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TRUHK Black Boxer - Black Boxer STP/PACKING Underwear (3-Pack Available).

TRUHK Dark Gray Boxer - Dark Gray Boxer STP/PACKING Underwear (3-Pack Available). 

TRUHK Light Gray Boxer - Light Gray Boxer STP/PACKING Underwear (3-Pack Available)

TRUHK Black Brief - Black Boxer STP/PACKING Underwear.

TRUHK Dark Gray Brief - Dark Gray Brief STP/PACKING Underwear. 

TRUHK Light Gray Brief - Light Gray Brief STP/PACKING Underwear. 

TRUHK Boxer/STP (Package Deal) - Black Boxer + 1 Realistic STP. 

TRUHK Brief/STP (Package Deal) - Brief + 1 Realistic STP (By Request). 




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I use a 4in1 ..the shaft of my prosthetic is around 6-6.5” …and I work out everyday in a not super lgbtq+ friendly environment, so my boxers get a lot of use and washed often which I’m sure wears them down faster than most others. I’ve been searching for boxers that have a flycrotch or flap that can be used for stp that is also large enough to hold my prosthetic but the button flys didn’t work for that so something lightweight yet sturdy is important as I haven’t found any comfortable harnesses or straps thus far …then I found the truhk brief … it’s amazing! I got them yesterday, and seriously a game changer! 


I really like these underwear. They surprisingly keep my packer in place, no matter which one because of the extra flaps. Good quality, too. Glad I found you. Keep them in stock, folks; I want some more!


I am writing to let you know that my order has finally arrived! My new underwear is beautiful! Thank you so much for making this product! You are a real contribution to the trans community. Thank you!


I’ve typically been a harness guy as I found packing underwear to be fairly expensive when you need to buy a few pairs, and if you’re not sure a brand will work for you. However, Rodeoh (and Truhk) make such good packing underwear that not only replicate a natural bulge, but they’re also extremely comfortable to wear. The multiple panels make sure it’s secure and not only limits the risk of the prosthetic falling out, but there’s very little re-adjustment needed with an STP when relieving yourself.


I ordered a pair of Truhk boxers and a 3-pack of your regular 6-in boxers – all have been FANTASTIC and made me feel so good and confident about myself! Gender dysphoria WHO? Thanks for having such a great shop that helps out people like me. <3


Wow!!! My order just arrived and well yeah I had to shower and try on my new packing briefs!!! The fit is perfect! I wear a 34 waist so I ordered the medium! The fabric feels like I have nothing on and Mr.Limpy is sitting in place perfectly! I’m ordering more ASAP!! Thank you!


Wow oh my god, I mean I don’t have enough words to say how comfortable they are and right off the bat they’re just everything I could ask for, everything I need for packing with comfort. For anyone struggling to find underwear and pack comfortably without worrying if your packer/stp will fall out man these are the ones and they hold everything nice and also away from my skin its just perfect


Picked up the brief/stp set, and they actually perform VERY well together. Surprised by the quality, actually, wasn’t expecting something so nice. The stp sits very close to the body, and the longer shaft helps prevent … accidents. Been around the block and have tried many an item, spillage is real. The brief is soft and stretchy so removing & tucking the shaft is easy and the fabric is layered in the front which is necessary. The price makes this set a no-brainer. A very happy customer. Would recommend.


I would wear these everyday, but I only have 1 pair. Will be back for more.


They are beyond the most comfy boxer briefs, especially for packing I’ve ever worn.


You all completely nailed it with the Truhk boxer briefs. These are so comfortable and true to size. I initially bought one pair to try them and i’m definitely buying more once i’m off work. These are going to replace my normal brands without a doubt. They also hold my gen 2 perfectly. Easily the best ones i’ve ever owned.


Just picked up the rogue and the truhk brief. Solid combination! Some quick details ~ 5’6, 140lbs. I could probably go with a medium but like the snug fit of the small ….keeps the junk close so there is no jiggling around … which can bug. Briefs are on point … 3pak would be nice!


