the rescue! We emailed Rodeoh about their products and “strapless strapons” and got a prompt and friendly email back pointing us to a review of a Rodeoh customer who used their Rodeoh briefs with a Feeldoe with great success (excellent customer service!). Rodeoh also explained the design on the low rise panties as being pretty much the same as the briefs in terms of the O ring, and while it was not designed specifically for these kind of toys, they couldn’t see it being a problem. We took the plunge and got them yesterday and it was night and day difference. No more adjusting, holding things in place … etc. Slip on the Rodeoh we were ready to go. The Fuze Tango fit perfectly thru the Rodeoh panties, the space to pull down the fabric between the wearer and the O ring has plenty of room to fold down, and fits that particular toy like a glove – and once everything was in place it was so snug and comfortable and most importantly put us back in the moment. The beauty of having hands on your lover and not on your toys :) Thanks Rodeoh so much for making a great product, the quality and service is the best anyone could ask for.

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