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Our community asked us for a strap-on boxer with more coverage that would be comfortable to wear all day, and be a performer when the mood strikes. We heard you loud and clear - introducing the Boxer series! These harnesses are available in a few different weight fabric styles by request. For a "relaxed fit", designed to wear all day, check out the Boxer Classic. For a jump in performance with an extra layer of our heavy weight cotton fabric with reinforced patterning check out our newest release -- the Boxer+. The Boxer is available in a wide variety of looks with multiple color and fabric combinations. These fashionable harnesses will become your new go-to strap-on for comfortable and versatile play.

Still want the extra coverage but also need more room in the body? Check out our new Rise Boxer+ Series! The Rise Boxer+ gives you all the support of the Boxer+ and is specially designed for curvy frames. 


To enjoy, slip the shaft of your favorite wide-based harness compatible dildo through the O-ring interior out to the front. Use the internal cotton pouch to cover the base so there is soft cotton against the most sensitive areas of your body. Once your dildo is in place, you’re all set! Simply slip the RodeoH on like your favorite pair of underwear and have fun.


Just like a traditional strap-on, your RodeoH harness should fit uber snug in order to stabilize and control the dildo. Watch our sizing video below.


RodeoH harnesses should be paired with a harness compatible dildo specifically designed for use with an O-ring. Harness compatible dildos come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and diameters and typically come in one of two styles: with a wide flared base to act as a stopper against an O-ring or double-ended (the wearer inserts one end internally and the other shaft end is pulled through the O-ring).

Our Boxer harnesses can be used with both flat based toys or toys with balls. If you are looking for a double-ended toy friendly harness check out our Duo Series harnesses which are specially designed for double-ended toys. The Duo series offers 2 O-rings (one above the other), allowing for a variety of positions and use with multiple toys. 


BULLET VIBE BLISS: Tuck a bullet vibe (a small vibrator about the size of a battery) behind the base of the dildo, but under the soft cotton flaps to add a little extra oomph right where you want it. This sensation is enjoyed by the wearer, but it also sends a very pleasurable vibe down the dildo so your partner can enjoy the buzz as well. Not feeling dildo-y? Don your harness with just the bullet vibe behind the flap, horizontally or vertically (a Neoprene Stabilizer is useful here, too). 

HAVE A TOY WITH A SMALLER BASE OR DIAMETER? We’ve got you covered! To use a harness with a smaller diameter dildo or a dildo with a very small base, just add a Neoprene Stabilizer  for extra stability and control! But, the Neoprene Stabilizer is not just for smaller toys, it will aide in keeping the toy firmly against the body, extending the life of your harness!

ADD SOME CUSHION TO THE PUSHIN': For extra cushion between you and the dildo base, slip in a Neoprene Stabilizer (they have multiple uses!) between the base of the dildo and the internal pocket or try a specially designed stimulator base like the Sili Saddle or Bumpher.

DON'T FORGET THE LUBE: When it comes to sex, the wetter the better! Having a good lube on hand can enhance your experience. There is a lube for all your needs - choose from fruity flavored, unflavored, organic, stimulating, desensitizing and special anal formulas. 

IN THE SHOWER ANTICS: RodeoH products are easily washable and made from cotton and spandex, making them suitable for use in fresh, untreated water, so grab your favorite waterproof dildo and have fun in the tub or shower!




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This is definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I got a size smaller than what I typically wear so they fit a little more snug and provide a little extra support. This is so much more comfortable than any other harness I’ve ever tried. 10/10 recommend.


Love my new boxers fits wonderfully. Very snug and hold right on to my toy for pleasure. Thank you again!


These products are amazing!!

Otis S.

I LOVE THE BOXER BRIEF! I have told all of my friends about the product. I believe one, maybe two, of my friends bought products from RodeoH after that.
I have a softer dad-bod so I had a hard time previously finding size inclusive harness. This in conjunction with the Realistic Semi changed the game with my self confidence in the bedroom! I bought the boxer brief and the realistic semi in the same purchase. I just went on to make my third purchase yesterday! Will absolutely keep coming back.


