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( Model wears: Size 33-35 MEDIUM. Photo submission by Sam - Haarlem, Netherlands)

RodeoH DUO Series 

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We took our best-selling classic Brief+ and added enhanced accents and two O-ring for maximum versatility, creating the sexy, stylish Duo! The top O-ring is positioned for single-ended harness-compatible dildos while the lower O-ring is for those who enjoy the pleasure of double penetration toys.  A double-banded front gives this style extra structure and stability while covering those two O-rings for maximum discretion.We’ve also added a double layer of our super soft cotton, a wider 1.75-inch waistband, and reinforced front panels to give this style amazing support while optimizing comfort. Experience the best of all worlds!


The Duo features two 1.75-inch O-rings and is recommended for use with toys of the same diameter or less. Have a favorite toy with a smaller diameter? We’ve got you covered! To use this harness with a smaller diameter dildo, just add aNeoprene Stabilizer for extra stability and control. All styles are unisex


Enjoy the Duo Panty several ways! Slip a wide-based, harness-compatible dildo through the upper O-ring, or a double penetration dildo through the lower ring. We offer a wide range of dildos to meet all of your desires. Once your dildo of choice is in place, you’re all set. Simply slip the panties on like your favorite pair of underwear and have fun. To use as a pack and play insert the dildo through the lower o-ring, allowing the shaft of the toy to hang in between your legs. And when you are ready, slide it into the upper o-ring for fun on the go!


Just like a traditional strap-on, your RodeoH harness should fit uber snug in order to stabilize and control the dildo. Watch our sizing video below.


RodeoH harnesses should be paired with a dildo specifically designed for use with an O-ring harness. Harness compatible dildos come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and diameters and typically come in one of two styles: with a wide base to act as a stopper against an O-ring or double-ended (for the wearer to use internally as well as externally). The Duo Harness can be used with both single-ended and double-ended toys. We offer a wide range of single-ended dildos and double-ended dildos (like the Realdoes, Feeldoes) to pair with this supportive harness.  


READY TO ROCK: Got a date after work? No time to change? Wear your Duo like a fav pair of underwear and never be unprepared again. Believe us, this harness is that comfy. Slip a bullet vibe above the O-Ring, between the double banded layer for extra pleasure. 

HAVE A TOY WITH A SMALLER BASE OR DIAMETER? We’ve got you covered! To use this harness with a smaller diameter dildo, just add a Neoprene Stabilizer  for extra stability and control! But, the Neoprene Stabilizer is not just for smaller toys, it will aide in keeping the toy firmly against the body, extending the life of your harness!

ADD SOME CUSHION TO THE PUSHIN': For extra cushion between you and the dildo base, slip in a Neoprene Stabilizer (they have multiple uses!) between the base of the dildo and the internal pocket or try a specially designed stimulator base like the Sili Saddle or Bumpher.

DON'T FORGET THE LUBE: When it comes to sex, the wetter the better! Having a good lube on hand can enhance your experience. There is a lube for all your needs - choose from fruity flavored, unflavored, organic, stimulating, desensitizing and special anal formulas. 

IN THE SHOWER ANTICS: RodeoH products are easily washable and made from cotton and spandex, making them suitable for use in fresh, untreated water, so grab your favorite waterproof dildo and have fun in the tub or shower!

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16 Responses


Shipping was unbelievably fast. We needed some help and assurance on the size after measuring and customer service asked a few follow up questions and suggested the size we needed which was a size above what I was thinking. Our items arrived in half the estimated shipping time and the recommendations were perfect. The fit was spot on and the Duo accomplished exactly what we were trying to achieve in our play session.


Writing reviews for me is a rarity. I just don’t find “works great” to be very helpful. So, I thought i’d leave a few notes for the readers out there. Caveat, I sew and typically make my own clothing. But, I also know how LONG it takes to construct a garment. The brief+ has been my favorite for the last few years, I lean to the one with the larger band, finding it exactly what I want. The construction on that style is really skilled and the fabric has a nice hand and is a heavier weight. That’s what you want in a garment with a job to do. When I ran across this style, I had to spurge and give it a go. I, personally, think the price is way too low. I can’t imagine the time it took to make this! There are multiple orings that are thoughtfully positioned, and the outer layer has bands covered by cotton, and sewn INTO the fabric. The sewer who makes this style has impressive craftsmanship … and I can only imagine how much time each pattern piece takes to make with so MANY details. In short, I LOVE this style, and it is my go to with my feeldoe, but I still lean a bit towards the brief+! Either way, you’ll be thrilled. A+ quality.


GAME CHANGER! You can toss it in the washing machine, throw it on in 30 seconds or less, and you are ready to go … it works like a champ with all of my toys OR with my double ended Nexus Junior. It’s also very comfortable to wear out under my jeans, making gender play a breeze. I was turned on to rodeoh from a friend, now i’m just turned on. HA!


