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( Model wears: Size 3X (52-55) | Photo submission by Ryan - Oakland, California )

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I ordered two pies of 6” boxers and they are FANTASTIC! They fit so well I just ordered 3 more pairs and don’t think I’ll ever order from anywhere else. The fabric is so comfortable and seems made really well and the fit is literally perfect. I’m a smaller person so I was a little worried but couldn’t ask for a better fit. Can’t wait for new patterns to come available!


Customer Service is just outstanding. First, I had to double-check the address as the little map on the checkout screen and the actual address differed. JR confirmed it was going to the correct location (which it did!). Then, I realised I made a mistake with my order. JR was able to fix the error swiftly and same-day just before it was shipped. My order literally arrived a day after and I have no regrets. I have recommended it to family/friends and will be coming back for necessities!


I’m a mature trans guy, I have been struggling for 20 years to find comfortable underwear that look masculine but still keep in mind my parts don’t include that extra “bulge” to fill out mens underwear. I have been living with the extra fabric bunching up in the front, which to me, accentuated what I did not have (when not packing). After finding your web site, ordering with trepidation then receiving a really great fitting pair of underwear, I am elated! I’m shouting from the roof tops and advertising your products in all my groups on line. Finally, I feel sexy in underwear when I am not packing! Great Job RodeoH!!! If you can keep some material designs masculine, I’ll keep buying and referring!


Awesome products. My wife and I bought a few pairs of the boxer briefs for me to wear and they’re perfect. I feel hot wearing them, they feel completely natural in use, and seeing the amount of pleasure on my wife’s face is priceless. Thank you RodeoH for making such great products. Going to buy more pairs right now!


RodeoH is unparalleled. Thanks so much again.


Keep up the awesome work and thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating awesome items for guys like me!


Thank you guys so much you are all amazing!


I just wanted to say how amazing your products are. I’m a trans man and your brilliant designs make a huge difference in my life. Thank you so so much.


Love your company and your products, thank you for the above and beyond customer service!!


It’s difficult to find products for masculine lesbians but this website has the largest selection i have ever seen!


Your customer service is amazing! I work in customer support and have to say, you guys rock. Thanks for the help, my package is out for delivery and I’ll have a chance to surprise my friend with it soon. Much, much appreciated!


I’ve bought many things from here I love Rodeoh!


Love the selections of stuff. But EVERYONE loves the sales and sizes go super fast. Website is excellent and earning points is sick! Rodeoh is definitely my fave place to shop for ftm wear! Delivery is super fast too! Love you guys!


I always love coming here. RodeoH has the comfiest underwear for me and helps carry my packer the easiest with the FTM gear.


No puedo expresar lo que quiero decirles en inglés porque no domino el idioma pero quería decirles: Desde hace unos años, cuando yo vivia en Venezuela los sigo, admito su marca porque soy una persona no binaria y para mi sus productos son increíbles. Hace poco que me mudé a Argentina pude comprar algunas cosas y la verdad es un encanto! Mis felicitaciones por tan buen trabajo y por hacer las cosas tan bien hechas. Les admiro un montón y les deseo siempre el mayor éxito del mundo!


I was helped by ‘J’ they were super informative, quick to respond and had great personal advise on product preferences. Some of the best customer service I’ve ever had! :)


Your products have helped me begin to transform my life into its fullest potential. I’m so grateful to have discovered Rodeoh and am grateful for all that you do.


I’m FTM and it is the best site i found for harnesses and accessories thx!


I love how there seemed to be a little bit of everything for everyone


So i can not possibly express what find this company has done for my mental health. I feel exponentially whole and excited every time I order something. Whoever needs a thank you, THANK YOU!


So happy to have found your company 🤗 all the selections of things you offer 🙌!


I love rodeoh merch very much. I have used some of your supplies before and it has really really helped me with my dysphoria.Thank you for making great quality stuff for FTM , non binary AFAB people.- a trans non binary person from India.


I’ve been really wanting to let your company know that these boxers and the matching briefs with my packer have been the most euphoric undergarments I have ever owned. I’m definitely ordering more soon. I definitely will always recommend RodeoH to anyone looking for ftm items. Thank you so much for providing me with such confidence in my life!


Thank you for everything. This experience was first class.


I love the fit and looks I get when wearing your HOT SHOT underwear. They are so comfortable and the fit is exactly right, so just ordered 3 more on close out sale!


