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*** We are not accepting applications from coupon/deal sites ***

           We will require verification of active affiliate linked sites, including social, blog, or affiliation websites to ensure your ownership and that they are not violating our Terms - including but not limited to racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise offensive in language or content
. We do not allow duplication of website, website listings, or coupon sites. We reserve the right to refuse applications or terminate service for any reason whatsoever, including reserving the right to make changes to this program for any reason and at any time. Approved affiliates receive a 10% commission. All commissions are based on the subtotal of the purchase before tax and shipping - if a free shipping offer is provided/redeemed the shipping fee will be deducted. Fraudulent, canceled, or refunded orders will also be deducted. We offer a few methods of payouts that are free of fees. A 2.5% fee may be associated with payout methods that charge processing fees such as Paypal and will be deducted from final balance. Payouts are processed monthly and you can track your balance and activity once an account is established. All affiliate/ambassador accounts are for referrals on your social media profiles exclusively and not for: personal use, for purchases to send you product, use on coupon sites. Due to volume, a minimum of a $20 payout balance is required before a payout is processed.