Very first harness experience and this harness is amazing, more than well deserving of all the hype out there but my friend recommended it so I thought I’d give it a try. Let’s go over some of the amazing aspects: It is machine washable, has 2 rings that fit a variety of toys, crazy comfortable, and doesn’t cut into your hips. My friend was right – I LOVE this harness. It really moves with your body and I had wonderful control over my thrusting. It really does feel like a part of my body with the way the brief was designed. I also love that it is soft so that my partner isn’t rubbing up against metal and leather pieces. On in a few seconds and you are ready to go.


I love this harness! This was the first harness I ever used for strap on sex and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use and comfortable harness. It’s a hardy design and the construction is very impressive. What I love most about this harness is that I can just throw it in the wash. I love how comfortable it is and how it fits a range of different dildos … if you have a smaller dil, pick up the little neoprene pad so you can poke in the back door with ease. Having a harness that is so easy to put on is just wonderful and also means more sex, which leads to better sex! Who doesn’t want that?


This is the first time I write a review on anything but this is worth it. And people reviews are the only guide you can have in this matter. At first, I was a little bit doubtful to spent that much money on a sex toy at first but the strap-on I had before was a complete failure. Let’s just say the try was successful and I needed an upgrade in the equipment now. It’s comfortable, sexy, feels good, it’s fitted, I can move better, more naturally and pleasure is even bigger for him and me. Washing it is super easy, packing it discreetly in it’s little pouch is just too cute and wouldn’t rise a question if accidentally dropped out a luggage. I can’t anything else than I love it. It makes so happy every time I get it out. Favorite underwear ever. Best buy ever.


I love this harness cause it’s so comfortable and adaptable to my large toy collection. It’s ideal for sharing with a partner. The duo is very sturdy with plenty of support. It’s also super convenient cause it’s machine washable (I’m way too lazy to clean by hand). Definitely a keeper.


The duo is exactly what I expected from a rodeoh harness. I also have the brief+ style and the larger banded 2.0 style and they are all great, but this one offers two oring positions that really spice things up. There is no pocket on the inside so I can smoothly insert my feeldoe and clean up is super easy, just toss in the wash. I’m 160, 5’6 , and the size large fits like a glove. It’s really a toss up between this style and my 2.0. Mad love to you guys for continuing to come up with new gear. Always keeps my baby on their toes! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Gabe A.

This was mine and my girlfriend’s first strap-on and we love it. It’s easy to use. Just put them on like underwear. We were a bit nervous being our first one, so we bought a 5-inch dildo to go with it but soon upgraded to a 7 inch because of how much we enjoyed using the harness. In addition we have bought another pair, this time the boxer style, so we can alternate whilst one pair is in the wash. Highly recommended.


Hi! I recently purchased the duo for my boyfriend and I, we also are both transsexual (FTM). We love it, it really made our sex-life better and we always wanted one. Finally one day I decided to splurge and whipped out the credit card and don’t regret it one bit. Love your product, will purchase from again soon. DUO A+!


I wanted to write a quick review on the sizing because I wasn’t sure if I had chosen the correct size for me. The product has 2 pictures for sizing and I was in between sizes. My natural waist is 32.5 inches but my hips are 44 inches. I chose size Large and it may be slightly small around the holes for the legs but otherwise it is a great fit! So if you’re looking for the right size for you and you measure like me get a Large.

Tyler D

5.0 out of 5 stars. No awkward adjustment every few minutes, like the typical straps. She loves it and so do I. It holds tight and offers a real feel.


5 stars. These are so much better than a hard to adjust or uncomfortable leather strap system. Really well made..excellent quality.

Malia M.

This was the best harness that I could find. It feels sturdy and the material feels durable. It looks as delicate as a panty however it feels closer to a pair of Spanx. Unlike most harnesses, this has two rings offering more options in one garment. This item was so hard to find that I plan to purchase another.

Rebecca S.

I just ordered the Duo Panty (REALDOE PACKAGE) yesterday around noon and I already received them! Unbelievable! :-) They fit very well. I am using them with a Realdoe Feeldoe and it’s a nice snug fit in the lower “o” ring.

Now if only they would add the second (lower) “o"ring to the more feminine panties I would be a very busy woman! Nothing sounds sexier than a woman in nice tight corset, thigh highs, garters, and a big Realdoe Feeldoe protruding in all of its glory out of some sexy lace RodeoH harness briefs. Ooh la la!

Mz. P

Bought a new duo panty harness today for my Feeldoe. So many good things to say about it! It’s a RodeoH harness and is amazingly comfortable. Half of my complaints with the other harnesses I’ve had was the way that the straps dug into me. Add the fact it always got tangled and was a pain to put on. This new harness is made much like panties and does not dig in any way. The “pocket” inside hugs the balls of the Feeldoe and keeps it in place but allows for the perfect amount of movement without allowing the toy to slip.The best part, the orgasms actually got stronger! I would never thought that they could get any better but it has. I’m not sure if it’s either the way the harness now holds the Feeldoe tight or the lack of digging in my sides makes me relax more but either way I’m a very very happy lady! Money well spent, I want another already (for when this pair gets too wet hehe).

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