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What is an STP Packer?


STP or "Stand To Pee" devices provide the wearer with the option of peeing while standing up. These devices can range from hyper realistic prosthetics such as the 2nd Gen to very basic devices that have a simple funnel like the Willy. The STP can also be stored/packed in your underwear to provide a realistic bulge.

Level of realism, shaft length and cup/funnel shape vary. Selection depends on the person, their amount of use, location of use and if the wearer has dysphoria related to peeing.

Less realistic STPs like this Compact STP and Sport STP are designed for practical use and are often stored in the pouch of packing underwear in an upward position or more commonly known as "packing-up." More functional than realistic, these styles are compact, lightweight, and designed for use at home or be taken out in the bathroom stall.

Realistically shaped STPs come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that when it is shown outside of your pants it can “pass” as a cisgender penis. These can be unpainted, semi-painted or hyper realistically painted and vary in price.  

As they are made to be used at a urinal within eyesight of others, it is always recommending to try them out at home first until you are comfortable using them before trying in public.

Below are two examples of realistic STPs with funnel systems.


Realistic STP packers have a funnel shape in the interior. The top is a soft, flexible cup that the wearer can discreetly push up to form a seal around their anatomy. This causes the urine to flow down the interior funnel of the shaft and out of the hole in the head. 

Smaller STPs such as the Compact require a little more direct aim and practice to use. The smaller cup takes adjustment and is not as easy to discreetly seal the device with one hand. Someone using one of these devices would be less concerned about urinal usage and more wanting the convenience of peeing standing up.

STPs with longer shafts generally require less practice to achieve a successful bathroom experience. However, if you have too strong a stream of urine the STP can back up into the funnel, overflow and run down the legs in a super uncomfortable way. It’s advised that you practice in the shower until you are comfortable. 


We've designed a range of STP Packing Boxers. The compact style STPs require a simple "Top Loading" design and most find it ideal to wear a Top Loading Brief. The narrow crotch on the brief keeps the compact style STP tucked nicely and gives the look of a subtle bulge. To use, remove from the interior pocket, place the cup against you to pee and return to the pocket after use.

If you are new to using an STP and have chosen a realistic style with balls and a longer shaft, we recommend starting with an STP Jock. The STP Jock helps to keep your STP in position and you can wear the underwear of your choice over it. 

Alternatively for an all in one solution, our TRUHK Series packing underwear has an internal packing pocket for the cup, a middle O-Layer to help keep the STP packer from rolling, and a front pocket for the shaft that has a 2nd layer to absorb moisture. The TRUHK series allows the wearer to pull the shaft of the penis out at a urinal while also one handedly pushing the funnel inside against their anatomy.

If you have a longer shafted STP (more then 5" or 6"), we would recommend the TRUHK Brief. This will allow the shaft to be "tucked" in so it doesn't bulge uncomfortably.

STPs can also be used with our O-Ring Harnesses if you’d like to feel a little more secure with your STP or use it as a Pack & Play.

Whenever you pack with silicone, be sure the shaft is tucked on the inside. If you pull a silicone shaft through an o-ring and pack down, the harder o-ring will tear through your silicone. To pack with a RodeoH Harness, tuck the shaft in the interior pocket, then when you are ready, pull through the O-Ring for play. 

Whichever way feels right to you, we hope that this article helped you decide. Should you have any further questions we’d love to hear from you below. 

Happy peeing!

NOTE: New products are released regularly. This article will be updated once available. 

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