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Modern Love: Tips For Communicating With Your Partner (PART 3)

By Ellen Klein


How we communicate is often a habit. But that doesn't mean it’s a good one. Sometimes, we need to take a long hard look at our communication style and check that it hasn't gotten stuck in an unpleasant rut. 

It’s up to each one of us to ensure that we break old habits and form healthier ways of communicating and connecting. Use these tips to change your habits and your preconceived notions for the better.

Set Aside No-Tech Time 

Technology is everywhere in the modern world. Whether it’s doom scrolling through social media or working from home, it’s hard to escape the screens. As beneficial as technology is, it’s also a distraction from what we need to talk about. 

It’s all too easy to send your partner an angry text message when you’re feeling upset. But this is not the way to go. Texts have no tone of voice, and a lot of your meaning can get lost. Rather, set aside time to talk in the real world, without the distraction of phones or television. 

Setting aside no-tech time will give you proper, uninterrupted conversations with your partner. This will do wonders for both your communication and intimacy. Banning your phones from the bedroom is also a good idea, especially if you really want to focus on pleasuring each other distraction-free.  

Don’t Be Afraid Of Vulnerability 

Boys don’t cry, is an outdated saying. Everyone cries, and it’s time that we leave our shame around feelings at the door. 

Vulnerability is essential to having a healthy, modern relationship. 

Being honest with your partner about your fears and dreams makes loving someone so beautiful. They should be your confidante, your shoulder to cry on, and the person you celebrate both the big and little wins with. 

Proper communication is inherently vulnerable. You must set your ego aside and show them your weakest parts. If done right, this will only lead to more strength in your relationship—in and out of the bedroom.