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Model wears: Size XS


TRUHK Boxer - Black Pouch Front Boxer STP/PACKING Underwear.

TRUHK Brief (Coming Soon)


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They’re REALLY comfortable and the look great!


The truhks are f******* lovely! Honestly, I have to tell you how good they feel for down there. My little dude normally gets caught up in my boxers and it’s kinda painful. These feel so so niiiiice … maybe sometimes to nice! A lot more comfortable, great choice of material. Than you again so very, very much!


Had to try the new TRUHKS packing underwear. They get all thumbs up for this incredibly comfortable underwear! Who knew bamboo could feel this soft.


I would wear these everyday, but I only have 1 pair.


Hands down the most comfortable pair i’ve ever worn. Looking forward to expanding my collection.


Big thank you for these sexy new trans-friendly boxer-briefs. They have a front pocket for your packer and an O-ring behind the fly for other fun objects that trans dudes put in their underpants.


They are beyond the most comfy boxer briefs, especially for packing I’ve ever worn.


Not only does the pair of STP underwear I bought fit like a soft, cozy dream.. but it also arrived faster than anything I’ve ever ordered in the history of my life when it comes to ordering things. Thank you guys so much for consistently delivering me products that exceed my expectations, I couldn’t be more grateful that you’re in business.


Confidence you can feeI … can’t get over how comfortable this bamboo blend is. You will not be disappointed!


For any fellow trans men /LGBTQ+ friends who are transitioning over to a minimal lifestyle like myself, owning less that provides more is essential. I can honestly say, I’m super pleased with this addition. My new pair of underwear are a great addition to my wardrobe and carries my worries so I don’t have to while I’m on the go. Did I mention, they’re super soft! A must have.


You all completely nailed it with the Truhk boxer briefs. These are so comfortable and true to size. I initially bought one pair to try them and i’m definitely buying more once i’m off work. These are going to replace my normal brands without a doubt. They also hold my gen 2 perfectly. Easily the best ones i’ve ever owned.

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