Traveling With Sex Toys: How to Safely Pack Along Your Toys!

Traveling With Sex Toys: How to Safely Pack Along Your Toys! 

Bringing your sex toys with you on your travels can truly advance your adventures! Whether you’re traveling alone, or with partners, our favorite toys deserve to see the world as well. There are a great many things that should be considered when traveling with toys… Take a look at our comprehensive guide before you pack up!

International Travel Laws

If you are traveling outside the country, it’s important to investigate whether or not sex toys are allowed in that country to avoid potential confiscation at the border. Some countries do NOT allow sex toys and you don’t want to have to get rid of them before you reach your destination.

Thankfully it’s quite easy to see whether or not the country you are traveling to allows such pleasure products. The USDA has a comprehensive list that can be peeked at before you decide what to pack with you. If your sex toys have a huge battery attachment it’s important to check on this as well.

Packing for TSA 

Once you have confirmed that where you are traveling approves of your sex toy ‘plus one’ (or plus ten), it’s time to pack them appropriately for TSA. Whether you’re packing a checked bag or taking a carryon there are a few different ways to ensure your toys remain safe and are easily able to be looked at by TSA without issues.

First - If your sex toy requires batteries, make sure to remove them and place them in a separate clear ziplock back. If it has removable charging cables as well, add them into the bag with the batteries.  

Second - Make sure to use clear ziplock bags to hold your sex toys during travel. You can additionally pack them in toy storage boxes or bags if you’d like - but the clear bags ensure that they are not accidentally touched if you are searched. It makes it clear to TSA what is in the bag without the potential of germs or an uncomfortable situation for either party. It’s for transparency of travel as well as respect for those looking. 


Things Not to Forget 

During travel and once you reach your destination there are a few things to think about that will help make traveling with your sex toys all the better!

First - If you didn’t place your toys in a toy storage box or bag when going through TSA, make sure to pack some with you or transfer them once you reach your destination. You can encounter a lot of germs and bacteria in new locations, especially if your toys are being jostled by travel and once you arrive.

Second - Be sure to pack a toy cleaner with you! If you checked your bag and your toy cleaner is about 3oz, you can clean your toy with a mild soap and warm water once you arrive at your destination. Always clean before and after use to minimize the chances of bacteria living on the surface of your toy. 

Third - If your toy has a travel lock to prevent it from vibrating, don’t forget to turn this on before you travel! This will prevent your bag from vibrating, shaking, and overall providing a free dance to those around you. If a bag is vibrating this may also make you susceptible to a more in-depth search. Your toy manual or the manufacturer’s site should be able to indicate whether or not the toy you packed along with you has a travel lock function.

Ideas for Toys to Bring

Perhaps you don’t have a favorite toy you can’t live without and you are unsure what to bring. Don’t worry, we have some ideas for you! 

First - Are you traveling alone, or with someone you’d like to share the toy with? 

If you’re alone and want to be discreet, consider packing a toy that is relatively quiet or does not have functions that are loud enough to alert those you are traveling with. Some toys are loud enough they can easily be heard through doors! 

Also consider bringing toys that are waterproof so you can enjoy during your private time in the bath or shower! 

Second - If you are traveling with someone, here are some ideas for toys to bring with you aside from your favorite vibes, penetrable, or masturbators you enjoy! 

  • Harnesses to hold your favorite toys if that are compatible. 
  • Sensory play toys such as handcuffs and blindfolds. 
  • Lingerie or your favorite outfits that make you feel sexy! 

Above all else - have fun! Bring your toys and enjoy yourself while you’re delighting in the relaxation and adventure. Happy travels!