The Difference Between Realistic and Non Realistic Dildos

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The Difference Between Realistic and Non Realistic Dildos

There’s a huge selection of dildos that vary in shapes and sizes - it can be hard to find the perfect one for your needs! Still, there are some incredible benefits to both realistic and non realistic dildos that may assist you in making your decision and finding a toy that’s just what you desire for solo or partnered play.

Whether you’re looking for a certain size, color, design, or purpose - let’s dive in! 

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are toys that are meant to replicate the look and feel of a real penis. They come in a great many shapes and sizes and some are even molded from actual penises. The realistic aspect of these dildos can help assist in gender-affirmation during play or enticing your fantasy while you use them solo or with a partner.

They can come with balls, or without and often come in different skin colors and densities depending on your preference. Beyond that, they can also have realistic (sometimes prominent) veins along the shaft to look as realistic as possible. All of this realism aside, realistic dildos also often come with beneficial perks such as strong suction cup bases for hands-free play or harness use and even vibration.

Realistic dildos also vary in uses. Some are incredibly soft and meant to be used as a packer with accommodating packer underwear for everyday use. Others may be used for both packing and playing with yourself or a partner. There are even realistic dildos that are posable so they can perfectly contour with your body and hold desired positions to enhance pleasure further during masturbation. 

Non Realistic Dildos

Non realistic dildos may still hold the general shape of a real penis, but are not meant to look identical to the body part they represent. Others don’t look anything like a realistic dildo and may look more like abstract designs than a body part. These dildos can come in a great many shapes, colors, and sizes to accommodate different sensations that realistic dildos may not be able to obtain. 

For instance, some non realistic dildos have additional textures, curves, and G or P spot stimulation points that are not often found on a penis. Like realistic didldos, they can also come with suction cup bases and can be harness compatible or even vibrate for further pleasure depending on your pleasure preferences.

It’s quite alright to not have any interest in a realistic design and lean more towards non realistic dildos. All of these products are meant to please YOU, so your needs are taken into account alongside your desired pleasure when these products were created.

No Wrong Answer

In the end, there’s no wrong answer to the type of dildo you may prefer. Whether you’re looking to delve into fantasy or delight in new sensations you or your partner have never indulged in before - there’s a toy that’s ready to assist. You know your body and preferences best and it’s all about what makes you comfortable and what you desire in your collection. Don’t forget the lube!