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11 Sexy Conversation Starters

By Ellen Klein

Modern Love: Tips For Communicating With Your Partner (PART 2) Reading 11 Sexy Conversation Starters 6 minutes

By Ellen Klein

Here is our list of 11 sexy conversation starters to light a fire.

“What Is Your Favorite Part Of My Body?”

Who doesn’t like a compliment? A feel-good exchange about each other’s bodies is the perfect primer to a satisfying sexual encounter. It will certainly turn you both on and create more heat between the sheets.

This question is also a subtle way to introduce more risqué topics.

“It Really Turns Me On When You…”

More compliments! After all, seduction is about making your lover feel good around you. Sharing the ways they turn you on also helps them give you more of what you like and creates a steamy mental image of the last time they did it.

This turn-on doesn’t even have to be explicitly sexual, either. For example: “It really turns me on when you bite your lower lip.” Tell your lover how this turn-on makes you feel and what it makes you want to do to/with them.

“Remember That Time When…”

Describe what you did to them and what they did to you (and how it made you feel) in slow, sensual detail. This little stroll down memory lane will soon have the two of you wanting to do it all over again.

“I’ve Always Wanted To Try…”

You can also phrase this as a question about their hidden desires. Together, you can explore the bounds of your as-yet unsatisfied urges. Plus, the idea of doing something sexual with someone for the first time (for both or either of you) is a super turn-on.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll discover that your lover has also secretly wanted to try sex toys, anal play, or some other kind of kink.

“Be Naked When I Get There”

Your dirty talk can even start before you’re within hearing distance of each other. A text or a phone call to plant the idea of sex in advance of a date will get both of your juices flowing. You could also try the inverse: “I’ll be naked when you get home” or any other suggestive message you know will turn them on.

Epic sex incoming!

“When I’m Alone, I Fantasize About You”

Tell your lover about the fantasy activities you imagine doing with them when you’re having your own private sexy time. They’ll love the idea of you pleasuring yourself with them on your mind!

Sharing the details of your juicy fantasies will certainly stir up their imaginations… and their desire to join in the fantasy.

“How Do You Want Me?”

Simply asking your lover what sexual acts they want to perform with you is always a crowd-pleaser. It tells them that their pleasure matters to you, and it helps them feel free to ask for what they want.

Ask this question a few hours in advance of when you’ll next be alone together, and they’ll be able to think of nothing else but ripping your clothes off the first chance they get.

“I Got You This…”

Perhaps you and your lover have been dancing around the subject of bringing a little bondage into the bedroom for a while. You won’t have to say much more after you slip a set of furry handcuffs into their hands.

For something a bit tamer, you could get them some sexy underwear and tell them how hot they’d look in them.

“A Little Moan of Pleasure…”

There are plenty of ways to spice up your foreplay, and making sexy sounds is one of them. While you’re talking about how badly you want your partner, sigh seductively or moan lustfully. If you’ve been together a while, they’re probably only used to hearing those sounds while you’re in the heat of passion. Hearing them over dinner or on the drive home will bring up some saucy memories they’ll want to relive ASAP.

If you and your date have yet to do the deed, hearing your sex sounds will be a tantalizing taste for them of the pleasure to come.

“What Kind Of Porn Turns You On?”

Finding out their preferred type of porn will help you better understand their desires. Ask them to be as descriptive as possible so you can both imagine their favorite scenes together.

Maybe then you can watch these together, reenact them, or both!

“Show Me How…”

The dirty talk shouldn’t stop once you reach the bedroom. Now that you’re alone together, it could be time for a little show and tell.

Ask your lover to demonstrate what they want to do with you or even how they like to pleasure themselves. Have them describe what they are doing to make the show even more stimulating.

Then, if you’ve managed to resist jumping them by that time, you can do a little show of your own for their viewing pleasure. You can even use a dildo, a strap-on, or some other prop to aid this erotic demonstration.

Keep The Conversation Going

Obviously, no one wants to hear you narrate every movement while you’re having sex. But you can really turn up the heat and connect more intensely with your partner by describing your sensations and desires as you’re getting each other off. It’s also a good way to ensure that you both feel safe and respect each other’s boundaries.

In fact, sexy but respectful wordplay during sex can help us relax and may even make us feel more curious and open to exploring any other day of the year.