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Are you sizing for a harness or underwear?

HARNESS SIZING: harnesses are designed to fit "snug" like a traditional strap-on and we recommend using a fitted jean or jogger as a size reference.

UNDERWEAR SIZING: our underwear is made of lighter weight stretchy fabric blends like most underwear and we recommend using a pair of underwear similar to the style you are ordering as a size reference.

1) Lay your favorite form fitting jeans/joggers or underwear down flat and measure the waistband width. Send us a photo of the top of the garment with the measuring tape showing the waistband width.

2) Measure the rise (center of the pant from the crotch up to the top of the waistband). The rise shows if you prefer a higher or lower rise which helps our designer guide you towards a similar fit. Send a photo of this measurement.

Check that the numbers on the measuring tape are clearly visible in the photo.