Stabilizer Insert - 2.0 BRIEF+/PANTY/BIKER

This super comfy neoprene stabilizer is designed for use with our 2.0 inch to 2.5 inch diameter O-ring harnesses.

A dildo with a smaller diameter than that of the harness O-ring can move around and lack stability.  By adding a stabilizer you can expand the base of of a smaller diameter dildo so it can be used in a larger O-ring harness.

Also great for dildos that have a small bases and need more stability.

The 2.0 Brief+/Panty/Biker neoprene stabilizer should be used with dildos that have a diameter of 1.75" - 2.25".


Slide in the stabilizer behind the O-ring and insert toy through stabilizer and O-ring. 

RodeoH Tip: 
Do you experience pelvic bone discomfort? Consider a Neoprene Stabilizer to slip in between you and the toy base to add a soft cushion of comfort!