May 17, 2019 3 Comments

( Model wears: Size 1XL )

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These are every bit amazing as they look!

Ruby Vixenn

These are seriously the most comfortable harness ever, and pretty much the most comfy undies a gal can ask for! 💖

Dr. Electric

Update, Ericka absolutely loves them. Her words, best pair of “underwear” she has ever owned. Comfortable, breathable, the harnesses o-rings are thoughtfully placed. She loves the fabric, calling it “amazing”. Feel doe is a good fit. The control, confidence and freedom your product has opened the path, on her terms, to share her love with me. She wants a few more pairs so she can wear them as underwear " with options", her words not mine. My opinion, your harness underwear are the best available! Proper fit, well worth the cost. Your products raise the bar. I have witnessed a woman “Ericka” go from almost 0 sexual inhibitions to the partner anyone would dream of having. Your products have brought a new level of closeness, understanding and appreciation to our relationship. Ericka is now eager, inspired and very interested in having a healthy sexual relationship with me. I feel like we are discovering how to love each other on a new deeper level of intimacy. Your company has tapped into something truly amazing, you have accentuated a couple’s ability, capacity to share love with each other. I am forever grateful & life long customer.

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