Stabilizer Insert - BOXER/HIGH RISE


This super comfy neoprene stabilizer expands the base of your favorite small toy making it compatible with larger O-ring harnesses. Specially shaped to add structure and stability to our Classic, Button Fly Boxers, and High Rise styles ~ this stabilizer works best with toys that have a 1 inch to 1.5 inch diameter.

To use, simply slide in the stabilizer behind the O-ring and insert toy through stabilizer and O-ring. 


  • Size 3: Boxer / High Rise sizes (XXS) 25-26 - (S) 30-32
  • Size 2: Boxer / High Rise sizes (M) 33-35 - (L) 36-38
  • Size 1: Boxer / High Rise size (XL) 39-41 - (3X) 52-55

*For our BIKER BOXERS and BOOTY SHORT use BRIEF+/PANTY/BIKER Stabilizer Insert.

RodeoH Tip: 
Do you experience pelvic bone discomfort? Consider a Neoprene Stabilizer to slip in between you and the toy base to add a soft cushion of comfort!