When the RodeoH harness hit the scene, the trans guy community was raving about it. I saw it plastered on every tumblr. I saw people gushing about the design and how comfortable it looked. And I couldn’t help myself— I wanted it. So when my boss surprised me with one as a gift, I was ecstatic. I could only wait a few days before trying it out. Now, strap-ons are not a usual part of my sexual repertoire. My dysphoria is such that I’d prefer to use what I have than replace what I lack. But the RodeoH changed that. It is immensely comfortable and the lack of things to fiddle with (straps, buckles, velcro, ties, etc), was absolutely fabulous. If you’re like me and like your harness to be strapped down tight, I recommend getting a size smaller than you may be sized for. I was concerned about the elasticity of the fabric but it proved remarkably sturdy in practical application. While fucking, it stays in place, didn’t slip, didn’t pinch, and most importantly, I barely noticed it was there. For folks who are looking for a streamlined harness that won’t get in their way, or who are looking for a no fuss harness, the rodeoh is it.


The verdict is in … I love it! When I compare rodeoh to my previous harness, nothing even comes close. This harness is flawless. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and the o-ring is snug. I used it with two different attachments and both worked perfectly. It worked on both my partner and myself with such ease. It was so nice being able to get the same closeness as with any other harness , but I enjoyed not have to deal with the hassle of straps because those are just terrible. It’s great. I’m satisfied. She’s satisfied. Keep up the great work!


2 months and… we had much fun was had!!  Here is our feedback:

 the multi layer fabric for optimal hold felt really good!!  I liked the texture, flexibility of it, and quality.  The stitching was obviously very high quality.  Plus, the “O” ring was on point for our toys!  Thank you.  Worked perfectly for our toy collection. Plus, the pouch will act as a protective barrier & keep the silicone away from your skin. So appreciated this feature.  I don’t like the texture of some products if they’re rubbing on my thigh.  This solved that problem completely!


The BEST sex product I’ve used in all my years is an understatement. Not being a small woman I hated those straps, this is so easy, fits well and doesn’t shift even with all the ‘abuse’ (LOL) it takes. GF loves the look on me and has picked out the next pair. I’m gonna need another pair especially if we move in together any time soon. So being in my 50s and out since I’m 16 I feel as if my sex life has been elevated to something more meaningful and intense. Oh and absolutely incredible.


My partner and I have been through many different harness/strap on options. We were unsure of the idea of boxer style, but were open to trying. Were we in for a treat, rodeOhs have opened up a whole new love of bedroom fun. They’re extremely comfy and stay put in all the right areas. After the first use we immediately researched and bought 2 more! Will never use anything other than rodeOhs!


A lot of people recommend this choice of harness, and I am one of them now. The waist sizes are very accurate, the material is comfy, doesn’t ride up, and everything stays in place a lot better than I expected. We bought a toy that had a 1.5" diameter, and it is very snug. My girl was a bit nervous about how intimidating everything might be and how long it would take to put on, so it’s really nice to have a harness that slips on in seconds and doesn’t “click” on. It’s exactly like underwear, just more comfortable and you can use a dildo with it. However, I am a bit nervous about washing it in case it shrinks. I have absolutely no other fears or complaints related to this purchase, it is wonderful and highly recommended. It also arrived a day earlier that expected!


This harness is amazingly comfortable, and fits great– perfect for all-day wear. The ring opening has a 1 ½ inch diameter, so most standard attachments will fit without slippage though they make larger orings now. I do enjoy showing off the wide waistband, which sits above my pants. No complaints. Great product for the price ~ rodeoh will be my harness brand from now on! I’ll probably buy the lace briefs next and glam it up a bit.


You haven’t seen panic until you’ve seen a lesbian looking for her rodeohs in the laundry basket.


