Erect 03

Production Processing Time
Vanilla S02
Light Caramel S04
Dark Caramel S07
Light Chocolate S10
Medium Chocolate S12
Chocolate S14

With a perfect balance of flexibility and hardness the Erect 03 (ER03) was designed for play. This custom erect dildo has a flexible yet firm inner core. 

The Erect 03 is all about comfort and confidence. Each prosthetic is expertly hand painted and detailed for hyper-realism. 

Easy to clean with standard soap and water.
Very durable and high performance. When you grab it, it feels like a real skin.
Three silicone layers, each of different softness. All three layers together provide an incredibly real feel.

The shaft has precise color blending and detailed textured veins.
Positioned slightly down to allow for packing (if you like a serious bulge).
Shaft has built in flexible silicone rod.

Add an interior Flexible Rod for an additional $50.  Note:  Internal flexible rod makes clicking noise when adjusted.

These balls feel amazing, you won't want to stop squishing them! Special gel allows the spheres within to float freely when you squeeze, which provides an extremely realistic feel. You can deform the sack and it will bounce back within seconds; pressing down on this prosthetic scrotum reveals color and texture between the layers.

Dimensions: Length: 8.26 in - 21 cm | Girth: 6.69 inches - 17 cm | Weight 540 g - 19 oz

NOTE: Will not ship immediately: Production process time 1-2 weeks!