How To Size Your RodeoH?

Just like a strap-on, your RodeoH harness should fit uber snug in order to stabilize and control the dildo. For help with sizing, refer to the "Garment Specification Chart" on the product page under "View Detailed Images" of the item you are interested in. Each chart has actual garment specifications. We've made this super simple, all you have to do is line up your favorite pair of snug fitting underwear with the Red & Blue line under each style to find the perfect fit. Keep in mind, there is only 1 inch difference in sizing, but that 1 inch can make all the difference in the world. Remember, each style has a unique garment chart and a sizing video is conveniently located under each RodeoH style for review.

What is a RodeoH harness?

RodeoHs are the new way to strap-on. & YES! They are UNISEX! Beyond being stylish and sexy, they are significantly more comfortable than any other harness or strap-on on the market. Slip on like a pair of underwear and wear all day. No time is wasted buckling and fastening with rodeoHs. All RodeoH harnesses are design with a built in flexible O-shaped ring to help stabilize the dildo. We make RodeoH harnesses with 3 sizes of O-rings to accommodate most dildos.

Plus, many of our RodeoH styles now have a small "Vibe Pocket", by request. This feature is designed to hold a bullet vibrator for more stimulation. If a product has a "Vibe Pocket" it will be listed under the "Features" of the harness product page.

What is the difference between a strap-on and a RodeoH harness?

A strap-on or dildo harness is an adjustable belt with straps and buckles. To support the dildo the straps must be worn tight, which can dig into the skin and be uncomfortable for both giver and receiver. RodeoH's are underwear harnesses and are available in a variety of sizes for a comfortable fit. They slip on like underwear and can be worn all day so you experience a closer connection between you and your partner with just cotton between you.

Are there reviews of the RodeoH products?

To read comprehensive community reviews on all of our products, please Click Here.Are there photos of every day people in the RodeoH harnesses?All the photos on our website and social media are from the RodeoH community (we do not hire professional models). To check out a ton of amazing photos of sexy people in RodeoHs & see how each style fits each body type, please visit our Tumblr #RodeoHs @RodeoHs or Instagram #RodeoHs @RodeoHs

What dildo should I use with my RodeoH harness?

Great question! Once you have selected the RodeoH harness of your choice, the listing will let you know the O-Ring size & what size toy will work, each toy will also let you know the minimum O-Ring requirement! The RodeoH is designed to work with a large variety of toys. If you are using your own toy, just make sure the toy is "Harness Compatible". Please also take care & note the O-Ring size. A 2-inch shaft toy will not be compatible with a 1.5inch O-Ring! Though, you can absolutely rock a smaller toy with a larger O-Ring by picking up a Neoprene Stabilizer.

Helpful tip: for using wide width dildos with your RodeoH harness: Cover the dildo shaft with a piece of plastic wrap first and then pull it through the O-ring. This will remove the friction of the silicone against the fabric, with the added benefit of extended your RodeoHs life. You can also pick-up a Neoprene Stabilizer which will help with the 'weight' of the toy, the control, and your RodeoH would be uber appreciative - even multi-layered cotton fabric can use a bit of help with the big ones.

How long will the RodeoH last?

It is true, your RodeoHs will not last forever, but, take a deep breath. You can easily extend their life by treating them with care. For the briefs + boxers, machine wash delicate & tumble dry low. And naturally, for the more lacy options, we would recommend hand washing & hanging to dry!

I'm a beginner. Which RodeoH harness is right for me?

If you are new to vaginal or anal penetration, we recommend starting with a smaller dildo and a properly fitting RodeoH harness. Click Here to review our hand-selected package deals. We customized these package deals to work together splendidly!

I'm a bio-male, is RodeoH the right product for me?

Abso-lutely! Our bio-male customers wear RodeoH's because they love the styles, enjoy the "extra" (insert whatever verb you like here) from the built in O-ring (cock ring), for use with sheaths/penis extenders (used to enhance penis size and/or assist with erectile dysfunction), and/or for use with a prosthetic or STP.

What style harness can I use with Freetom STP prosthetic?

We have a number of styles that we can recommend & it truly comes down to personal preference.

For all day packing, we would recommend going with our (NEW)FTM Button-Fly Packers , 1 size up. The fabric stretches beautifully & the interior pocket is sufficiently deep to support a wide range of the larger STPs.

For a pack & play design, we would recommend the RodeoH ButtonFly Harness Boxer (available in multiple color options). As there is no interior pouch, the shaft goes through the O-ring and the shaft can then be enclosed in the button front pouch. For photos of how it works see image under "View detailed image" under one of the RodeoH ButtonFly Harness Boxers.

If you are looking for heightened stability & control with your STP during play, with the added benefit of keeping the silicone off your body, go with the Brief+. The balls will fit in the pouch, & shaft pulls through the O-Ring to keep the STP firmly against your body, comfortably & securely supported on all sides.

Please note: The Freetom & others are still new products & we are working on an all inclusive design, but due to the size & nature of the products, solutions can be very complicated & then, as a direct result, very expensive. So we are trying to simplify the designs as much as possible before moving them into production, which is a process & will take time!

What does "Packer Friendly" mean? & for that matter, what is a "Packer"?

RodeoH harnesses and underwear that have built in support pockets to hold a Soft Packer in place. A Soft Packer is a prosthetic of a flacid penis and balls (not practical for penetration). We offer a large selection of Soft Packer in a variety of colors and sizes and packer underwear.

Are silicone toys better?

Our team, in our collective & humble opinion, truly believe Silicone is the best material to use. It is nonporous, so it's easier to keep clean, and it's the safest material to use with your body. Silicone can be boiled for five to ten minutes, placed on the top rack of your dishwasher or washed with sudsy soap and water. For those with environmental allergies, silicone is a hypoallergenic, medical-grade material that is safe for those concerned about having a reaction to rubber, vinyl, or latex. It also warms up quickly and transmits vibration extremely well. Plus, if you want to share your silicone dildo or use it with multiple partners, it can be easily & effectively sterilized by boiling it between each frolic.

NOTE: Please only use "water-based" lubricate with your silicone products.

Can the RodeoH be used with a double-end dildo?

We designed the RodeoH to be multi-FUN-ctional and super versatile! Here are a few community reviews, submitted by verified purchasers, that answer that specific question. We also designed a RodeoH specifically for double ended toys. Be sure to check out the Duo, which is available in a few options

Case Study 1: "RodeoH LowRise Panty + Feeldoe"
Case Study 2: "RodeoH Panty + Feeldoe