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What kind of underwear do I need for packing?

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What kind of underwear do I need for packing?

It can be overwhelming to figure out which packing underwear goes best with a packer style. This helpful guide explains the difference between the packing underwear styles RodeoH offers so you can choose with confidence.

If you don't yet have a packer or are looking for something new, we recommend reading our What Is A Packer? article for helpful guidance in selecting the right packer for you. That will be an important step before deciding what kind of underwear to wear it with since packers vary in size, weight, and function. 

Top Loading Underwear

If your packer is heavy and/or large and you feel you need more stability in your underwear, a top loading style might be what you’re looking for. The button fly boxers,  boxers, and briefs of our Top Loading Collection have an interior pocket with a generous opening at the top to allow for room to insert your larger packer so you can position it quickly and comfortably. With a top loading design, adjustment on the go is a breeze providing peace of mind and easy access. As a note, the button fly boxer style has the added bonus of allowing the shaft of a packer to come through the front of the button fly for packing & playing or for using with an STP packer. 

Side Loading Underwear

If you’re most concerned about discretion, side loading underwear might be right for you. Our SHIFT Collection of underwear was specifically designed to look like regular underwear but have the functionality of packing underwear. The shaft of the packer would be inserted via the side of the internal pocket. They make public laundry a breeze and allow for the versatility of just being worn like regular underwear. It should be noted that side loading boxers, briefs, and jocks have limited space to insert a packer and are only recommended for X-Small to Medium sized packers. 

STP Underwear 

All STPs are different and Boxers, Briefs and Jocks specifically designed for use with STPs have an opening on the inside against the skin which allows the user to push the STP funnel against their anatomy. These may also feature a fly opening on the top of the front pouch or the side for use at a urinal. Our TRUHK Collection can handle the additional weight of an STP, has a middle O-Layer to prevent the STP from rolling or turning, and features an extra layer of fabric in the front pouch for drip or run-off. Underwear designed to be paired with STPs gives the wearer peace of mind against slipping, dripping, or unwanted movement throughout the day. 

We recommended underwear styles for the STPs we carry on rodeoh.com in the listing for each STP. If you have a model of STP from another vendor, we are happy to recommend underwear styles that would be compatible. Simply send us an email with a url link for the make and model of your STP and we will help find you a match.


For those who have an STP with a rod insert and want to use the STP for "play" (penetration), RodeoH Harnesses are recommended. Our harnesses are sturdy and specifically designed with multi layer 190 weight fabric that allows for a confident pack and play experience. Check out our What is a Pack & Play? article for more information and pack & play options.

Keep in mind, RodeoH Harnesses feature a sewn in flexible but firm O-ring for stability, support, and thrust control. We recommend only using with the shaft through the O-ring for play. When packing with a Harness, the user will want to keep the shaft in the INSIDE pocket and not through the O-ring. If the shaft is pulled through the O-Ring and packed down for everyday wear, it will rub against your STP and cause surface break down and/or tear your STP. 

Fabric Types

Each product listing has a description of the material it is made of so you can locate the fabric of your choice. We offer a variety of fabrics in different styles so let's dive in!

Bamboo fabrics are the best micro modal fabrics available and feature a super soft stretch that really gives that 2nd skin feel. These "premium" blends are more expensive but have a wonderful silky texture. 

The most common fabric for our underwear is the classic cotton blend of 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane. The difference with cotton blend fabric is the weight and what is known as the 'hand' or how the cotton is woven together. The lighter blends stretch easily and don't hold their form as well. We work with heavier blends with a soft "hand", specifically designed to be comfortable and durable.

For those wanting a quick dry or sport fabric we offer poly blends. This fabric is super stretchy, quick drying and breathable. 

If you have absolutely any questions about the above article or compatibility, please hit us up. We are absolutely happy to assist you! 


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