How to Clean Your RodeoH Harnesses

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How to Clean Your RodeoH Harness

So you’ve received your RodeoH harness or brief and it fits perfectly! You want to wear it every day, whether you’re playing or not… But this lovely underwear is going to need to be cleaned regularly, much like your other intimates. Whether it’s bodily fluids, oil, lube, or sweat - it’s important to know how to properly clean your harness or briefs so you can use them again and again.

Thankfully it’s incredibly easy to do so, no matter what style you have in your collection! 

First Step - Remove All Attachments

If you have a toy attached to your RodeoH harness or a Neoprene Stabilizer make sure to take it out of your harness. The O ring is safe to keep in your harness if it has one. These can still be cleaned, but must be done so separate from the harness to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly and properly. 

For assistance and information regarding cleaning your sex toys, take a look at our blog HERE. 

Second Step - Washing Machine

The full cleaning instructions are on the inside of your harness if you forget, but we are here to make it even easier! 

Make sure not to use harsh cleaners to ensure the brightness and durability of your harness remains. Machine wash your Neoprene Stabilizer and your harness or briefs on machine wash cold. If you have a fabric bag, be sure to use one to ensure you take the utmost care of your intimates. 

Third Step - Drying

After the harness and Neoprene Stabilizer have been cleaned, lay out the Neoprene Stabilizer to dry. It will dry quickly and does NOT need to be put in the dryer. 

Tumble dry your harness or briefs on low and then they are good to go! Don’t forget to clean frequently as these are regularly held against your body and can easily collect fluids, lube, oil, and sweat! 

Then the hardest step of all…

Waiting for them to finish drying so you can throw them on again!  


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