Realistic STP


4.5" Realistic STP (Stand To Pee Device) - 4.5" Realistic STP (Stand To Pee Device)

TRUHK Boxer/4.5"STP (Package Deal) - Boxer + 4.5" Realistic STP (By Request). 

TRUHK Brief/4.5"STP (Package Deal) - Brief + 4.5" Realistic STP (By Request). 

6" Realistic STP (Stand To Pee Device) - 6" Realistic STP (Stand To Pee Device)

TRUHK Boxer/6"STP (Package Deal) - Boxer + 6" Realistic STP. 

TRUHK Brief/6"STP (Package Deal) - Brief + 6" Realistic STP (By Request). 




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Daddy J

AMAZING STP! This is a total life changer for me in terms of feeling “complete”. So much so that I am concerned it will be discontinued. If you guys ever do, I’m buying ALL THE STOCK. jus sayin’ lol. Perfect function. Other STP’s you suffer through or need to be overly conscious about. The solid balls on this allow for single hand hold and positioning, but also allow hands free if you grip with your thighs. I noted the new STP with the “empty balls” and that would be a “no” for me however, the concept of the ridges at the top of the device for stimulation is a great idea. The 4.5 doesn’t always work effectively depending on what you are wearing i.e. skinny jeans for example, which requires pulling your pants way down, but def not a deal breaker. For those that are having issues with the opening at the end of the device, simply buy some flexible clear tubing of the diameter you wish, cut to length and gently insert (you will need to remember to remove and clean). One of mine arrived with the opening partially occluded. PLEASE do not stop making this product! Thanks RodeoH!


Love this stp. I’ve bought both 4.5 and 6 in caramel ones and they are great. I would love to have a girthier 6 in just for the pleasure part but amazing love it


YES I’ve finally found the perfect STP!! Shaft is not flimsy like other STPs, very realistic stream, I am able to use this at urinals.

The only downside is how flimsy the cup is, if it was made from strong material. I would happily score this STP 10/10

Buy buy buy!! You won’t regret it.


I absolutely LOVE the STP. It is perfect.


Just got the realistic 4.5 and used it all day yesterday and today – OMG!!!!! This is what I was missing even more than I knew – thank you!


We love this product! I recently purchased an STP with the extension rod and this product really is the best. It’s very soft, comfortable, realistic, and it’s the perfect size for us. As a first-time user I have had no issues with it as an STP, no leaks, no placement issues. I would definitely recommend.

Wilbert Armstrong

I was very sceptical about purchasing the STP device. Even not being able to erect myself due to medical issues I was pleasantly surprised when trying to pee through it. Little lighter than what I wanted but it worked out fine. I would recommend the STP look alike and feel. Now for the underware to come in. Pleased!!


I was skeptical about the stp when i first got it. The cup part looked small and flimsy and it was designed differently than any other device I’ve had. Most stps you piss into the balls of it and it trickles down the shaft, often resulting in you getting some piss on yourself cause it didn’t seal to your body. This one is shaped to conform to our natural anatomy.

After using it one time, i was sold. The boxers keep it tucked away but easy to free when it’s time. I can stand at the urinals and piss with ease. The shape doesn’t allow any urine to stay caught in any crevices so no surprises when you’re walking after using it. Definitely the best stp I’ve ever had.


The products are great, the STP I bought is the best yet, not one leak. I’m a very happy camper!


Fantastic product! Best STP I’ve used yet, works well even with larger thighs. No spills, super comfy to wear, doesn’t look like a boner. Got the erection rod and b cush and it feels amazing to play with. Total euphoria! Wish my gf wasn’t two states away…

Matt F

OMFG I FINALLY feel like I can walk around confidently and be proud of me. Is extremely comfortable and fits nicely against me even with my chub and thic thighs. Feels and looks like the real thing. Only personal issue I have is the circumcise cut looks but still love it none the less. Definitely go the size darker than your skin. Also good job matching a darker skintone that isn’t to dark for a poc. I also gotten 2 pairs of briefs and the truhk branded briefs and they for amazing and feel so nice! this was my very first stp let alone packer. Was I foolish for jumping head first with such a big order? Yes. BUT I DON’T REGRET IT!! I highly recommend!!!


6” Dark Carmel- First off let me just say this stp is amazing. It’s much lighter in person than in the pics. This needed up being perfect for me even though I feared it would be to dark. It’s was t he last in stock on sale. Super happy and a breeze to use. Still getting the full use / hang of it. Ordered an erection rod with it and I am so pleased I had to order the b Cush. Waiting on the b Cush in the mail can’t wait. The wife is very very pleased she had to get used to it looking so real and she said she “ loves how it hangs”. High recommend the full package (stp, erection rod, Truhk underwear). I made myself some boxers out of old ones actually so I could wear this daily without coming up with thirty dollars a pop.


Bought the 6” STP+Trunk set. Let me start off and say the Trunks are SO comfy. The STP feels life like. It still resembles sort of a rubbery feeling but it’s a soft smooth one. Definitely passes the grab test and also attracts some eyes because it shows you got something something. I’ve used it to pee once and it worked amazing except I had it lined up bad and had a little accident but that’s was all on my part. Definitely worth the money and feels amazing for another feature.


