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What Is A Packer?

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What is a packer?

Packing is wearing a padded or a phallic object (packer or soft packer) in the front of the pants or underwear to give the appearance of having a penis or male bulge (check out our picture above). The act of packing can alleviate “bottom dysphoria” for many individuals in the transmasculine community.

For some of the female-to-male transgender and non-binary community, packers are an essential element for living comfortably. From the fit to the styling, there are a ton of options to explore to get the feeling, desired look, or preferred function you are after. 

Let's talk options.

If you are new to packing and/or on a budget there are fantastic options under $25.  Typically the less expensive options will be a solid color and made of a Cyberskin material like the Mr. Limpy and Pack-It.

Next level packers will be made of silicone and range from $25 - $100.  A few good examples of unpainted higher-end packers would be the Archer,  Uncut Pierre, Pete, or the very reasonably priced FreeForm Series

Hyper-realistic painted silicone will come with a higher price tag - $200-$500.  Check out the "Flaccid Series" designed using a multi-stage silicone layering process to provide amazing texture and detail. From there, the packer is then expertly custom painted in the color tone of your choice.

Finally, some prosthetic packers are made for the sole purpose of packing, while others have multiple functions such as standing to pee (STPs) or for pleasure (Pack-N-Play, 2-N-1s, Semi-Erects), or for all of the above!

Let's take a moment to check in on packer size. Once of the most common questions we receive is "what size is right for me?" According to Medical News today, the average size flaccid penis is 3.5 inches. This is a full quarter inch smaller than the Mr. Limpy SM. Remember, this is a journey and it will take time to find the right combination for your preferences, and, also remember, those same preference may change and evolve over time.  

We always recommend starting with the basics. 

Cost & Benefits of Material


Being one of the most popular and versatile material, silicone comes in a variety of textures, levels of firmness and color options. Silicone is hypoallergenic, nonporous and can even withstand extreme temperatures. The durability provided by silicone makes it easy to clean either by washing with mild soap and water or by boiling to sanitize.

Cost: Because they are high in durability and tend to last a lot longer, 100% silicone products can be more expensive.

Benefits:  Durability is one of the prime selling points of silicone as well as being easy to clean. It also is a great choice when looking for products that are nonporous which can be a huge plus if you have sensitive skin are prone to skin irritation.


Being made of a blend of rubbers and mineral oil, it’s intended to recreate the feel as well as the look of human skin. It is porous, meaning it has minuscule spaces/holes to allow air and moisture inside. Because of this, you can still clean it with soap and water but it’s harder to keep clean. To properly care for your Cyberskin product, ensure you are diligently cleaning after each use, allowing your product to either air dry or pat dry with a towel. It is recommended to dust your Cyberskin packer with corn starch after cleaning to reduce the tacky texture and give a matter finish.

Cost:  Inexpensive.

Benefits:  CyberSkin products are specifically blended to closely match the look and feel of real skin. 

RodeoH Tip:  CyberSkin and silicone packers have a tendency to absorb colors when paired with darker/brightly colored fabrics.  Always wash your packing underwear several times to reduce to possibility of dye transferring onto your soft packer. Keep an older packer around to use with your favorite darker or brightly colored clothing. 


Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to our support team for more information.

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