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Ultimate - Ultimate Pack & Play



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As you can see, this is a visually and just downright beautiful dick. The materials are well made and it just feels incredible. It looks great strapped on and feels even better *in use. I love it. I have no problems whatsoever wearing it, it’s pure fun.


I love, love, love this dildo. It is my current favorite among a very large and very, VERY expansive collection. The first thing that interested me was the flexibility – who wouldn’t like to be able to pack and go? The bendable core works just like the description says and in person, it looks so much cooler than the picture. I found it really simple to use and prefer this one with the rodeoh brief+. I got the 1.75" o-ring style and tuck the shaft in the front pocket so it stays good and secure. Whatever you do – DO NOT – pull the shaft through any o-ring and pack down. Really any soft material silicone, cyberskin etc – the material will rub against the hard surface and rip your shaft right off or at least damage it – I learned the hard way, gotta protect that shaft! ❤️😍


I’m non-binary and very experienced with packing toys. I absolutely LOVE the ultimate. Not too big, not too small. It packs easily and has a very realistic feeling. This one is sturdy enough for play and moves with you through positions. I can pack during the day and it has a nice “look” to it – reasonable without being too bulgy (which is the problem with most pack and plays). This beauty is my new go-to, big, big thumbs up, up, and up.


Finally! This took me years to find! A true 2-n-1, which stands for pack and play for those out of the loop. The silicone is actually supple on the outer layer so it feels VERY nice and folds down …. I actually can’t stop touching it. Just came here to say this. Stop here, buy this one. Highly recommend!

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