Kind of late in the STP game but this is my first STP I have ever purchased and I love it. I got the briefs as well and they work so great together! I’ve heard the horror stories of other STP’s that have overflow issue, having to pinch, and etc. I can definitely say I’ve had no problems with this one whatsoever. Thank you Rodeoh for helping me with my public bathroom and bottom dysphoria, it has changed my life! :-)


This changed my life . I couldn’t be more grateful . The briefs work great with the STP . I can finally comfortably use the bathroom outside with all of my male friends. this has brought me so much confidence . I never thought I would be able to be this comfortable with myself . I never wanna pee inside again. And such an affordable price compared to other companies. Thank you so much RodeoH. 🙏🏻🖤


I love this stp. I purchased the oops model and I am not disappointed. It looks so real. And it feels so real when packing and using. I am a bigger dude of about 225 lbs and I was worried about dripping and peeing down my leg but I have not had any problems. I have had zero accidents. It feels good to be able to stand and pee/use a urinal!


Hands down best STP I’ve used. Reasonable price, have had zero leaks, and the angled funnel really helps prevent any residual from collecting in the funnel that would result in wet spots.


This is my first stp and I absolutely love it! The only thing that’s kind of odd is the top part of the stp kind of juts out and isn’t particularly Up “against” me but other than that I love packing with it. Haven’t peed with it but I’m slowly creeping up on trying it out.


Best dam money I’ve ever spent on myself. So so comfy briefs; soft af! Love the bamboo! And don’t even get me started about the STP! Best I’ve had yet out of 3. Well worth the money spent for this Canadian boy! Thanks


I just pissed standing up! And these underwear are so comfy. Not to mention, it looks realistic and you don’t have to pinch it. I can’t wait to go out in public.


I bought this STP about a month ago, it was my first STP and I will say it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect lol. Peeing with this is great! I do have to hold to funnel more under me making it kind of hard to do in boxers and I do have to hold back my flow or else I’ll make a mess, but I do pee a lot. The hole on the end is a bit small for the flow of urine but as long as you control your flow you’re gonna do great. The packing part of this STP is a little difficult at first and I did find that the only way for me to also pack with this STP was to use tight briefs and position it up and to the side because of how big it is ;) I am an average 5’11 guy 170LBS to give you a perspective. I did also buy the underwear stated and I would def recommend because they are SO comfortable <3 Thank you so much RodeoH!! keep up the great work


This is literally my first STP and I love it. Great quality for a great price.

Although I did not get the harness or the brief which will probably be my next purchase do to me being highly inexperienced with STP’s in general

Alex A.

I’ve tried about 3 other stp’s and this one takes the cake. Used it the first time no leaks. I don’t have the breifs yet, I do have the harness they sell, and it was easy. Also a huge plus for me, the balls are not uncomfortable when I’m packing. Recommend this to anyone. Great price and product


It’s my first one and I was surprised how easy it was to use with no complications. It feels so natural and packs great … It’s really helped crush my bottom dysphoria. I still go into the stall, just in case, but I can see not having to very soon!


This STP is terrific. It’s nice that they made it with a more durable silicone. The detailing is nice too, and it actually has a splash guard, helps stop that back flow issue, and you DON’T have to pinch the tip to get the flow going. My other one had a smaller shaft and you had to pinch the tip..needless to say, it was an uphill learning curve to use. This one doesn’t require any fussing with, the cup feels solid, and the shaft is longer so the flow is downhill. Just do yourself a favor and get the truhk brief..had to come back for it. Would buy again, it’s worth it.


Picked up the brief/stp set, and they actually perform VERY well together. Surprised by the quality, actually, wasn’t expecting something so nice. The stp sits very close to the body, and the longer shaft helps prevent … accidents. Been around the block and have tried many an item, spillage is real. The brief is soft and stretchy so removing & tucking the shaft is easy and the fabric is layered in the front which is necessary. The price makes this set a no-brainer. A very happy customer. Would recommend.

Ray Ray

I have several STP and this is my go-to. Comfortable to pack for my body size and highly recommend pairing w/truhks briefs or boxers (hope they introduce more brief colors!). Easy to use and got it 1st try without piss down my leg. My partner gives rave reviews, too!


I’ve been trying to find a STP that was not only a decent size but comfortable as well. This cures my bottom dsyphoira like a charm. I’m so happy I found this one when I did, perfect for me as I’m a bigger guy. The products here are amazing. Highly recommend RodeoH! Very worth the money


I am a younger trans guy, but this stp is great and it’s so nice that it can do all things I need it for

Theodore g

This stp is absolutely amazingand perfectlyaffordable, I’ve used others but this one is good for peeing, play, packing and its easy to clean.


Ugh, I wish this would have come out last year, before I spent $$$ on an expensive one. Maybe you guys can let us know when you are working on new stuff? I’d like that newsletter or blog or whatever. Well … now I have two and the expensive one just sits in my drawer and only sees the light of day during special times. This is my daily stp. If you are new to using stps, start with this one, it’s very forgiving and actually affordable, and worth it.

Ed W.

I’m a big guy and it’s just hard to find something that I can hold. This STP is substantive and the shaft is a good size. It actually feels hardy and makes me feel comfortable out in public. The detailing is very nice as well. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on stps, and this one did the trick. As a big guy, i’d recommend this one with the truhk branded brief … it keeps the shaft tucked without flopping around and the fabric on the brief is stretchy, doesn’t ride up and covers my parts. It’s nice to have this problem solved. Please offer a 3 pack of the briefs! Thank you rodeoh people!


Super comfortable and reliable! This product helped so much with dysphoria and it’s not as pricey as other stp devices.


I love the STP, it’s super comfortable, easy to control, and really defeats bottom dysphoria! I’d recommend this to absolutely anyone!


Amazing products! I bought an oops stp/packer and it really has minor problems. The stream is great and it fits perfectly. My first stp and it’s definitely destroyed my bottom dysphoria! Thank you rodeoh!💙💙💙💙

Greg D.

I effin’ LOVE this stp. It was so reasonably priced and the longer shaft really helped me feel confident in the stall. Would HIGHLY recommend.

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