I wanted to thank you guys so much for all your help in sizing and quality. Your customer service has been amazing. I will be back.


Thank you for your excellent customer service and being such a great queer resource.


You guys do means the world to me and MANY others without a doubt! I just want to thank you guys, let you know how appreciated and how much of an impact what you guys make, do, and create, has on many of our lives. I’m a trans man and for me your products made me feel so much more comfortable in life and my body and relationship. So truly…thank you<3


Great variety of trans products! Bought from here before and the quality is phenomenal!


I’m super exited to bring rodeoH closer to my friends from Chile and Argentina! (i made a few group orders)!


Products are life changing. Never turned back.


Thank you! These boxer harnesses are awesome. I also have a soft packer from you guys that has done so much for my confidence over the past few years. You rock!


I love you guys!


I just wanted to give u guys kudos for what u do. I couldn’t find a way to write a public review but you definitely deserve a well written one. I prefer your products over anyone else. Headed to make another purchase yet again.


I love this sight. 100/10 great experiences with every single purchase. This is the only sight I use for any sexual items and lingerie. I’m a lesbian and so when I first had to chose a item for the bedroom I did tons of research and Silicone was the best thing to have inserted in the body. It’s better quality in maintaining a healthy PH balance for females. I’m super delighted that the products on this website contain this kind of material and are very detailed in what it is made of and description of its use. The sight is very professional and has a wide variety to chose from. From non realistic colors and shapes to very detailed colors and shapes in realistic form, you can surely find what you desire on this sight.


Where do I even start?? The customer service is immaculate 🔥, the harnesses are comfy, easy to clean, shape for you, they don’t hurt even a bit. I’m from Quebec and I had to return one of my boxer because I didn’t chose the right size so I write to them and 20 minutes later I had a answer. I mean, that’s real speed right there. They ask me what the problem was and suggest me a freaking good solution. I don’t even know what to say, IT’S THAT GREAT!! It’s the second time that I buy something from them and GOD I WONT GO BACK TO ANYTHING ELSE!! ✨😊 I currently have the 2.0 rise boxer and it fit perfectly. I’m so grateful ☺️


First time shopper. I like the descriptions to help me understand what’s best for me especially the sizing guide tips/advice you have presented here. Love the site. Thanks!


All around love shopping from here. Great customer support and the website is easy to get around, not to mention the product. I wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else.


Always reliable and great service & products!


Always have the best customer service! I recommend your company to all my friends! You guys rock!!! My wife and I are customers for life!


Thank you so much I love it Lol First packer ever feels really good will be buying from you guys more🖤😭


Thank you for such amazing products. You’ve literally changed my life. 💕


Hello! I just wanted to thank you guys for your line of products for people who want to pack. As a trans guy, it gives me so much euphoria to be able to have these awesome boxers. Thank you so much!


Wow you really deserve a appreciation day from your customers. You have been making dreams come true for years. Before I transitioned my harness always came from rodeoh. So to be able to transition and still be able to buy your products. Can’t ask for a better line. You grew with me , transitioned with me and I appreciate you . Yes little ole me all the way in NY.


I just bought my third harness, and I’m a big fan. Thank you for being queer fam, even in a capitalist world. Seriously, so much love for RodeoH and the ways it makes my sex/life better.


I need a little more color in my life… 😂😂😂 you guys are seriously the best!!!! I can’t stop buying


Hi! I love you guys, I’ve been using your harnesses for almost 4 years now and currently waiting on an order and I’m so excited! Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!!


I was a little skeptical at first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel being in the dominant position. But now that we’ve tried a few positions, I think I have found my new kink. We’ve used it every Day since we got our toy and I’m excited to figure out what else we like doing together. Great fabric for the underwear, comfortable and fits to size being a curvy woman. definitely will be coming back for more purchases.


Oh yah! You people are the best!! Thank you so much for all of the care and attention! I have NEVER had such great customer service. You have earned a customer for life!

Jennifer B.

Your shoppe has made gender exploration so much more comfortable for me and fun for my partner. Really appreciate you.


Also just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love you guys and tell anyone I can. Been using you guys for about 6-7 years and still have products from back then. Your quality is spectacular. This is the first time I have reached out for customer service and you guys are as spectacular as your products. Thank you so much for everything


Just to say thank you for doing what you do. I purchased one of your original harnesses/underwear back , well must have been nearly a decade ago now and it was a game changer as a younger gay girl ! All that was avail at the time was the old fashioned bondage type contraptions which were awful to look at !! There was a group of us all in our 20s post university days , still hitting the pubs and clubs and your product was very much talked about and recommended! It’s great to see your company is still going and expanding with high quality products.


