Realistic Flex

Realistic Flex (Enhanced Detailing) Vanilla | Dark Caramel - Realistic Flex 

Realistic Flex Vanilla | Caramel | Dark Caramel - Realistic Flex 

Realistic Flex: Black | Purple - Realistic Flex 


Looking for a comfortable and natural-feeling dildo that won’t break the bank? The Realistic Flex is the perfect fit! Available in multiple colors, it features hyper-realistic details with a soft surface texture and a firm inner core which is why it is called "dual-density silicone." The wide suction-cup base provides comfort, stability, and control for the wearer, and the squishable balls offer realism and additional padding for both partners in play.


We recommend the Flex with a 1.75” O-ring diameter harness. To use, simply pull the shaft head-first through the ring when it’s time to play! If used for packing, it is best placed fully inside to prevent unnecessary stress on the shaft. If the shaft is pulled through the O-ring and packed down, it will tear that soft outer silicone layer.

PRO TIP – Use your fingers to spread the O-ring and reach from the front of the harness to the inside to grasp the shaft and gently pull through. This helps to prevent additional drag while pulling the toy through.


Firm enough for heavy play but flexible enough to adjust to your partner’s anatomy, providing a more wiggle room for trying new positions. The proportions are realistic, with enough insertable length to prevent popping out but allowing extreme closeness between partners.


The super-strong suction cup base allows for more enthusiastic solo play than most toys and is also a good size to hold onto if using manually without a harness. Add a bullet vibe behind the base (but under the harness flaps) to add stimulation for the wearer and send a vibration down the shaft for your partner to enjoy!

Due to its realistic look and feel, this is an excellent toy for gender affirmation. It gives a great visual for oral simulation by a partner. Consider pairing with a Crotchless Harness to allow access for even more pleasure options.


This toy is compatible with  water-based lubricants – use of silicone-based lube can melt the surface of silicone dildos and toys.


Premium silicone will not “melt” into other quality silicone toys, though a storage bag or box is recommended to keep it clean and lint-free between uses. The Flex does not require dusting to keep its silky texture! Just be sure to use your Toy Cleaner and air dry, or hand wash with gentle soap and warm water – you can even boil it for 1-2 minutes (or throw it in the dishwasher!)



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This is such a well designed product, the realistic look and the incredibly smooth feel makes it the best dildo I’ve ever owned in my entire life. Highly recommended!


I would like to say that we are so very pleased with our boxer and realistic dildo. As a prostate cancer survivor and having erectile dysfunction due to this, the product we ordered is just woooow…we are extremely happy with these very comfortable boxer and dildo that its next to the real thing..almost lol will definitely be ordering again and again…keep up the really good work and thank you soooo much…


This is a fantastic toy for both novices and experienced pros alike. Affordable. Body safe silicone. Simultaneously soft and firm in all the right ways, yet still flexible enough to use in a variety of positions. It looks large in person (including the balls and suction cup), but the insert-able length is a perfectly comfortable amount. Definitely a great add to any adult toy collection.


I threw away my other two dildos because this thing is just that good. It is soft with firm center like a real erection and feels more real than other products I have bought before. I am so pleased with this purchase.


Wow, this toy has become one of our favorites very quickly. The toy is made of a high quality silicone which is great because it is extremely durable and sticks to surfaces very easily if you want to mount it on a wall. It bends well without cracking. Size wise, it’s just as expected, not too large. I would recommend this toy to others.

Hawaiian Dork

I had a hard time choosing when I was shopping for a new dildo for my wife and I but she is very pleased and we both enjoy it very much! This silicone is the best!


This is the best dildo I’ve ever experienced. It’s a sound investment, 10/10 would recommend. It’s bigger then the dildo I had in the past yet it takes less lube and is much more comfortable, I’m very sensitive so I was surprised at how good it felt right away.


This toy is the gift that keeps on giving! Feels phenomenal, just big enough that it fills you up but doesn’t leave you with any discomfort after use. Adjusts to body temperature well, and feels particularly good when used with a partner (the suction cup makes personal play a delight). Definitely have to work up to it though, as we find it is more girthy then what we are used to, but a little water-based lube goes a loooooooong way! This one is a pleaser. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


This is my first more expensive dildo and it did not disappoint! The girth had the perfect goldilocks fit for me: not too slim, not too thick, but juuuust right. I feel like this particular girth is hard to come by, and it filled a hole in my collection (no pun intended!). The silicone is firm but cushiony, and I didn’t need a ton of lube. I have the dark caramel tone and it’s really rich and life like. The shaft is a little longer with a healthy insertable length, I feel like I’m getting what I’m after. The balls are soft and provide a nice squeeze or bumping pad for my partner. All in all, I love the Flex!


So I just got my Realistic Flex and I want to say that it was the best investment I’ve made. I was hoping you guys would consider making a size variety line of the Realistic Flex closer to maybe an 8 inch length. I told my partner that I would purchase a variety of these models and build an arsenal. You’ve created a much more comfortable use with this product for both the giver and receiver. It’s bend(ability) makes for less painful moments during angle or body adjustments. Thank you so much for all that you guys do!


I like it. I wish the colors were a little less vibrant bc the red tip makes it look kinda silly to me, but the feel is great. Would love an attachment to make it so there was something i could use to rub against my body, when using it on someone else.


Good for the price. If you’re looking for something dependable, this is it. It’s a little large for someone who has never been penetrated by a phallic object, but not too big as to be daunting or scary. Works really well with RodeoH harness boxers. Well worth it if interested. Just take your time and listen to your partner.


Where have you been on all my life! Oh goodness. This dildo makes me very happy. If you want something girthy but not too girthy, get this one. It is VERY flexible for a wide variety of positions, and you can CHANGE positions easily. The inner core is more dense than the outside pour of silicone, resulting in a more realistic feel to go along with it’s realistic-ness. It’s easy to clean. And! And! And! There’s a suction cup on the bottom! LOVE!


This is my new addition to keeping my long-distance fling coming back for more. It is just firm enough, provides a lot of stability, and it’s easily insertable. The flexibility of the it provides a lot of extra sensation depending on your angle, be it forward, backward, sideways or whatever! The feel of the material and the detail are great. Would buy again.


Not too long and just girthy enough. The material feels incredibly realistic and the details are gorgeous. It’s a keeper.


This is one of my favorite things I’ve EVER put inside my body and thrusting feels more like a massage. It doesn’t have that brick feeling. You can tell the silicone is high-quality. Would recommend!


Was not expecting this level of giddiness from my little bottom beauty. It’s every bit as ah-MAZING as it sounds! The silicone is very detailed and it is not rock hard like my other dils, rather very well made and you can feel the layering. The ride is so smooth and it handles like a champ! I have a few rodeoh harnesses, and would recommend this one with the Brief+ … so far, this is my favorite combination and our go to in the evening. I give it a solid five hearts! 💙💙💙💙💙


YES! In short – do it. I was totally skeptical but i’m going to admit, I like to try a little of everything … my toy chest is … well … expansive. All these references to “dual” and special processes, I usually find to be nonsense. Not the case with this one. I can’t believe the detail and how REAL it looks and feels. It would definitely pass the grab test. Why? Because my person tested it and was over the MOON. The simple fact you can change positions on a dime and not lose connection is exactly what you want. Slipping out just ruins the intensity of the moment. This item is WORTH it. It feels expensive and it feels realistic. The flex is a winner. It would be great if you guys can make a boxer with a larger pouch so I can whip it out on date night. Please consider this request.

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