Living in the dorm and trying to be stealth is just a pain. Every time I would go to do laundry I had to make an extra effort to hide my boxers or I just wouldn’t leave my laundry unattended. People are snoppy AF. These look like men’s underwear … it really eliminates the anxiety and they feel good, keeps my packer where it should be. If you work out a lot, load up on the briefs. Worth it.

Cheslea 🖤

I had to hop on and write something real quick. I bought these for my SO. Lately, he has been looking rather frumpy in his cotton skivies, suffering from a terrible case of baggy butt (I hated it). These are soft, well made, and really cling well to his curves … AND plenty of room for his big thighs. I went through and cleansed his drawer (purged really). It would be great if you can make a jock in the same style (less for him, more for me … grabbing potential if you catch my drift). You guys really made my year. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


Amazing products! I bought an oops stp/packer and it really has minor problems. The stream is great and it fits perfectly. My first stp and it’s definitely destroyed my bottom dysphoria! Thank you rodeoh!💙💙💙💙

Sam A.

First, i’m very impressed. I’ve been around the block and finding things that work together is just painful. So, I decided to pick up the package deal which included the truhk boxer and stp. And I was so surprised! The quality is on point. The longer shaft on the stp is awesome for preventing back flow, the painted color is great, the stp feels hardy, and the boxers are soft and fit comfortably around my larger legs. My only problem was managing the shaft length. It’s longer then most of my other stps and I needed a more supportive option. I emailed and asked for recommendations. And J sent me a pic of the same stp tucked in the truhk brief. That’s when decided to give the brief a go. Big difference! BIG! I was able to tuck the shaft comfortably down and felt secure against my body – as a smaller dude, I wanted to keep the bulge minimal, and the brief did the trick. I can’t say enough about the products, the service, or the simple fact that I can buy stuff that works together. Thanks guys! Keep doing what you are doing!

Ethaniel Cepeda

I have been using RodeoH underwear for a couple years now. I use the Mr. Limpy packers. It’s squishy about 5 inches. The truhk boxers are by far the most comfortable boxers I’ve worn for packing! The material is very soft on the skin, stretches and my packer sits perfectly. Highly recommend 100%!!!! Will not be disappointed!


I’m rocking the natural FreeTom prosthetic 4 in 1 stp. Fits super comfy! These were actually recommended and they are comfy as hell!


I just washed and dried my truhks and they are still comfortable and soft. Keep doing what you are doing! I’m def going to get another pair.


They fit great, the bamboo is heavenly.


For me these will always be my first choice in packing underwear 🙏🏼 I am a slender gentleman and find it difficult at times to get a ‘tight’ fit. Their underwear has offered full support over the years, keeping everything in place at all times (ain’t no one want their dick popping out their pants mid thrust and rolling on the floor, mood killer for me 😅🤦🏻‍♂️). Having the security that nothing is going to fall off/out elevates much of my bottom dysphoria in and out the bedroom, I am very thankful to them for that 🖤


Had to try the new TRUHKS packing underwear. They get all thumbs up for this incredibly comfortable underwear! Who knew bamboo could feel this soft.


Hands down the most comfortable pair i’ve ever worn. Looking forward to expanding my collection.


Big thank you for these sexy new trans-friendly boxer-briefs. They have a front pocket for your packer and an O-ring behind the fly for other fun objects that trans dudes put in their underpants.


Not only does the pair of STP underwear I bought fit like a soft, cozy dream.. but it also arrived faster than anything I’ve ever ordered in the history of my life when it comes to ordering things. Thank you guys so much for consistently delivering me products that exceed my expectations, I couldn’t be more grateful that you’re in business.


Confidence you can feeI … can’t get over how comfortable this bamboo blend is. You will not be disappointed!


For any fellow trans men /LGBTQ+ friends who are transitioning over to a minimal lifestyle like myself, owning less that provides more is essential. I can honestly say, I’m super pleased with this addition. My new pair of underwear are a great addition to my wardrobe and carries my worries so I don’t have to while I’m on the go. Did I mention, they’re super soft! A must have.

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