Customer care here is absolutely amazing.


I cannot say enough good things about this company of their products!!! Costumer service couldn’t have been better. I messed up my order not once but twice, and they were so helpful and accommodating. The harness fits so snug and secure, while being incredibly comfortable. The 6 in Ultimate was well worth the price. My partner and I are brand new at this, but we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Can’t wait to buy more top quality products from such a supportive and affirming company 💖💖💖


I am a new ftm trans and this website helped get me what I need to take the next step. Thank you!


Underwear fit perfect and are super soft and comfortable 💖


Easy to deal with and str8 to the point and head on what I was looking for 😉!


Loved the customer service! So nice to have the chance to talk about my recent purchase!


Amazing quality!


Found you all on Buzzfeed! Excited to become a long time customer :)


Shipping was unbelievably fast. We needed some help and assurance on the size after measuring and customer service asked a few follow up questions and suggested the size we needed which was a size above what I was thinking. Our items arrived in half the estimated shipping time and the recommendations were perfect. The fit was spot on and the Duo accomplished exactly what we were trying to achieve in our play session.


The speedy response and help from the text support team, in helping me choose the product I need!


This site is my new favorite – love the inclusive nature, FTM offerings, etc. Bravo!!!


Thank you very much for the information provided
I’m very impressed


My girlfriend and I bought some boxers/harness and what we call my dick from your website. I feel so comfortable, I’ve had strap ons and harnesses before but never as boxers and I have never felt so much like myself. My girlfriend as well loves it just as much as I do! Thank you so much for what you all do, I am so thankful for this company. Wow I’m crying from writing that, you seriously don’t understand how grateful I am for your company. I’ve never felt more like myself until now.


OMG! My GF and I have tried a few options prior to RodeoH and have always been slightly disappointed with the lack of control. RodeoH offers that control and it has been a blast!


Can’t wait to try out my first strap and harness, looks like one hell of a good time!


Love everything about the site , wide selections , thank you for supporting & helping people like me feel whole.


I’ve never seen so much selection for packers and strap ons it makes me so happy. I guarantee I’ll spend more money on this site very soon.


Just received my purchase in the mail, first pair of packing briefs ever, and I’m really impressed with the fit and comfort! I made it a three pack and added a Mr. Limpy X-Small as a second packer (I have a ReelMagic already), I also got a size larger than I usually wear and they fit perfectly! The briefs are soft comfortable cotton, the Limpy Packer is softer and more subtle than the RM, so it will be great for wearing around the house and for snugger fitting pants, and it’s more comfortable with the pocket to hold my packer so my confidence has just skyrocketed. Thanks Rodeo, I’ll be back!


As always, generational plague or no, the best damn sex-toy-lifestyle-get-it-on site on the web!

❤️EM ❤️

Just wanted to let you guys know I absolutely love love love my new boxers you guys sent me! I only buy my boxers from you guys! ❤️ I always feel like a brand new man every time my boxers arrive. 😊 also sent you guys some pics on instagram in 3 different pairs I bought from you guys and sent you a another pic of my fitness progress from the week of my top surgery to now and your boxers give me that confidence! ❤️😍 I love you guys so much!


We got everything we wanted in one stop. My wife and I order separate so it’s a surprise and I can’t wait to see what she bought!!!


Follow through with shipping and prompt arrival times


The best customer support I have ever received. I texted rodeoH with a problem while buying my first harness, turns out it was user error and they rectified the situation ASAP. They replied to me immediately even though I would reply after 30 mins to 2hrs due to me working. Excellent service, definitely will be purchasing from this company again.


I wish you could leave reviews on specific items because I don’t know if every shopper is going to see this group review page! I don’t usually leave reviews for things, but I wanted to RAVE about these. I want to cry, they are seriously life changing. I am in actual shock at how well they fit and how comfortable they are. I got the BLACK BIKER+ HARNESS combo, and it is SO GOOD. I followed the sizing chart exactly, and they fit perfectly. I was worried I should size down, but they definitely run true to the size chart. I also bought the Sili Saddle to help with chafing, and it really does help and is VERY comfortable.