What I particularly appreciate about this harness is the comfort of wearing it or being on the other end and receiving it. It’s so soft and simple you hardly notice it’s there. Also being able to just tug something on like underwear is a huge perk. Super ideal for grinding! You can have a hard time with larger dils because the o-ring size is only 1.5"…. we should really just pick up the 2.0 instead of doing the old shove-aroo. Especially great when used with a 5 or 6 incher.

 For the awesome price of 49 dollars, this is a fantastic harness to have in any collection! My partner loves the simplicity of wearing it and I love seeing them in it, because it’s so cute!


This is the one you’re looking for. I’ve tried other harnesses before, and this one is the best. It fits so well if you get past the semi-confusing sizing chart. It holds the dildo perfectly in place and my girlfriend loves it. Thank you so much!


This harness changed my life. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it is, but I’ll try. My girlfriend and I had tried a couple harnesses, but they all had buckles that loosened or wouldn’t tighten, butt floss that made things unpleasant, or sharp edges/rivets where you don’t want sharp edges. We also struggled with finding something that allowed flexibility at the base for different positions. Well, all problems solved! These (this?) slip right on, you get flexibility at the base, no hard edges, no butt floss, all happiness. I can’t recommend them highly enough!


Dudes, for the record, I’ve had my older one for about 2.5 years and its still going strong. It has a few wear spots, but it’s held up really surprisingly well. Plus it’s way more comfortable and less awkward to get into than a traditional strap harness. Just my two cents. The quality is great, and it does everything as expected. I just noticed the boxer+ was released so i’m leaving this here and letting the rodeoh people know to be on the look out for my social post, i’ll be dropping my drawers for that gift code because #want. That is all.


I got two pairs of Rodeoh briefs and I must say this was finally (YES!) the answer to my heart’s <3 desires. I can please or be pleased with no pinching, squeezing, adjusting, or just downright falling apart at the absolute WRONG moment. They are comfortable, washable, attractive and FUN! They should have called them RodeOMG’s :)


Boxer is FANTASTIC! SUCCESS! I’m impressed with this strap-on and will buy another pair down the road. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a little more leg coverage than the brief … the brief+ is also great. But, the boxer is my babyboo.


Best sex ever! Every lesbian needs to be equipped with a rodeOH. and a tongue ring. Oh my lanta. I’ll spare you all the details, but. Seven hours. Four orgasms later. My girlfriend is one happy camper. I’m determined to f*ck my way to a six pack.


F*cking amazing. It’s so comfy and nice and great and just ugh. You really can wear it all day as boxers with a packer or just take yr pants off and slip a toy into it. It’s awesome. Yeah.


I love using these. They are so comfortable and easy to take on and off. I used to have a leather one but haven’t used it once since getting rodeohs. No more dark ages under the sheets, all cotton cozy goodness.


I would highly recommend either the rodeoh brief or boxers … I have both. All you have to do is pop yer dildo through and you can wear them all day as ‘normal’ underwear. It’s nice to have a product that is dual use and can be thrown in the wash. They are so comfortable and you can whip out your dil and be ready without missing a beat.


I am a bisexual female, and my boyfriend happens to be a bisexual male. Rodeoh opened a whole new world for us. Strap-ons have been very awkward and uncomfortable for me, which took away from the experience. This morning we were finally able to make love in an entirely new way. I feel in love with my sexy bottom boy all over again, and then all we had to do was slide them on and start round two. Thank you so much for such an awesome product! 


My girlfriend and I are first time users and I could not be more happy. We got the boxer solid combo and both are great. High end silicone with a harness that puts most briefs comfort to shame. Love it!


So I just got a Rodeoh harness in and slipped it on. These puppies are the most comfortable pair of underwear, forget harness I’ve ever worn. Where have you been all my life! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


I have never ben happier and u have completely changed my confidence when wearing a strapon! I hated all those buckles and straps …. I used to feel like I was gearing up to be a window washer! LOL. Thanks for making such incredible game changing gear. You guys rock!


