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This thing is MASSIVE in girth. Wasn’t expecting it to be so thick … but as a toy it’s incredible. Good feel to it, realistic looking, and my partner loves it!

Otis S.

I love this product. This paired with the boxer brief is absolutely heaven. No fussy straps to deal with. And the fit SO WELL. I was gifted with some thick thighs and the boxer brief worked so well. It was easy to put on, clean, and just really created an amazing experience. This with the boxer brief was my first purchase. Yesterday I just ordered for my 3rd time from RodeoH.


I wanted to stop by and leave a quick tip. Pick up a B-Cush and put a bullet vibe in between the silicone base and the cushion. This was my most recent discovery and oh-my-fu**ing-gawd! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


First, I LOVE this product. The texture is just fantastic and it has a really good hand feel (like really, really good). I was confused on how to use the pack and play function. And decided to just ask the question … Jay created a small tutorial (which I see is now posted here) and OMG I couldn’t be happier. I use the rise boxer harness which has the thicker material coupled with a tighter fitting jean and the shaft stays down nicely. Needless to say, I’m absolutely over the moon. Highly recommended!


Works great for sexual purposes and the suction cup base is very strong, but I could not imagine packing with this! Even with tight underwear, the bulge is pretty massive and doesn’t really work for packing unless you want to look like you have an erection. Although it’s not great for packing, it’s incredibly flexible and easy to clean. It also looks very realistic and it’s compatible with packing boxers, which definitely helped with my dysphoria during sex. Overall 4/5 with 1 point deducted since it’s more for “play” than packing


YES! FINALLY! A real pack and play. So many dicks on the market and they claim that you can pack with them. In my experience, that is absolute BS. The key is to have the shaft actually be able to fold FLAT. And this one does. It has a nice concave cup that allows the balls to rest comfortably in my briefs for daily packing, and then just pull through the oring, hit it, and tuck back in. To clean just take it in the shower. I can’t even explain how ideal this set up. If you are new to packers – just get this one. It does what you need, packs comfortably, and is firm enough to get down and funky – anywhere. 5 golden stars from this happy boy!


I have wanted to order one of these “realistic” sex toys for a while, but it just never felt worth it. Boy, was I wrong!! Right out of the package, it was apparent the quality of the toy. IT LOOKS REAL! I had my SO place it in their pants with the fly open. You would have never known it wasn’t real. The suction cup, which is really just the “fleshy” base of the scrotum, is very strong and sticks to almost anything that is flat. You can feel every vein and it bends with your body. 100% highly recommended!


Let me start by saying this is the 4th “realistic” dildo I have purchased and I hope its my last because I love it! It has a realistic look just as pictured where others are lacking. I was worried about the suction base but it even sticks on my textured wall and doesn’t come off until I break the seal. Perfect for the side of the tub or toilet lid. This one is the perfect length and when you slide all the way on it the balls feel so good to grind against. I like to submerge this in warm water for a few mins before play time, a little lube and OMG best toy I own! Love love love it!!!


I have several of these but this is the most realistic one. It is also different in that there is a bend to it which makes it look very natural for a 3/4 erection. This is a fantastic replica and feels just like the real thing. It’s definitely one of my pack n’ play go-tos. It folds flat and the bulge is very reasonable.


So realistic! It looks so life like it even has a slight curve off to one side like real ones. It’s bendy but still sturdy. The size and shape is perfect. Super easy to clean and gets the job done. Would recommend to anyone!


This dildo is made of a cool material that feels wonderful against my skin. I really enjoy it and it is great for beginners. The suction is strong as well, and it is hyper realistic. You can’t beat the material!


Unlike some other dual density silicone toys, this one has a smooth silky surface that isn’t a lint magnet. Nice and soft squishy outer layer and head, with a core firm enough for easy penetration. Very nice paint job, the color choices were good. The base does indeed work as a suction cup (works better wet)!


Item is very realistic in appearance. A little smaller than I’d prefer but I bought as a Ftm pack and play so I’m sure the smaller length will make it easier for packing. I would love to see this exact same model a couple inches longer though!


Good sized adult toy. Made of quality silicone, it feels very real. The base also doubles as a suction cup which is good if you want to mount it on the wall or floor. It is a bit expensive however once you receive it you will appreciate the quality.


Showed up quickly with a nice packaging, I have the realistic flex and can I just say I really appreciate the variation between all the models. This one is thicker then the other one I have but the shape is so very lovely and the dual density feels great. Make sure you wash it when it first shows with some warm water and soap. I love the realistic texture as well, it also holds heat fairly well if you run it under warm water! 10/10 definitely ordering more models as they release.

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