Lube Guide: What Lubrication Should I Use With My Sex Toys?

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Lube Guide: What Lubrication Should I Use With My Sex Toys? 

There are a great many different types of lubrication that you are able to use on yourself and with your favorite sex toys. But how do you choose which one is best for you and your needs?

RodeoH has created a comprehensive guide to assist you on your lubrication search. In the end, it’s important to know that you are the champion of your own body and needs - but we can help to guide you along the way! 


Water-Based Lube - Go For It!


Water-based lubrication can be used with ALL toys, no matter their material. They are easily able to be removed from your skin and toys and don’t leave a tacky residue. Because they are water soluble, they can break down faster and more application may be needed during play.

That being said, they do not break down toys, can easily be washed off, and are great for those who experience allergies or sensitivities that other lubes may not cater to. There are also some water-based lubes that are meant to assist if you experience regular or periodic dryness, and are safe to use daily! 


Silicone Lube - Use With Caution

Silicone lubrication is an incredible tool for self pleasure. It’s not tacky, a little bit goes a long way, it’s not water soluble so it can easily be used in the shower, and it’s even beneficial for chafing anywhere on the body. That being said, many silicone lubes do not pair well with silicone toys! It can deteriorate the surface of your favorite silicone sex toy over time, making it look a little… wonky and then, unusable. 

Silicone lube is an incredible tool for playing with fingers, hard plastic, metal, acrylic, and glass toys. Silicone lubrication CAN cause some problems with TPE/TPR and cyberskin toys, so be conscious of that when choosing which brand and type you'd like to use. 

Hybrid lube is a great way to utilize the long-lasting feel of many silicone lubes, but without having too much silicone concentrate that may react badly with your favorite toys. You are much less likely to experience these issues with silicone toys and other materials when using hybrid vs silicone lube. 

Oil-Based Lube - Use With Caution

It’s important to understand that oils WILL break down latex. They are only safe for condoms made from polyurethane, lambskin, or nitrile. So if you are using a condom with or without toys, you do not want to use an oil-based lubrication during play. Lube that is oil-based should also not be used for oral sex. 

Oil can also degrade the surface of your silicone or latex toys. These types of lubricants are waterproof, so they can be used in the bath or shower and are great for sex outside of sex toy play! 


In Summary: 

100% Safe on ALL toy types : Water-based lube

Safe on Glass, Hard Plastic, Metal, Acrylic : Silicone Lube

Safe on Glass, Hard Plastic, Metal, Acrylic : Oil-based Lube

Don’t be afraid to do spot tests on toys. Grab your favorite and dive on in!