RodeoH SmartBand Harness Series

(Model wears: Size 33-35 MEDIUM. Photo submission by Sam - Haarlem, Netherlands )

RodeoH Brief+ | Panty+ (SmartBand Series)

SMARTBAND: The smartband name references the 2.5" specially designed underwear band for superior hold, performance, and durability. We chose a method of construction that would allow a high level of support but would also be soft and comfortable to wear. It should also be noted that all the styles below feature the same pattern but with different trim (I.e. lace accents or different O-ring sizes). This series is designed for maximum support and control. All styles are unisex

2.0 Panty+ Harness – 1.5-inch O-ring. 

2.0 Black Brief+ Harness – 2.0-inch O-ring. 

Royal Blue Brief+ Harness – 1.5-inch O-ring. 

Black & Gray Stripe Brief+ Harness – 1.5-inch O-ring. 

Black & Purple Stripe Brief+ Harness – 1.75-inch O-ring. 

2.0 Black & Red Stripe Brief+ Harness – 2.0-inch O-ring. 

2.0 Black & Royal Blue Brief+ Harness – 2.0-inch O-ring. 

2.0 Black & Royal Blue Brief+ Harness – 2.0-inch O-ring. 

2.0 Camo Brief+ Harness – 2.0-inch O-ring. 


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Nia Robbins

Been with my wife for over 14 years. We’re so excited. I guess we were behind the times,lol. All jokes aside though, my order is on it’s way on a Friday, when I ordered it on Wednesday. Wow! Also, the customer service staff are top notch and very responsive. Happy to have found this company. I always use to look for something like this, but always came up short “no pun intended, but, now I said it so it is” and never ended up ordering a thing. Now, I feel so elated. Thank you to the whole Rodeoh Team. " Stay Colorful"!


Firstly, I took the plunge and purchased the 2.0 black and red model. It came discreetly and arrived very promptly, here in just a few days even with the slower shipping method. At first glance the harness is VERY well made. And when I put it on, the fabric feels more like spanx with thick layers. I was surprised at how supportive it was – it really keeps my belly in. The band is also beautifully done, both snug and soft with no uncomfortable digging in the hips. I do want to say that i’m a petite person with larger legs so I needed more leg room, and if I went up a size it would have been too loose on me. So, I sent an email and after the wonderful tips from a very patient rodeoh staffer, I exchanged for the 2.0 tri-color version. I guess it’s based on the brief+ model with the addition of the larger band ~ I didn’t know what that meant so I just trusted the recommendation and dove right in. AND WOW, that did the trick! It fits like a glove and has more room for my extra bootie and thighs. I could not be happier! Thrilled, really! Thank you rodeoh for doing what you are doing, i’m very excited to see what colors come out next!


Saying the 2.0 is the BEST sex product I’ve used in all my years is an understatement. Not being a small woman I hated those straps, this is so easy, fits well and doesn’t shift even with all the ‘abuse’ (LOL) it takes. GF loves the look on me and has picked out the next pair. I’m gonna need another pair especially if we move in together any time soon. So being in my 50s and out since I’m 16 I feel as if my sex life has been elevated to something more meaningful, intense, and oh-so-absolutely incredible! I happily recommend to everyone I can!


My partner and I have been through many different harness/strap on options. We were unsure of the idea of an underwear style, but were open to trying. Were we in for a treat, RodeOhs have opened up a whole new love of bedroom fun! They’re extremely comfy and stay put in all the right areas. And you can tell they are very well made. After the first use we immediately bought a few more! Will never go back to anything else ever. We would both highly recommend with a resounding two solid thumbs up both as the wearer and receiver.


I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it is, but I’ll try. My girlfriend and I had tried a couple harnesses, but they all had buckles that loosened or wouldn’t tighten, butt floss that made things unpleasant, or sharp edges/rivets where you don’t want sharp edges. We also struggled with finding something that allowed flexibility at the base for different positions. Well, all problems solved! These slip right on, you get flexibility at the base, no hard edges, no butt floss, all happiness. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The 2.0 panty is the bomb diggity!


My girlfriend has a tiny, athletic-ish build, and we purchased this for her. I was worried that the size was going to be too big, but we matched the “inches” sizing with what she usually wears with pants, and just went with it. Turns out that was a good choice! We picked up the black and gray with the smaller oring in an XXS and it fits her perfectly. I love how confident she looks. And because this style is so fitted with the larger band the ride is just wicked! We can play for hours, and switch out toys with ease. I’m so happy to have found something that fits her and she loves. It makes all the difference! :)


I am a bisexual female, and my boyfriend happens to be a bisexual male. Rodeoh opened a whole new world for us. Strap-ons have been very awkward and uncomfortable for me, which took away from the experience. This morning we were finally able to make love in an entirely new way. I feel in love with my sexy bottom boy all over again, and then all we had to do was slide the 2.0 panty on and start round two. Thank you so much for such an awesome product! 


