Black Boxer+ Harness and Dildo (PACKAGE DEAL)

Dildo Color
Violet Pearlescent
Steel Pearlescent
Black Pearlescent
Dildo Length

Black Boxer+ Harness and Dildo (PACKAGE DEAL)

Our original boxer harness has been UPDATED! The Black Boxer+ Harness is comfortable and stylish. Fashioned like a pair of boxer briefs, this fitted harness removes the need for complicated straps and buckles, and is newly designed with multiple layers of fabric and vibe pockets in all the right places! 

The unisex Black Boxer+ Harness features a 1.5" band and has a smaller O-ring for those using smaller dildos. It's 1.5” diameter O-ring can be used with any dildo that has a 1.5” diameter or less.

Package Includes: Choice of Silicone Dildo (5.25" shaft length x 1.5" diameter) in Pearl, Purple or Black.

Or choose a 7" shaft length for $10 more!

Add a Neoprene Stabilizer for extra stability, control, and to use this harness with smaller toys.

    - 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
    - Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.