RodeoH High Rise

( Model wears: Size 1XL )


High Rise Panty - High Rise Black Panty Harness w/ 2 1.75" O-Rings.

High Rise Crotchless Panty - High Rise Black Panty Crotchless Harness w/ 2 1.75" O-Rings.

High Rise Brief+ - High Rise Black Brief+ Harness w/ 2 1.75" O-Rings.

High Rise Crotchless Brief+ - High Rise Crotchless Black Brief+ Harness w/ 2 1.75" O-Rings.





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Just received this! I’m in love.


I feel so sexy in my high rise crotchless panty harness! It gives me excellent control with my shared toy, and it looks and feels divine! I almost wish I had more partners to top with it!


SPECTACULAR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! J worked so well with and knew I was very anxious about picking out a harness for my girlfriend but she was very patient with me and helped me size one that fits perfectly and that she LOVES!! It hits her at all the right points and allows her to feel comfortable, attractive, and confident! I definitely will be shopping here again!


I wanted to give feedback regarding a harness I purchased. I was in contact with the designer and then my phone broke so I don’t have their number. It is a high rise crotchless panty. It is AMAZING. Gives me a lot of control with my partner, I feel sexy in it, fits well, and legit worth every penny. Plus, your customer service is astounding. I am a part of a local sex positivity group and I have recommended your website to every one that is in search of harness, ftm gear, and dildos. Thank you SO MUCH.


Y’all, this is an incredible harness. I received it today and everything about it is just perfect:

followed the sizing guide and it fits like a very sexy glove flattering shape super well made and sturdy double o rings mean I can choose how the toy sits works with every toy we have and the one we bought with this order came with a very cute and soft bag that has a little extra room for other things

I mean after a year of fighting with a harness that didn’t fit, I wish I had biught this earlier. It’s a breeze to insert toys and the underwear themselves are super comfy and flattering, almost to the point of shapewear! Completely worth the money.


A friend of mine recommended these to me. I was, like everyone else, skeptical at first. I ordered regular shipping and I couldn’t believe how fast the order was here. I didn’t waste any time and tried them on. I’m 160 lbs, about 5’4 and I went with a L (I always find that helpful, when people give that information). And just WOW. That’s all I have to say … it fits very much like spanx with the fabric layering. I just feel so sexy in these! Can’t believe it. So thankful I finally found a comfortable harness go to that isn’t digging into my skin. I also picked up a pretty dildo with sparkles, and that realistic looking one … flex! YES! Get the flex! The positions are just remarkable without the dildo flopping out. I love it. I love everything. I just have one request – MORE COLORS PLEASE! 💖💖💖💖💖

Jamie Jams

I want to thank rodeoh for finally making a size suitable for us curvy types. The high rise does wonderfully for keeping everything where it should be. The oring position is magical, and I can actually use this style with my feeldoe. Finally! It just does everything a girl wants. In short, this style is THE BOMB. And my only request is for more colors please? Maybe a crotchless version? Pppppppllllleeeassse!


These are every bit amazing as they look!

Ruby Vixenn

These are seriously the most comfortable harness ever, and pretty much the most comfy undies a gal can ask for! 💖

Dr. Electric

Update, Ericka absolutely loves them. Her words, best pair of “underwear” she has ever owned. Comfortable, breathable, the harnesses o-rings are thoughtfully placed. She loves the fabric, calling it “amazing”. Feel doe is a good fit. The control, confidence and freedom your product has opened the path, on her terms, to share her love with me. She wants a few more pairs so she can wear them as underwear " with options", her words not mine. My opinion, your harness underwear are the best available! Proper fit, well worth the cost. Your products raise the bar. I have witnessed a woman “Ericka” go from almost 0 sexual inhibitions to the partner anyone would dream of having. Your products have brought a new level of closeness, understanding and appreciation to our relationship. Ericka is now eager, inspired and very interested in having a healthy sexual relationship with me. I feel like we are discovering how to love each other on a new deeper level of intimacy. Your company has tapped into something truly amazing, you have accentuated a couple’s ability, capacity to share love with each other. I am forever grateful & life long customer.

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