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Tyler D

5.0 out of 5 stars. No awkward adjustment every few minutes, like the typical straps. She loves it and so do I. It holds tight and offers a real feel.


5 stars. These are so much better than a hard to adjust or uncomfortable leather strap system. Really well made..excellent quality.

Malia M.

This was the best harness that I could find. It feels sturdy and the material feels durable. It looks as delicate as a panty however it feels closer to a pair of Spanx. Unlike most harnesses, this has two rings offering more options in one garment. This item was so hard to find that I plan to purchase another.

Rebecca S.

I just ordered the Duo Panty (REALDOE PACKAGE) yesterday around noon and I already received them! Unbelievable! :-) They fit very well. I am using them with a Realdoe Feeldoe and it’s a nice snug fit in the lower “o” ring.

Now if only they would add the second (lower) “o"ring to the more feminine panties I would be a very busy woman! Nothing sounds sexier than a woman in nice tight corset, thigh highs, garters, and a big Realdoe Feeldoe protruding in all of its glory out of some sexy lace RodeoH harness briefs. Ooh la la!

Mz. P

Bought a new duo panty harness today for my Feeldoe. So many good things to say about it! It’s a RodeoH harness and is amazingly comfortable. Half of my complaints with the other harnesses I’ve had was the way that the straps dug into me. Add the fact it always got tangled and was a pain to put on. This new harness is made much like panties and does not dig in any way. The “pocket” inside hugs the balls of the Feeldoe and keeps it in place but allows for the perfect amount of movement without allowing the toy to slip.The best part, the orgasms actually got stronger! I would never thought that they could get any better but it has. I’m not sure if it’s either the way the harness now holds the Feeldoe tight or the lack of digging in my sides makes me relax more but either way I’m a very very happy lady! Money well spent, I want another already (for when this pair gets too wet hehe).

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