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What is a Pack & Play?

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A pack & play provides the wearer with the option to seamlessly transition between wearing a packer around like normal, and using the packer to penetrate a partner.

Soft packs such as the Mr. Limpy or NYTC Archer do not have a firm shaft so they are not ideal for penetration (please review our article “What is a Packer?” for more details).

This is where the pack & play packers come in!

Generally there are 2 options of pack & plays styles.

Style A - Separate Insertable Rod:

This style pack & play provides the wearer with a soft packer and a separate insertable rod which the wearer puts inside the hollow core of the packer when ready for play. Example: the 2-n-1 Tommy. This model features a firmer silicone for play but is also specially designed to fold down while packing.

Style B - Built in Firm Core/Rod

This style packer has a firm core/rod built into semi firm material that the wearer can manipulate to make the packer stand erect. Examples: the Ultimate or Semi Realistic (see videos below). 




Ultimately, the decision between which of these two options is right for you comes down to intended use. If you would like to penetrate your partner without any preparation beforehand, a pack & play with a built in firm core/rod may be better for you as there are no extra accessories to carry around. 

However, if you prefer a softer packer for all day wear, and you don’t mind keeping a 3-4” rod in the Vibe Pocket above the O-Ring in your RodeoH underwear, then the pack & play featuring a separate rod may be best.

RodeoH has a wide selection of different models and sizes of pack & plays, 2-in-1s and 4-n-1s (see videos below). 


If you are new to packing, and want to try a comfortable size pack & play that can be worn all day check out the Tommy or Junior D. These softer model packers can be worn under more types of clothing without appearing hard or semi-hard, causing many a wandering eye.

Alternatively, if you would like a pack & play that is semi erect, the Ultimate is a great starter.

Whichever product you choose, we hope that this article helped narrow down your options, and should you have any further questions we’d love to hear from you below. 

Happy pack and play! 

QUICK TIP: Silicone lube can melt silicone. Be sure to use water based lube on all silicone toys. Also be careful of the zipper! This abrasive surface can & will absolutely tear your silicone.  

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