These rodeoh’s are the most amazing strap on undies ever. Literally you have made me and my girlfriend so happy that there are no words. I need a pair for every day seriously. 100% best idea ever and I will never ever ever use a leather harness again. Ef that! Thank you for making our weekend worth every penny.


Easy peasy to use. The underwear don’t move around as I thought they would. I ordered a size down and they are very snug. I love mine. I had a leather harness before but since getting the rodeoh I’ve never used it ever again. These are so much more comfortable, easy to take on and off, and easy to clean. I’d definitely recommend them.

Space C.

My girlfriend and I were skeptical of how effective this would be at holding our toys in place and controlling them. We skipped this one our first time around buying a harness. For V-day I asked for one because they just look so cool, and now we are seriously regretting not just getting a few pairs of these instead of a regular harness! 

These are super comfy, and make my butt look awesome, which is a serious plus after the cringeworthy butt-straps on our regular harness. I would wear these as regular undies for sure. It is so amazingly easy to take the dildo (We’ve been using with the Woody) in and out, and makes transitioning into strap-on sex really seamless. Not having to fumble with buckles and straps is one of the best parts of these. One great thing I didn’t expect as well: these make it so my body is so much closer to my girlfriend’s while we are having sex, and allows for a greater array of positions and changing positions on the fly than does our regular harness. It feels like there is less between us. The first time we used these, we had the best strap-on sex we’ve ever had by far. 

Overall I am super happy with these. I feel like these will definitely result in us using our toys more, because we no longer have the annoyance and pause of actual strapping on a harness. I only wish I had a few more pairs!


I used my new rodeoh harness last night. It was amazing! Best harness I have ever owned! (And I have tried many) it stays in place it’s comfortable. And quite realistic. Many harnesses can’t hold up with speed and this one definitely does. For those of you struggling to find a great harness.. I highly recommend this one!

Ruby G.

This is my second pair of rodeohs – The rodeoh gray boxer. I loved the brief style, which was my first pair, but I fancied a different style this time round. This style is my ideal style of underwear as I love the thick waistband and that they cover my inner thighs. In my opinion, comfort is always very important for both parties when it comes to a strap on harness. Rodeoh take this very seriously and have executed it quite brilliantly. I have tried other strap on harnesses in the past and they always irritate me somewhere and I can’t wait to get them off. That’s not something you want when having sex and rodeohs prevent that. Unlike most strap on harnesses that are made of plastic, the soft material of the rodeohs move with your body in all the right ways. The boxers are so cosy that I will wear them all day and even to sleep in and I NEVER wear underwear when I sleep. The importance of buying 1 size smaller is vital for use as a strap on harness as it keeps the dildo close to your body. We have used a couple of different sized dildos with the boxers and the o-ring holds them in place tremendously. The guide length of a dildo is 5 to 6 inches for the 1.5" o-ring. Clean up is as easy as pie. They are machine washable at a low temperature and that’s something you can’t say about many strap on harnesses. As you have the care bag that the boxers came with, it’s the perfect place to keep them. 5 stars, I would highly recommend!


With my rodeohs, the boxer fit are perfect, they are amazingly comfortable and I love the color. :)


After getting my first pairs of Rodeoh boxers I swear to god I am never going back to packer harnesses from this point onward. They’re comfortable, easy to slip on and off (same as your typical underwear), can be worn with liners, and are very well made.


RodeoH boxers are possibly one of the best inventions for a lesbian couple. They are just “normal” high quality boxers that my wife wears under normal clothing and within seconds we can be “playing!” None of the faffing about with silly harnesses, it’s just simply put on and put in! ;

T. Mann

I bought RodeoH’s Black Boxer Harness as something I could use for discreet packing and for sex. I have had this harness for 2 years and it has seen regular use and is still as good as the day I got it. I would definitely recommend this if you find regular harnesses uncomfortable. The boxers are well made and the material is extremely comfortable. Despite having mine for quite a long time, there has been no wear in the material.

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