B-Cush - Stimulator Cushion


B-Cush - Stimulator Cushion

Add cush for the push!

The unique plump double-bump design of the B-Cush Stimulator Cushion feels oh so good! This super-soft non-penetrative manual stimulator, is great for solo and partner play. 

The same popular shape as the Bumpher Dildo Base Cover in a softer, squishier silicone and a flat backside. The flat base of the B-Cush Stimulator Cushion has a tacky texture which helps prevent slipping and sliding. Simply place on the base of your favorite toys to create your own hybrid toys.

  • Attach to the flat base of any dildo to enhance sensation and prevent pubic bruising.  
  • Transform the Realistic STP into a play toy by adding a rod and inserting the B-Cush into the funnel cup.
  • Insert in your underwear for your own discreet private pleasure or to stimulate your partner.
  • -Compatible with all flat dildo base sizes.
    -Tacky backside.
    -100% premium silicone
    -Phthalate free
    -Size 2.75 W”x 4”H