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I had this Stp for the past few months and I absolutely love it! So easy to use it has changed my life thank you so much!


I’ve tried a few other stps and this is by far the easiest one I’ve ever used. The Tommy is very soft, looks great, feels natural and works like a charm. And, a big thank you to the customer service, absolute stellar experience. Not only would I would highly recommend, I just have mad respect and so much love for everything you guys do. The one stop shop definitely makes my life sooooo much easier.


It works. Tried it a couple times and loved it. Definitely need to hold it in the right place. To be truthful first time was a mess and thank goodness I was in the shower!


Due to all the positive reviews I am buying this STP but I bought another one from Rodeo (the 4.5” STP Realistic combo with boxers) and it works good too I always like to have options and not wear same one everyday.


Bought the tommy 4-1 stp also with the truk briefs. Great stp I was able to pee with it on my first try with no spills no problems. That’s good cause I tried a different stp and I pissed myself several times. The shaft is shorter than I thought but that’s ok I will only use this as an stp. Glad I don’t have to waste anymore money trying to find a good one. It is worth paying the 99$ for it. I’m just waiting on the stp jock strap to be in stock. I was told using one will keep it in place so you can just go with no problems. Overall if you looking for the right stp just get this one bro.


Absolute best gear I ever bought! Better than the three more expensive ones, I have tried. It fits great, and doesn’t feel bulky. It is a little bit sticky, so it stays in place, though you have to powder it on the outside.


This is probably my seventh stp. I’ve literally feel like sometimes I’ve just lost all hope. I’m beginning to think I’m just meant to have a girly part. Well, maybe it’s meant to be, but it can’t possibly be so here I am yet again giving this another shot . I’ve had I believe two others from RodeoH which I absolutely love, but I just can’t get the aim, fire and in the pot straight. Instead it’s just an epic fail. Customer service and delivery is always awesome and quality is just as good. I’m going to give this one a shot. I’ve tried the sling shot, briefs and boxers with the little like kangaroo pouch. Anyhow, I prefer something like the sling shot so it’s right up against me at all times so I’m actually waiting on the stp sport jock. Hoping this will do the trick. Either way I’m likely going to keep trying. Bottom line is it’s good quality, customer service is good. I just have very little patience. Love the squishy feeling and I’m in love the bulge. Perfect size and I’m always messing with my junk. I don’t know that having an erection rod would be beneficial when have intercourse, but I think it would be a good size for some other sexual activity. I’ll be sure to return in about a month with an update. RodeoH is the only way.


So I ordered a Tommy Tommy pack n play! This is genuinely one of the most comfortable packers I’ve owned and I really appreciate the firmness and realistic quality that comes with it my old packers balls were a little smaller which I didnt like all that much and it was suuuuper soft too (I think it might have been like a mr limpy for my first packer), so I wasn’t the biggest on the quality of that one, it’s just fine as a first time packer but theres a notable difference in quality of supply used! the sizes and the variety of colors you guys produce is absolutely incredible! The shaping and fit of this packer is one of the most gender affirming that I’ve ever seen or personally felt! really great job pals!!


It took me a minute to get use to the bulge, but i can barely tell it’s there now. Excellent cup for the STP. I especially love that you pinch the head for it to stream. VERY NATURAL LOOKING. I have had so many complaints.


This is the 3rd STP I’ve tried and I finally found one that works for me! To cut to the chase, I have a big butt for a guy. (Testosterone changed my body from head to toe but it couldn’t defeat the butt). I had come to the conclusion that my butt/thighs were what was causing me so much trouble with spilling/leaking. The Tommy’s rear tab stopped it completely. I couldn’t believe it only took a couple of tries before I nailed the form and function with no spills. I honestly couldn’t believe it. So those of you who have “a little more behind you” or might even be a little chubbier than others, please give this STP a try.


I truly appreciate the work in creating an easy to use and affordable STP. This is by far the comfiest STP I’ve tried to pack with. You can wear this all day without chafing to bits and the lighter weight means it doesn’t sag in your boxers even without a harness. It fits to your body curvature and almost suctions in place. I’ve never leak at all using this, even with my natural anatomy sitting pretty far back. The only downside I would say is that I’ve seen more realistic looking packers. However, it would pass just fine at a urinal, and I’d much rather have the comfort and price of this than the very expensive hard bulk of others.


It’s worth the hype! This is my first stp every and at first I was super excited about it and how it would pack. But when I got it— it was better than I could have imagined. The triangle piece makes it easier to adhere the stp to your body without a harness. The cup is big enough and the look and feel of it is phenomenal. I did have to get use to peeing in something but I’m getting better so other than that, I would 1000% recommend as your first stp/packer.


Amazing product!! This is my second STP I’ve bought and I absolutely love it!! I can actually pack with it and pee without spilling everywhere. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.


It’s amazing im really loving my STP. It’s so comfortable when I sit down n as for the bathroom use its amazing!


I believe that—for the price—this is going to be the best STP for a semi-budget. Everytime I wear it I am euphoric. It’s a pretty big bulge if your not tall and you put it all in a pouch; but if you wear it with your anatomy 😙👌🏻. You just have to pull out the shaft and go. The bulge looks perfect that way, and it might be TMI but I love to grab the balls. I cannot be happier with my purchase.


All in all? I have no serious complaints about it. It’s comfortable to wear, it feels very natural with perfect density. It isn’t too small but not so big that it packs unnaturally. You’ll find yourself sitting and walking different if this is new to you to accommodate your new package. You actually FEEL it. It passes the “squeeze test”. With accurate aim, you can pee freely. I still stop and go to be on the safe side but if you align it perfectly to yourself, you basically urinate right into the hole. I highly recommend giving this product a shot.


By far the easiest STP I’ve used so far. The shipping was extremely quick, and the customer service was beyond excellent. From browsing, to ordering, to receiving, the entire process was hassle free. Would highly recommend!


Great! This is my first stp and I’m a bit on the bigger side of the weight spectrum and this has worked quite well for me with some accidental spills but all is good. Hope to get the packer soon!


Seriously the best stp I’ve used so far. Great if you’re on a budget. Definitely will be getting more. Y’all are amazing!!


Love it! Feels great , fits perfect , easy to use too !!!


I just received my package it’s absolutely perfect and works well there is a small but of leakage but nothing bad about it, would buy more products!!! 💖💖


The design and texture is the best i’ve personally used so far, I wouldn’t mind more length but as is is perfect for my small frame. and the tuck tab is my favorite feature. past stps caused me many accidents because of the lack of tuck tabs but this stp truly prevents spills and leaks. I will definitely purchase again!

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