Fuze - Foreman

Fuze Peach
Fuze Caramel

The FOREMAN, is uncircumcised, with the foreskin slightly pulled back to expose the beautifully rounded head underneath. 

This realistic dildo is made of the Fuze 10 ultimate medical grade silicone giving it a wonderful flexibility, with just the right amount of "squeeze-ability." 

The secret of the Fuze dildos is the unique, ergonomic, ridged base; essentially creating two toys in one!

Every Fuze toy is vibe compatible, so vibrations spread equally across the base and through the shaft. Vibrations are shared between both users, along the shaft and through the stimulating pad to the harness wearer (vibe not included).

Dimensions:  6” insertable length x 1 ⅜” diameter

*We recommend this model with our 1.5" O-ring diameter harnesses and a neoprene stabilizer. See harness features for O-ring sizes.