My girlfriend and I are first time users and I could not be more happy. We got the 2.0 panty and the bent as a set. And it is a solid combo. Both are great. You can tell the silicone is higher end and the quality of the harness is second to none. Love it!


I use the 2.0 harness with my partner, and it’s by far one of the comfiest harnesses in our collection. We picked it up about 3 months ago and have not looked back at anything else we have. Getting in and out of it is very easy. And we like that the o-ring can accommodate a wide variety of dildo thickness, especially if you pick up the little stabilizer. And what I like the most is traveling with it. We travel A LOT. Because it looks like a brief and doesn’t immediately look like a harness, it removes the embarrassment of that impromptu security bag check. The one where you’re like … yep, this is happening, shrugging shoulders. All around great addition, and is versatile enough to be the only one we use!


Looks great and is sooooo much more comfortable than regular harnesses. I don’t have a flat abdomen (I’m not very overweight, but have a slight ’muffin top), and the larger band is great for keeping that in. I love it and so does my wife. It held the cock secure during sex – 5 positions and an hour of rough pleasure later and it felt just as secure to me as any other harness! Highly recommended.


This harness is the perfect go-to harness. We really like the wider band. The fit is super cute and looks soooooo goooood! It’s sexy and sleek. OH! I should mention we have the black and purple one … it holds pretty much all of the dils that we have AND is the easiest to get on and off. So no fussing around when we are in the mood, when timing is everything. And, all you have to do is throw it in the wash, and repeat. Lovely. Also, the best to travel with JUST IN CASE your luggage gets rifled thru at the airport- they literally just looks like knickers!


The 2.0 panty was perfect for my partner! We’ve had a lot of terrible experiences with straps breaking, especially in the heat of the moment. And guess what? NO STRAPS! She can slide it on, load it up and be ready for action in under a minute flat. The panty doesn’t bunch and looks great with only minimal lace accents. Lace can be a pain to take care of, it just snags in the wash. But this lace trim is just enough to be pretty without all the upkeep. Plus, it’s nice to find something that doesn’t need to be constantly (re)adjusted and secured. We are BIG FANS. Never going back.


We were both excited to try this product out, and ended up with the 2.0 brief. The shipping was fast and discreet, which is always a concern as we live with house mates. It came in a little baggie, which I found to be adorable! At first glance it looks well made, and I really liked the satin trim. All I have to say is we were VERY impressed with how well the dildo stayed in place. It really hugs the body well and doesn’t ride up or have to be continually adjusted. I’m 5’7 and about 175lbs and picked up the 1xl and it fits very snuggly…as it should. We did have to pick up the stabilizer to work with our small pegging toy. All you have to do is slide it over the top and that problem was solved … making this style very versatile and our new favorite. All in all, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable alternative to buckles.


We purchased the 2.0 brief+. Fits perfect to size, so a size 34 really is a size 34. Me and my fiancé can’t have sex for several months for medical reasons so we decided to try a strap on. She really is loving it! I got a cheaper $12 strap on first and it was a pain as I had to stop all the time to adjust. This product fits snug and with a 2 inch band it keeps it in place so you at least know exactly “artificial limb” is at at all times. The first strap on I purchased the dildo was everywhere sometimes it would drop down or end up on the side. This one holds it right in place so it makes control much easier. The only negative I have is it smashes down on my balls. I would say I am average length and girth. I accept this con because I understand the concept of this and that it has to be a snug fit otherwise the dildo would move around too much. No matter what your sexual orientation I believe if you’re looking for a strap on this is the best product on the market currently!


I 100% recommend this harness! The larger band is exactly what a harness needs to maintain rhythm and pull back!


I’m practically in tears I’m so happy! The company was great with helping me when I ordered incorrectly the first time by cancelling prior to shipping, and I finally got exactly what I wanted. AND WOW, just wow! I hope you come out with some other styles in the 2.0, because we will DEFINITELY be ordering those! AHHHH! Can’t say enough about this product! :) :) :) And PLEASE make more in the 2.0! Also, the stabilizer is AMAZING for using a soft-pack with, and for helping larger toys not hurt while thrusting. Truly innovative! I just wish I had gone to rodeoh FIRST before spending on other products!


Hi! We have your 2.0 panty and LOVE IT! The only thing we’ve wished for is a crotchless version, which you just made, which is awesome! Did you have any plans to offer them in larger sizes? Guaranteed enthusiastic sale right here! :) Thanks!

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