Thank you so much you guys are freaking awesome and definitely referring people to you guys, the customer service is phenomenal reply’s better then every company in total and can’t wait to get you guys product! 👏🏾


Rodeoh has awesome customer service (thanks, J!) and their products are comfortable and long lasting. I LOVE the new truhk briefs. They are so soft and the packing placement is perfection. Rodeoh’s plus size options are wonderful too! My femme wife loves rocking their longer legs boxers under dresses for extra chafing help in the summer time.


This company always puts the customers first. I thought my package might have been lost and I sent rodeoH an email and got a response within minutes. They were friendly and supportive and followed up on the issue straight away. I bought a pair of harness boxers in the past from rodeoH and they were the comfiest I have worn, their product is soft and amazing quality. Customer service makes a huge difference and they are nailing it, I’m definitely going to be a regular customer.


This company cares way more about the customer than many these days. I placed an order and was trying to get something for when my girlfriend was in town we don’t get to see eachother often. I didn’t pay attention to the shipping portion and messaged to see if I could change it after placing the order. I got a response so fast and was able to sort it out within minutes!!! I am a plus size girl and this is a new venture for me no question was left unanswered and customer service was a delight. 10 stars and I just placed my order !!! RodeoH has a customer for life here 😊


You guys always ship fast and the products are great! If I have ever had any questions or concerns you guys are there to answering anything we send you! My girlfriend and I only order from you guys! Keep up the awesome job 😁


Got a recommendation to check this out, so glad i did; kudos chef’s kiss


I bought the grey rodeoh briefs and I loved them . Fits perfect and was actually what I wanted. Cute packaging as well.


I bought my first stp packer from RodeoH after using a Mr Limpy for about 9 months. The realistic stp was by far the cheapest on the market and it had some excellent reviews so I thought I’d give it a go. I messaged RodeoH on Instagram to ask about which shade would be the best for me, and they were so so helpful in describing the differences between the shades and also the types of boxers and harnesses I should try while using the stp. I encountered some issues which I didnt know if it was me or the harness i was using (i bought a cheap one from the uk as I didnt want to pay more import tax) and they offered so much help, asking questions about the style I prefer I.e. briefs or boxers, the direction I tuck the shaft and how I can make positioning the packer look more “normal”. Their customer service is second to none, such a humble company which stays connected and committed to its customer base and roots. Very very happy with RodeoH, keep up with the good work its fantastic😊


This is my first packer/first packing boxers i’ve ever purchased. I’m very much looking forward to receiving them and trying them out. The site was super easy to navigate and the product selection was perfect. Will definitely be making more purchases in the future.


Love the selection and love the details on the products!


Hello, I am not sure if this is the right way to do this, but I would like to commend and thank the level of discretion Rodeoh provides in its purchases, from the packages received to the names in bank statements. Truly a discreet way to receive high quality merchandise from reputable sellers in a market polluted with scammers. I’ll definitely recommend Rodeoh to all of my friends!


Excellent! RodeOH changed the harness game forever! RodeOH for life!


This company is awesome great product and super fast shipping!


You have an awesome variety of products! Also being able to find quality items on sale Is an important factor for me and you all do a good job of making it varied and available.


Thank you so much!!! Been using rodeoh for 3 years going on 4 and I’m loving it so much! Thank you very much!


Shipment arrived early! Love the high quality products and size ranges!


My girlfriend and I love everything about your site!


As I’m writing this review, I have not yet received my product- BUT, I have ordered from Rodeoh before and y’all are the bomb(dot)com!


Keep up the great work ! I will be ordering the 3rd generation stp soon and i will continue to order my ftm supplies through you to help support your company :-) you are so very nice and helpful and I love your customer support. Ordering from you is always a joy and I want to also commend you on your quick shipping too. A lot of times the ship notification comes through just an hour or two after i ordered and i’m always saying to myself this company is awesome … Thanks again !


There are actually harnesses for my curvy frame. You guys rock!!!


Love your underwear! I brought a bunch of your regular briefs two years ago and they are like new. Just placed another order for the new styles, can’t wait to get them. Keep up the good work champions


Amazing customer service from the amazing shipping person!


Always user friendly and easy to buy your high quality products that have changed my life and intimate moments with my wife…


You guys rock! In our world…your kit is essential, your harnesses save our lives! They are a seriously comfortable piece of kit, and seriously sexy! I absolutely love them…I ditched all other harrnesses formy rodeohs!!! Serious love and thanks for my good times!! ♥️

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